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There are people out there crazy enough to believe that if they cause a big enough war, it will trigger the end of the world and the return of their various saviors, and they are trying hard to do this. In this hard-hitting and informative interview, William Henry explains just who we should worry about, and why they are trying to do.

Get behind the headlines about Iran, and discover the chilling truth of what the Ayatollah Khameni believes, why he is building a bomb, and the bizarre reason he will try to use it.

Beyond that, what is the secret device that is so important to him and others, that they feel they need before they can actually start their war? (Hint: it’s not the bomb itself.)

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Fascinating information from William Henry as he talks to Whitley Strieber. A great foretaste of what he plans for the Revelations Symposium!

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  1. Three movies come to mind
    Three movies come to mind that each use Type 3 beings in their plots:

    Immortals this is my favorite of the three Type 3 being movies for how they are depicted

    Thor the Norse perspective greatly enhanced by the presence of Natalie Portman

    Hancock which stars Will Smith, whom William Henry referred to on Revelations last Wednesday and the movies he has appeared in, but may not be aware of his playing the part of a Type 3 being.

  2. He has nailed it, the Ark is
    He has nailed it, the Ark is in us!

  3. I just got my copy of
    I just got my copy of Dispelling Wetiko …

  4. We need to develop a feeling
    We need to develop a feeling of the sacred, a feeling of awe, as much as we need to explore various technologies. Through Whitley’s meditation group we can develop the ability to understand what we might encounter through a worm-hole journey to the center of the galaxy. It’s also important to note that the Shia were victims of Saddam Hussein’s terrorism in Iraq. He ruthlessly killed many of them with nerve gas. Shias don’t just live in Iran. Shia Muslims are living next door to you and me, and they are good human beings and patriotic American citizens. I hope everyone understands that there are both Sunni and Shia Muslims. And just like people everywhere, only a small part of them suffer from the mental illness that causes a person to seek out violent solutions.

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