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Today we take a look at the inner workings of evil. Peter Levenda, author of the epic Sinister Forces about the influence of the occult and secret Nazi power on the US government, returns to Dreamland with an astonishing new book, the Dark Lord, which cracks the code of the notorious occultist Aleister Crowley and reveals secrets that to this day have a deep hold on our country and its political life.

Think evil’s ‘not real?’ Think it isn’t out there? You’re putting yourself exactly where it wants you to be! Listen and learn…

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  1. Excellent observation Whitley
    Excellent observation Whitley made about the agenda of death. Indeed. The designer geneticists that engineered Cro Magnon in Europe have been crusading to eliminate (euthenize) indigenous peoples for a long time. In the Billy Meier contact notes, Meier asked the Pleiadian (Plejaran) about Hitler in an apologist mode, asserting Hitler was not as bad as people think he was. Meier claimed the German people were direct descendants of the Pleiadians and he felt the rest of the world had given Hitler a raw deal. The Pleiadian contactor explained that Hitler had been badly influenced by associates around him. I do not have the Meier contact notes in front of me for better precision about the discussion, but the gist of the conversation is vivid in my memory. It is the single conversation that soured me on Billy Meier. Those who knew Meier personally have ALL assured me he was enlightened and affable. All of Meier’s supporters were Cro Magnon-European descendants with little awareness of the focused efforts to eliminate indigenous peoples worldwide. (I don’t know of any Native Americans or Africans who joined Meier on his farm.) The effects of this long-term campaign of death are visible in the fact that Europeans occupy every continent on the Earth AND have systemically eliminated indigenous peoples in one way or the other. It’s a fact I noticed long ago and it’s nice to hear Whitley recognize this historical trend. It started in Rome where indigenous cultures were gobbled up by empire (based on fact Virgil observed), and continues up to Benedict’s statements in 2007 that Native America must be cleansed. The Vatican entered an alliance with the Nazis early in the war and NEVER spoke out against the Nazis. The Nazis and Vatican shared agendas, as Benedict aptly articulated in 2007.

    1. And what would that have
      And what would that have been? Way to leave us all hanging. I’d like to know what Benedict said, Pls. Thanks

    2. And what would that have
      And what would that have been? Way to leave us all hanging. I’d like to know what Benedict said, Pls. Thanks

  2. the information about HP
    the information about HP Lovecraft in this is FASCINATING, wow!

  3. the information about HP
    the information about HP Lovecraft in this is FASCINATING, wow!

  4. Thanks Peter for shining
    Thanks Peter for shining light on this. It is very positive that these dark secrets are being revealed.

  5. There are many light workers
    There are many light workers doing wonderful work and facebook is full of fantastic information about raising our consciousness and doing it together,from our heart centre.Keep the fear away and laugh and smile as much as possible it is only through fear they can get to us.I love the work David Icke does and hes out there telling eveyone and doesnt give a damn what anyone thinks.Thanks Whitley great show.

  6. Peter Levenda’s conclusion
    Peter Levenda’s conclusion about Hitler surviving doesn’t really surprise me. Hitler probably planned much of the NWO takeover we see today and I do believe the NWO agenda was behind WWII. Everything has progressed from than to today because I believe it was always a war on expanded consciousness that was being fought and the resultant path some would wish to take it. Man’s next real progress in evolution can only occur through expanded consciousness but will we choose the dark side of it or the side of the light? This is what I think it has always been all about and we are witnessing it culminate in our time.

  7. Unfortunately a good amount
    Unfortunately a good amount of the HP Lovecraft information is wrong! He was a staunch atheist and would have been appalled to be grouped among occultists, spiritualists or others of that nature. This attitude shows up again and again in the hundreds of letters he wrote to associates over the years. Read a good biography by Joshi and you will see this. Otherwise you’re just making things up.

  8. The part where Levenda says
    The part where Levenda says that literally entire sections of people’s brains are being shut down really spoke to me. I don’t know about a conscious agenda behind it, but that is something I have been chagrinned about over the past several years. The proliferation of “social media” so that people literally never have any moments of the day in which they’re not “on” and self-aware and performing; the result is that people are now growing up where they never know their inner voice. Areas of the brain that have to do with wonder and imagination and NOT being in “herd mode” are now either atrophying (if you are of a certain age and formerly had developed those parts of yourself) or are never developing at all (if you are younger and have never known “realness” or mystery).

  9. “…Lovecraft information is
    “…Lovecraft information is wrong! He was a staunch atheist…”

    I thought they kind of touched on this, speculating that maybe why Lovecraft saw the “others” as so nightmarish was because he was an atheist.

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