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Crop Circle expert Lucy Pringle describes some of the miraculous events of the 2012 crop circle season. Over the years, it has become less and less possible to dismiss all crop formations as hoaxes–in fact, most of them are NOT hoaxes. Still, the general media continues to snicker and eagerly point out hoaxed formations in order to imply that all are hoaxed. (As you will hear Lucy say, she knows most of the hoaxers personally!)

In fact, the 2012 crop circle season had some of the most amazing and beautiful–and un-hoaxable–formations ever seen, and this week Lucy Pringle discusses the season, as well as telling us about some of the more powerful experiences people have had in the formations, drawn from her years of experience.

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Pictured is the Cheesefoot Head Labyrinth, Lucy’s favorite formation of the 2012 season–and already being dismissed as a hoax, despite the fact that the perfectly formed labyrinth it depicts is nearly 2 miles long. and Whitley Strieber are not responsible for claims made by guests or hosts.

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  1. Whitley – for what it’s
    Whitley – for what it’s worth, I think you’re absolutely right. We have to get off our keester (or in this case sit on it) and do something. If we channel our voices maybe we CAN make a difference. I can only speak for myself, but I would like to contribute – to help in some way.

  2. I have an extremely hard time
    I have an extremely hard time believing in this crop circle thing. To me, it’s akin to the “reality” ghost hunter shows you see in ever increasing abundance on the boob tube. I DO believe that UFO’s are real (seen one!). I CAN believe there are aliens amongst us….alien abductions, animal mutilations….yes. But, crop circles can be (and probably are) faked. And, with Photoshop and all manner of graphic tools available these days, how can we have any degree of confidence in the photographs we see continually plastered all over the internet? Show me an authentic and verifiable, a tested to, accredited and well documented video of one happening, and I’ll then believe it. Until then…..ho hum….yup…..another one, huh? Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  3. @Dan Mack – For the most part
    @Dan Mack – For the most part they can be verified by the simple fact that people have been inside them – not just photographed them from above. Obviously this is not the case for all of them.

    Also, I remember watching a documentary a while back where some Ivy League type students tried to create a complex crop circle at night, under the same conditions a hoaxer might operate in.

    First, they had to scale down the complexity as it proved too much. Second, the team barely finished in the morning, before the sun’s rays came up (in other words they would have been caught if this had been for real). The execution was rather sloppy and the design was not that complex. Mind you that these were highly educated people (MIT level from what I remember) that had knowledge of the advanced planning principles they needed to pull off such a complex work.

    I guess it’s possible you have a bunch of engineering graduates wasting their life away getting to the level that some of these circles are at, and doing it all in complete secrecy – LOL.

    Check out these folks for more advance human circle making (note the need of daylight to operate most of the time):

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