First, Whitley talks about the COVID upsurge and the election. How do we find inner peace at a time like this? He reads a meditation by Daniel Odier on “organic joy.”

Nick Redfern joins Whitley for a marvelous discussion about Mars based on Nick’s new book, The Martians: Evidence of Life on the Red Planet. Nick has been with us on Dreamland many times, and remains one of our most popular guests. He has assembled an amazing collection of anomalies and unanswered questions about Mars, much of it based around questions that NASA just will not answer.

Was there a huge nuclear explosion on Mars thousands of years ago? Was the Mars Face defaced AFTER it was photographed by the Viking Orbiter? If so, then who did it and why? What is the connection, if any, between the giants mentioned in the bible and the tall beings remote viewers report as perceiving on Mars? And what does it mean that a close encounter witness was told that there was a long ago war between Earth and Mars?

High strangeness, informed speculation–a great Dreamland thrill ride!

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Two archival shows are referred to in the interview: Indonesia Abductions with Alan Lamers and Mars was Murdered by with Dr. John Brandenberg. (The continuation of Mars was Murdered is here.

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  1. relevant material…..

    This is Deluxe Study edition of the internationally best selling book, Alien Interview. Includes the original letters, notes and interview transcripts provided by US Army Air Force Nurse Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy with editing and extensive footnotes and detailed index provided by the editor, Lawrence R. Spencer. The content of the book is a series of personal interview conducted between Nurse MacElroy and the alien pilot of a UFO which crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947

    1. After reading the 1 star reviews giving the factual information behind the story given by knowledgeable people I decided not to buy the book.

  2. Every timeI see a new Dreamland or Unseen added; I am a happy camper!!

  3. Whitley, a few questions. You speak of your early experiences circa the mid and late 1980s as with the “Greys”. Now you work with the “Visitors” both as relating to this website and deeply, I think, in your personal work. Are the Visitors the same entities as the Greys? You say you don’t know who or what the Visitors are. I’m sure you ask them all the time. Will they not answer? How is it that you find them working with you in all kinds of meaningful ways but you cannot understand who or what they are?

    Thanks, Whitley

    1. Author

      “Visitors” is the term I first used in Communion. I chose it because it says so much more than “aliens.” So I’ve used “visitors” from the beginning. Any entity that seems somehow to be “not us” to me is a visitor. Visitors are different from the grays. They’re visitors, too.

      They have struggled for a long time to make sense of themselves to me, all of them, in many different ways. I hope that my books have conveyed both the enigma and the truth of their presence.

      1. The enigma most certainly. The truth of their presence is part of the enigma, at least for me. I have no doubt that their presence is true to you.

  4. Whitley, you closed the show with the story of the letter/story from the woman from Tennessee. An entity told her of a war between Mars and Earth whereby Earth destroyed Mars’ surface and Mars captured Earth’s (our) souls and condemned us forever to an endless cycle of living and dying. Thus they call Earth “Dead Forever”.

    You do quite a lot of work toward growing your soul and with Ann, etc., are quite involved in the afterlife. Do you believe the lady from Tennessee’s story is true? If so, what are we to do about it, if anything?

    Thanks, Whitley

  5. Author

    I think that we have to live our best lives. Whatever the truth of stories like that, we are indeed on the wheel of life, returning again and again, in the long and mysterious journey of the soul.

    There is a sense of ascension, though, and I think that living a life, the weight of which in the end, as the Egyptians believed, can be measured against a feather, is one that transcends the bars of any prison or the snare of any trap that we may be in.

    1. From all I have studied and from what I know intuitively, I believe you are correct in your assessment. I think we are here to shed our skin (karma) as the serpent sheds her skin, and to free ourselves from the anguish of dark deeds committed in this life and perhaps those lives that came before. If not, there is more work and to be done on the other side and in a next incarnation.

  6. Just a couple of comments… Firstly, I seem to remember that in the right light, the face on Mars would also show an iris/pupil within the eye, teeth within its mouth and more interestingly, a tear below the eye – almost as a monument to sadness…or to project a sorrowful message out to the stars.

    Regarding the change in structure of the face since the Viking pictures, it looks to me in recent photographs that the right hand side has collapsed…which suggests to me that it was hollow.

    As far as NASA is concerned, I wouldn’t trust them to find bacteria on a dirty dish cloth… at least not tell the public about it, if they did. And regarding the story about the links between occultism and rocketry, I am pretty sure that is still rife within the deeper structures of NASA, exhibiting itself as auspicious dates and project numbers, no doubt to imbibe them with a certain degree of hidden power.

    I wonder if Elon Musk gets to Mars, whether he will be subject to imposed restrictions about what he is allowed to say?

    If I could choose the landing site, it would be within a respectful distance of the face or the D&M pyramid… And I’d take an extra roll of film (a few spare SD memory cards) and a good torch!

    Last of all… Has anyone thought of asking Lyn Buchanan to do some more remote viewing of Mars?

    1. NASA or some other nation’s space program needs to land a rover next to the Cydonia anomalies and explore the face and pyramids there. If it’s indeed artificial, that should settle it, though I don’t think ‘they’ want it settled.

      1. I suspect very strongly they already know what it is… and have persistently squirmed away from further study, at least publicly, ever since the first photos were released.

  7. years ago i remember a pic that NASA released it was a city of glass on the back away from the landing worth a look on utube

  8. Whitley, thank you for indulging my questions.

    At the beginning of the show you described the anatomy of Whitley as the soul being behind you, passive; the body the active side of Whitley, and the mind your second body and reconciling part.

    This being the anatomy of a human being during life, at the time of death we would lose the body- the active in life part of ourselves and the reconciling mind, (that which is also the repository of our memories?). As the soul moves on after death how does it act in the “after-world” without a body and how does in reconcile and remember without a mind?

  9. Well…Much to digest here, on a personal level for me…

    First off, I’ve actually been to JPL, and I know about Parsons too…So, I’m sure I’m in their records somewhere, because even though I was in high school, they made sure that they told our small group of students that we had been the subject of extensive, security background checks!

    Secondly, one very vivid ‘other’ life that I remembered about 34 years ago ago, was as a man many thousands of years ago on this planet. I was a scientist developing a technology that did much good for my people. But one day, the ‘people in charge’ approached me about using the technology as a weapon of massive destruction—against the people of what we now know as ‘Mars’. I refused to be a part of it, but was more or less told that it really didn’t matter because they would develop and use it, with or without me. I still refused and was executed.

    As usual, Nick Redfern delivered some fascinating and compelling information. I’ll be reading this new book!

    1. A very troubling dream indeed Cosmic. If the inhabitants of the earth were indeed involved in the destruction of Mars, could it’s people ever have forgiveness for us?
      I have often wondered about where those rare vivid dreams come from and how to interpret them. The vast majority of my dreams seem murky and distant and rarely in color. Over 20 years ago when I was struggling with memories of contact and the visitor experience I had one of those dreams. During that time in my life I tried bringing up the topic with fellow workers, many who were scientists and engineers. I was usually met with outright rejection or derision. I had a very vivid dream of being on a field tour with said coworkers where I looked up into the sky and saw a disk shaped object hovering just above our heads. When pointing out the obvious, their response was that there was nothing there. I interpreted that dream to mean that I should no longer bring up this topic with these individuals.
      Earlier this summer I had one of those vivid dreams. In the dream it is dusk and I am standing and looking out over the the banks of a vast river where a foreboding thunderstorm is approaching. The sky is filled with the sounds of rolling thunder and flashes of lightening. A gigantic disk shaped craft slowly emerges from behind the clouds. Suddenly I am in a research center standing face to face with a grey being. A research scientist approaches upon seeing the being and beckons his colleagues to come and see. We are soon swarmed by many individuals, some of whom I recognize, when one of the scientists takes the being’s hand and begins violently pumping his arm up and down. I am angry, yelling at the man to stop and telling the people to stay back. I put myself between the being and the crowd, trying to defend him. The crowd pulls back and then there is silence. The being then slowly raises his arm in a gesture of greeting.
      I then awoke, having an intense feeling of protectiveness towards these beings, feeling neither fearful or overwhelmed by past experiences. In trying to interpret this dream I wonder if it is a reflection of a change in how I view the greys. In the past, like many experiencers, I went through a range of emotions including fear, excitement, and wonder. I now see the greys as being physically very fragile when in our world and there being the need to be respectful and give them space. As to the handshake gesture, I’m not sure how to interpret that.
      Rickety Man

      1. I have reread your post Cosmic and now realize that your comments about remembering a vivid other life were not about a dream memory. Still, a very incredible memory indeed. Makes one wonder about past civilizations that have come and gone leaving nary a trace.
        Rickety Man

    2. I remember from MOTK, Whitley was told there was an ancient war between Earth and Mars, and that he fought in it. But a part of our consciousness was “switched off” as to never remember that it ever happened.
      Whitley was told that Earth “murdered” Mars.
      Whitley, is this accurate? I had an original MOTK copy.

    1. The one on Phobos doesn’t look like it has a square or rectangular cross section, or that it tapers either, so I would go for ‘monolith’… But certainly not as uniform as the one depicted in the movie 2001… And not black.
      However, there is a monolith on Mars, that has none-tapering very straight sides…and a slanted top… But it’s difficult to see its cross section, at least on most of the photos. Also when you’re looking at pictures online, be sure you are looking at the correct images, as there are lots of photos, identified as the Phobos monolith, that are actually the one on Mars.

      Phobos Monolith:

      Mars Monolith:

  10. Though I have yet to listen to this Dreamland (next up in queue), I suspect that any ancient Martians would have been interstellar travelers to our solar system and not an indigenous race of Martians. Without terraforming, Mars’ environment lost its ability to sustain higher higher life forms perhaps hundreds of millions of years ago. It takes a long lasting and complex Biosphere to support an intelligent species. Still, I believe the Cydonia ‘Monuments of Mars’ are artificial, which can be explained by visitors to this solar system in the ancient past when earlier versions of our species were evolving on Earth. Why they settled on Mars and not Earth is odd, but lack of resistance to microbes on Earth may be one explanation, though obviously there would have been many visits from the Mars base to the cosmic gem of Earth; where perhaps they engaged in the genetic manipulation of our ancestors.

  11. Wow, this was one of my favorite Dreamland podcasts ever. Thank you, Whitley and Nick. I was desperately looking for a change of subject from the November 2020 fraught election drama, and you both came through.

    Some quick responses to this podcast: 1) On COVID-19, I look to see the improving situations in US states like New York, California, and others, where state officials are responded effectively to the pandemic. (Masks are now officially required in California, for example.) I will be reading NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s just-published book on that subject; it’s in bookstores now. 2) If the face on Mars really only has a passing resemblance to a face, why would anyone from Earth bother to damage it? 3) On the other hand, the obelisk on Phobos is probably safe from vandalism attempts, because Phobos has reportedly been able to shoot back. 4) For the “crab” creature mentioned on page 152 of Nick Redfern’s new book, The Martians, the first question some US science PhD’s have asked about this type of phenomenon is, “Where are the high-resolution photos?” Indeed. My own theory is that this crab creature may be a robotic remnant of the Martian civilization … so perhaps there are Roomba-type robots on Mars. 5) If there are banyan-type trees on Mars, let’s get some cellular samples. 6) I think it’s wrong to use euphemisms like “nuclear exchange” when talking about any deliberate human-on-human (or human-on-Martian) unilateral or bilateral attack using nuclear weapons. If our species can ever more closely approach the concept of peace, it may be best done by dropping all US Department of Defense euphemisms, or neurolinguistic programming, or what have you, such as this Strangelovian term “nuclear exchange.” Ugh. Further, there is no joy in war, joy is only in peace. As the early Christians were reported to greet one another, “Peace be upon you.” …That was my speech for today; I feel better now.

  12. I’m surprised Redfern never refers to the infamous Jump Room that many within the CIA and other programs have claimed have been used since at least 1981 to teleport people, including Barack Obama, under a different name, to the Mars Jump Room bases for exploratory and experimental missions. Those coming forward with this information, predominant among them Andrew Basiago, claim to encounter three or more types of extraterrestrials on Mars: natives, other alien visitors to mars, and a mix of Martian/Human.

  13. Author

    I recall these stories. I cannot imagine that there could be any truth in such a thing as a teleportation room. It’s like the physics of wormholes, which also cannot work, at least not between two parts of the same universe. This is for the very simple reason that you would have to somehow bend the entire universe to make two distant parts of it come together, however briefly. The physics problem is quite simple: to bend the universe is going to take more energy than is in the universe.

    Similarly, how would you transform the trillions of atoms in a human body into energy and then restore them to coherent functionality elsewhere? The difficulties are too enormous, and it’s not because we don’t understand some sort of miraculous physics that it seems impossible to us, but rather because we DO understand basic physics that it does.

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