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Tom Campbell was instrumental in the creation of the US missile defense system, and worked with Robert Monroe on processes of entering altered states without the use of drugs. Tom is a pragmatic scientist who has broken through into an understanding of the larger reality and consciousness. In this interview with Marla Frees, Tom explains some extraordinary concepts, such as the fact that love pushes away disorder in life, and actually gives us power.

Tom says, “reality is information,” echoing some of the most recent discoveries in physics that suggest that the universe has a holographic structure, and that our feeling of interconnectedness depends on the degree to which we are open to the possibilities that exist around us.

He describes how he started with Bob Monroe in the early seventies, long before HemiSynch had been developed, and was one of the idea people behind its eventual invention.

Listen as this man, who was involved from the beginning, describe just how much power can be gained from a real understanding of the physics of consciousness.

He explains just how our world is a virtual reality, and we can alter the way it impacts us by altering our states. We can not only achieve out-of-body states and enter other realities, we can actually not only communicate with the dead, we can help them and understand them and be involved with their existence in ways that we have been told from childhood are impossible.

How DO you lower your entropy and evolve? Tom explains this VERY clearly.

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