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Was King Arthur real? Did Merlin do magic? After a ten year absence from Dreamland and a seven year span between books, legendary historical investigator Graham Phillips returns with the truth about Arthur, Camelot and Merlin.

Do the legendary Arthurian Romances have any basis in truth? And if Arthur was a great king, where is his tomb?

That would be enough for any program, but we go deeper into the legend of Merlin’s voyage to the new world, and the true origin of the Newgate Tower that stands in Providence Rhode Island, to this day a mystery.

But Graham has still more to offer. He tells us about the Ark of the Covenant and why he knows it hasn’t been lost, and recounts a magical story about the location of the grave of Mary the Mother of Jesus and why it is located thousands of miles from Palestine.

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  1. Bring this guy back. What a
    Bring this guy back. What a wealth of esoteric material. You talk about filling in the dots. This guy drew straight lines in bold ink. Great show Whitley!!!!

  2. I miss this guy….great
    I miss this guy….great speaker. Whitley, you must not watch any television. there has been a show on for 3 years now about oak island. It is very interesting.

  3. Kim is right. It’s called
    Kim is right. It’s called “The Curse of Oak Island” and chronicles the efforts of the Lagina brothers who have bought up most of the land on the island and are determined to find the answers.

  4. another excellent show. I
    another excellent show. I love these intelligent, well spoken guests that bring so much information to the table. no other show does this as well as Dreamland.

  5. Fascinating discussion. It
    Fascinating discussion. It will be my next book. I was going to comment on the “Curse of Oak Island” series, but Kim Linger and Eugene Gerard already mentioned it. The Laguna brothers would be a great show for “Dreamland”.

  6. Whitley and Graham Phillips,
    Whitley and Graham Phillips, thank you for this interview. Graham Phillips, please do come back, one hour is not enough. MANY years ago I read (The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley) and still have it on my book shelf. It is still one of my favorite books. As I got closer to the end of the book I only read a few pages every night so it would take longer to finish.

  7. It’s true that I don’t watch
    It’s true that I don’t watch much TV. I write, read and meditate. My engagement with the levels of reality that I reach in meditation is the center of my life. Exploring them is, to be honest, more interesting than any entertainment could ever be. Once in a while, I watch a TV show or go to a movie, but not often. I’ll look up the Oak Island program. Sounds interesting.

  8. I posted this somewhere else
    I posted this somewhere else as well. I re-downloaded all of Greg Little and also Graham Phillips Dreamland and Subscriber specials. I can’t find Graham’s appearance for “Atlantis and the Ten Plagues of Egypt” mentioned by Whitley. Maybe that was when some of the programs were lost. I remember Whitley mentioning that many years ago.

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