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The human mind is both our best friend and our worst enemy. In this interview, Carl Johan Calleman, a true man of wisdom, tells us about the origins of the mind and explains how we can both free ourselves from its delusions and make use of its strength. He shows how consciousness is evolving and changing, and what we can expect in this increasingly chaotic time from our own mind, as it strives to find the path to survival and growth.

Carl Calleman has been on Dreamland twice before, in 2004 and again in 2014. By listening to all three interviews, you can gain deep insight into the theories of this unusual thinker and expert. Subscribers, to access the two earlier shows, click here.

Prepare to take a journey of real awakening in this, Dreamland’s year of awakening!

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  1. Fascinating show. Like
    Fascinating show. Like others, I’ve been considering the implications of everyone being linked to an AI form of global governance. Sounds like the matrix scenario to me. Doesn’t sound great.

    1. Hello von Hausenberg,

      Hello von Hausenberg,
      The waves are not linked to any system of Global Governance, but emanate from the Cosmic Tree of Life (which is to say God). Personally I think the choice is really which frames of consciousness we shall tune in to, but we do not have a choice as to whether this connection to the global ind exists or not.
      Carl Johan

  2. For everyone who had
    For everyone who had downloading and streaming problems: there was some sort of an issue in the internet backbone. It is resolved at this time and the shows are downloading and streaming normally on both the mobile and the main sites. Sorry about that!

  3. Why do these “waves”seem to
    Why do these “waves”seem to have effected only the human realm.Ants did not start to change the shape of their ant hills, bird didn’t make different nests. Why are humans the only beneficiaries of this energy? If all of life is a unity it seems like it should effect all of life not just humans.

    1. Dear Adam13,
      The four lowest

      Dear Adam13,
      The four lowest frequency waves deal with biological evolution and it is entirely possible that the shape of ant hills changed as a result of these waves. As you are saying all life is effected as I discussed in The Purposeful Universe and the forthcoming Nine Waves of Creation. The tree of life creates the entire universe but it is only humans that download the frequencies that change the mind.

    2. Adam 13,
      Just wondering: Do

      Adam 13,

      Just wondering: Do you spend time in nature, city bound, have pets…?
      The reason I ask is that if you do not have an ongoing engagement with nature, you may not have noticed any changes in plants and animals in your lifetime. I was one of those kids that was enthralled with nature and living things. I have seen little shifts, and if you pay attention to nature, you might find it looking right back at you. Your age may play a part too. Obviously, the older one is, the longer period of time one has had to notice changes. The human/pet connection has shifted a great deal in my lifetime. Dogs have been around man for thousands of years, but I can tell you that even in just the last 20 years the human/dog relationship has changed and evolved. We are also learning much, much more about animal intelligence, because we are viewing animals through a different lens than we did even 50 years ago, and scientists have discovered a level of consciousness occurring in the plant kingdom too.

  4. Hello Adam,
    Yes, I live very

    Hello Adam,
    Yes, I live very much in nature high in the mountains and was just out feeding the buffaloes after doing gardening. I am not saying that there has been no change in the relationship between animals and man. The Mayan calendar is about how the lenses change. My work is about giving very precise timings for such shifts in consciousness on the global scale and then people may look at how their own experiences (including those with animals) fit into this.

  5. Listening to the segment
    Listening to the segment about how humanity lived for 15K+ years with almost no change in an almost timeless state of simplicity – made me think of how Kabbalah (Jewish metaphysics) describes the state of humans during the Garden of Eden. It was not until the “Eden event” – i.e. the download of “knowledge of good and evil” supposedly just short of 6,000 years ago – that a sudden change in consciousness occurred that ushered in our current civilization.

    BTW – in Judaism, the “Eden event” was not a fall but a change for humanity. To many scholars, G-d is seen as ushering in the event (via Its servant the Nachash i.e. the trickster, usually translated as serpent in English) to nudge humanity into this new level of consciousness. Humanity made a choice – timeless innocence or knowledge – the former provided “immortality” in a sense but would leave us in spiritual ignorance, the latter would open us up to our full potential as partners with G-d in Creation but the price was “death” that limits our ability to affect the physical world in each lifetime and requires a cycle of death/rebirth to periodically “reboot”.

  6. Dear Pssqd,
    We are very much

    Dear Pssqd,
    We are very much aligned on this, but I believe that a complete rebooting
    can only come after the ninth wave became accessible, which was in 2011.

  7. Given that these waves could
    Given that these waves could affect consciousness and that it has been said by some that our Sun is itself conscious…is there any suggestion that these waves may be affecting our sun in a similar way, or in any way at all?

    Also is it possible that these waves could not only be altering our consciousness, but that they could also have a longer term effect on our DNA?…which leads me on to the next point…

    I wonder if these waves eminate from the centre of our galaxy and can influence the holographic nature of the mind…and my earlier question about DNA…could it be that this wave helps to determine the nature of life that exists in this galaxy…i.e. a head, two arms, two legs etc…but that a different galaxy might be set on a difference influencing holographic wave and so produce a different pattern of life and consciousness?

  8. Dear Sherbet UFO,

    Dear Sherbet UFO,
    These questions were dealt with in The Purposeful Universe and even more so in the forthcoming The Nine Waves of Creation. I think it is now quite clear that the waves that are creating life on earth in all its aspects originate from the Cosmic Tree of Life and not from the Galactic. Their effects in other words trickle down through all the systems from the cosmos to the galaxy to the heliosphere to the planet to ourselves and then to the cellular and molecular levels. They also create the human anatomies and morphologies and adapt the DNA to these. DNA is not primary but secondary, otherwise we would look pretty much like chimpanzees. All the levels are created in synchrony, but the ultimate source is the Cosmic Tree of Life (which very few people are even aware that it exists), which creates planets with life all across the universe including all of its galaxies suitable for this. As I demonstrated in the Purposeful Universe life is thus not something that accidentally happened to pop up on our planet, but is a result of an intentional cosmic creation planet.
    Thank you for your questions

  9. Hi Carl, thank you so much
    Hi Carl, thank you so much for your interesting responeses, they are much appreciated. The next step, I think, is for me to listen to your previous Dreamland interviews, then buy The Purposeful Universe…and take it from there…I can’t wait!

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