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Is there an advanced breakaway human civilization in touch with ET? Richard Dolan has compelling evidence that, as fantastic as it sounds, this could be true. Richard claims that this civilization has evolved around the alien presence that is here, and it now stands between us and disclosure. He and Dark Skies creator Bryce Zabel have partnered in the creation of a book called After Disclosure, which speculates on why this might be so, and what could be preventing the rest of us from participating.

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  1. For me this was one of the
    For me this was one of the best Dreamland shows ever – both the Dolan and Zabel interviews. I spent half the time rewinding and researching the material presented. Can’t wait to read the book. Excellent!!

  2. Interesting appendix on the
    Interesting appendix on the Zabel interview…

  3. This interview along with the
    This interview along with the last month of programs will not play for More than 10 min. Before starting over. Btw I am using an IPad…

    1. Restart happened to me as
      Restart happened to me as well on IPAD only, it worked well with PC. Thus, the restart problem is only with iPad

  4. I am using an iPad, too, and
    I am using an iPad, too, and not having a problem. Please write and tell them of your problem, and hopefully they can help you with it. There is nothing wrong on our end. When you have tech questions, you will get a faster response by writing

  5. For some time now I’ve
    For some time now I’ve wondered just what sort of people might populate the “black ops” programs of the type that might form such a “breakaway civilization”. I have to wonder how many of them might not be very nice people. If an MP back in the day threatened a 12 year old girl with a desert grave in front of her mother, then such a program, bent on secrecy at all costs might well seek out sociopath recruits so when they saw the need, those threats could be carried out against little girls, little boys, granny, … anyone. There is also the possibility that some within such circles could be seduced by their own sense of being special, they being privy to amazing secrets and “walking among the stars” in ways that the rest of humanity has not, to the point where they could begin to have contempt for that rest of humanity, and begin to view them as cattle or maggots. A sense of elitism on the part of what would in fact be an elite force of some kind would, after all, be no great stretch. No doubt there would be others who would not have become this way at all, having maintained a sense of humility and love for other people, and thus divisions would begin to form among them. Anyway those are a few of the more scary thoughts I’ve had about that subject. My curiosity is aroused so I’ll have to read that book.

  6. Still incomprehensibly
    Still incomprehensibly amazing that such a reality could kept a secret for so long. Whoever they are, they are masters of manipulation, distraction and deceit.

    Cheers et ne lâchez-pas.

  7. I agree, it’s
    I agree, it’s incomprehensible. As good as the case that Richard and Bryce make is, I would have had trouble accepting it if I didn’t have an implant of an advanced technological nature in my left ear. I saw the people who put it in. I just couldn’t stop them. But they were people, no question. I think they were part of the breakaway civilization.

  8. Whitley: it’s clear that
    Whitley: it’s clear that ‘they’ (God knows who they are or what the agenda is) chose someone like you, because who better can articulate such a reality/mystery than someone like yourself who is equipped with the type of intelligence, mind and ability to express and communicate such a paradigm shifting concept and reality. If such a thing happened to me, I wouldn’t know where to begin. I recall reading Communion in the late 80s, and my mind was blown (the top of my head blew off!), and I was only a detached 3rd party reader. Thanks for the mind-blowing experience. My thought patterns and vision of reality have never been the same since.


  9. The midnight graveyard
    The midnight graveyard meeting; now, that caught my ear immediately.

    Had Mr Zabel been keener and subsequently thrown them a rope and gone ahead with the meeting, I’m sure that the format of the communion would have been quite in keeping with tradition and observance.

    I suggest that Mr Zabel would have been there at 12.00am sharp and that others would have made themselves known at 12.02am. It’s quite probable that the coincidence would have ended abruptly at 1222 and Mr Zabel may, perhaps, have returned home with a far wider understanding of the spectrum of possibility surrounding both us and our plane.

    It may also be worth considering that this current trend toward globalism would be a highly effective method for diminishing the effect that other cultures and, in particular, their detailed ancient histories can have in transforming a slumbering, drone-like mind into an awakened and lucid preeminence, wholly in control of one’s own destiny.

    I’d personally be surprised if any hidden civilizations close to us here, on Earth, are supporters of globalism. However, we mustn’t presuppose that there is only one hidden civilisation. There may be power struggles their side too.

    As someone once said, I forget whom, ”a new world, if you can take it”. This, to many, represents dying to the old and waking to a new understanding. An understanding that many in power on this world would not wish us to embrace in a million years, lest they lose their grip over us. Without fear, they’re finished.

    1. Indeed, fear is a huge
      Indeed, fear is a huge factor.

    2. The graveyard in Long Beach
      The graveyard in Long Beach made me sit up and take notice too. I lived in Long Beach, California for about 10 years. When I was in college out there, I met a very mysterious young man who could well have been a member of the breakaway civilization. He definitely could read minds, and oddest of all, this complete stranger ended up staying with me and my family for about a week! There was so much more that I cannot go into here, but suffice to say that he said he would come back and take me to a safe haven when the world starting falling apart years down the road. He said not to worry, that he would always know where I was and how to find me, and that I would be part of the foundation for something new.

      One of the oddest parts of the story was the complete trust I had in this person and the feeling that I had known him for an awfully long time. In those days I was quite shy and reserved, so this was highly unusual for me. I did not have romantic feelings for him, but we were definitely on the same ‘frequency’.

      Great interviews with Dolan and Zabel, although I am a little ‘creeped out’ by the Zabel interview!

  10. Whit – as always an
    Whit – as always an outstanding program/show – Couldn’t get much better with Rich Dolan and Bryce Zabel. I’d like to pose this question to you . . . Would you say that the gentleman with whom you interacted with in “The Key” was from or a member of the “Breakaway Civilization”?


  11. I’ve watched Richard Dolan on
    I’ve watched Richard Dolan on Youtube on the breakaway civilization and he is an exceptionally intelligent and well spoken individual,he could probably make a documentary on watching grass grow and make it fascinating.

  12. I must be the densest
    I must be the densest listener. I have listened to the Richard Dolan podcast twice. There is talk ABOUT the “breakaway civilization”. I was listening for some sort of definition of this civilization. I just couldn’t piece it together. What is it? Who does it consist of (even theorectically)?

  13. I believe I am densest
    I believe I am densest listener. When evar realms, stargates, realities etc. is flung around I’m lost. Breakaway civilization same thing. Suddenly a giant pyramid is buried, the hollow elves are back, booms and trumpet sounds all over the planet and then a few months later it is not mentioned. 100 DNA samples of bigfoot sent in 2 years ago – no answer yet. Never an explanation, nothing is evar solved or found out. Every abductee have a different story and every writer has a different theory. It just piles up. Same with 9/11, the financial crises and global warming. Why aren’t the 104 pentagon surveillance tapes released (showing the “plane”), why aren’t the banksters prosecuted and why aren’t there done something about the climate? Even serious investigators like Whitley Strieber, David Paulides, Judy Wood, George Knapp, Linda M. Howe and others can’t come up with answers. It’s so frustrating. At least they found out how the pyramids was built btw:
    And how does Peter Lavenda investigate events that happend in 1947 (linking UFO’s and JFK’s assasination)? Who worked for who, and who lived beside who in 1947? That’s impressive when we can’t even find out what’s happening around us now. It’s like we are all dreaming and George Bush was the nightmare that didn’t wake us up.

  14. Carol and Frek:
    No you are

    Carol and Frek:

    No you are NOT dense, but there are those who would prefer that you feel that way. This is all a very convoluted business, regardless of whether you are discussing UFOs, New World Order, economics, spirituality, religion, whatever…It is convoluted due to layer upon layer of secrecy and ‘red herrings’ throughout the history of this reality. I have had my own odd experiences in life that I cannot explain, and I know that for those of us who question any of it, the weirdness increases, one puzzle leads to another, and we are left continuously scratching our heads, or dumbstruck at the high strangeness of it all…Most people, see the strangeness but look past it due to the fear of looking it in the eye or due to the never-ending distractions and drama we call ‘life’. Then there are the rest of us…The fact that we question it all does set us apart, and we are the wildcards, the ones that keep the manipulators on their toes.

    The ‘Breakaway’ civilization is hidden in plain sight. They live among us, but are not truly part of us anymore. Here is an interesting article from New Dawn Magazine and about who allegedly controls the world.

    The only thing the article does not really go into is how the Power Elite were chosen initially, possibly thousands of years ago, or by whom. On some level, a person or group of humans made some sort of metaphorical (or not) ‘deal with the devil’ (aliens, interdimensional beings, the ‘Gods’, whatever) to keep the drama going as long as possible. Once more, raising additional questions for us—Why? To what purpose? If they just want to take over, why don’t they just do it and be over with it?

    If you believe Whitley, and even Linda Howe’s research, there is some kind of battle going on for human souls. To what end? What makes us so special?

    Earlier in this thread, I mentioned an encounter I had years ago in Long Beach, Ca. On some level, I feel that I was being tested. Without going into details here, suffice to say that there was some mind-reading and attempts at manipulation going on. Did I pass or fail, and how did he end up contacting me? Was it a chance encounter? Was he just a con artist?

    We are all dreaming, and some of us are waking up, but we are in that odd twilight phase between the dream and being fully awake.

    Don’t you just love it? 🙂

  15. No, I find it intolerable. I
    No, I find it intolerable. I come here for answers if there are any. I don’t want to live in the land of the Woowoo bird with Bigfoot peeking through my window and the Grays and the Skinwalkers fighting over my light body while everybody else is humming the latest Gotya tune. I guess this time the cat killed curiosity ¯(°_o)/¯

  16. @Frek – “I don’t want to live
    @Frek – “I don’t want to live in the land of the Woowoo bird with Bigfoot peeking through my window and the Grays and the Skinwalkers fighting over my light body while everybody else is humming the latest Gotya tune”

    LOL I understand completely your frustration.

    Unfortunately I get the feeling the hard answers we’re looking for will not blast their way in with “booms and trumpet sounds”. They will probably just trickle slowly and very anticlimactically into our society and awareness.

    Also, the BIG PROBLEM in my humble opinion is that there are a lot of forums for talking about these issues, but very few for actually formulating and IMPLEMENTING some sort of response to these issues. It other words most ‘experts’ are really good at talking about it, but not that interested in actually pursuing some sort of action, not just passive speculation. It’s just like you said – a lot of talk, then a few months later nothing happens.

    To his credit Richard Dolan actually started a petition for disclosure. Unfortunately the UFO expert community, just like any other ‘expert’ community, is filled with egos that can’t stand to be in the same room together, much less leave their differences aside and collaborate.

  17. @Frek—Are you one of those
    @Frek—Are you one of those people who cheat and read the end of the story to find out what happens because the suspense is killing you and you just can’t wait to find out how it all ends? 🙂

    As Helen Keller put it, “Life is a great adventure or nothing.” This from a woman who could neither see nor hear… I am sure that she had lots of unanswered questions in her life. She could not see the Sun, but she just had to trust it was there, because she could feel its warmth. She could not hear music, but she knew it existed, and I am sure that she could feel the vibration of the Victrola if she placed her hands on the speaker. Her life was lived in darkness, yet she embraced it, lived it fully, and became an inspiration to many people all around the world.

    …And yet we sit here speculating about, let’s face it, some pretty crazy stuff! I think that we should continue to seek and question, no matter what. But maybe we need to change our perspective and see all of this as one great adventure. I want answers too, but I also enjoy learning, ideas, and the journey to get there. It’s like being a kid at Christmas—the build-up and anticipation of Christmas is almost more fun then getting to open the package under the tree. The gift itself is almost anti-climactic compared to the magic, curiosity, and wonder that precedes opening the package.

  18. @ El Gringo: From my point of
    @ El Gringo: From my point of view these things are game changers that stops us abruptly in Our lives. The active investigators like Strieber, Paulides, Howe, Knapp are really out there in the dark nights and I am happy to support them via their website and books until I can travel there myself. So are we all (I would imagin). For now most of us have to be at work tomorrow, but maybe a future travel agency “Paranormal Travel”? could give Our vacations a twist lol. Wouldn’t mind spending my summer vacation hunting Bigfoot or UFO’s or sneaking in on the Alaskan pyramid or the Brown Mountain lights. I wish.
    @ Cosmic Librarian: no I don’t cheat, but I feel like I watch a lot of interesting movie trailers and never get to see the movies. That’s not my idea of fun! Yes the stuff is crazy but it’s happening. That’s what is really crazy to me. And You do realize that You have been waiting to open Your UFO present since 1947? Too long. The wrap colors may have faded, but what’s inside will make up for that I think.

    patience is so overrated, but it’s nice if You got it.

  19. @Frek: Stop watching trailers
    @Frek: Stop watching trailers and go see a movie that really captures your imagination. Better yet, realize that you are part of the story, part of the adventure, and also will get to the big reveal when the Time is right. Actively pursue your interests, and not just from your armchair. Start by going outside and looking up at the sky at night. Ask the questions as you gaze at the stars. Find a way to spend a few hours at a ‘Sacred’ site closest to you. It also helps to get out of your head and into your heart every now and then. You have nothing to lose.

  20. This has been said before by
    This has been said before by Ann Streiber methinks -not having answers to questions makes you smarter,i believe the human mind is being pushed to a new brink of evolution.

    I think the breakaway civilization is collecting genetic information so it can make replicated bodies for us to inhabit so they can bring us back from the dead,as the real danger for humanity is going extinct.
    I also think all the surveillance cameras every where are accessed by the breakaway civilization to track us.I would also say they are from the future due to a personal experience that the only plausible answer to what had happened is that they had access to my memories and knew exactly what i had been thinking at the time as they reacted that quickly that direct mind reading seems unfathomable.
    It’s easy to see why dead people show up with the visitors if bodies can be made again for resurrection.
    I would also say that the power elites may well know what’s going on with the Breakaway civilization but are powerless to effect their agenda because these elites fundamentally serve Evil first and foremost and are aligned with dark sinister forces.
    All are theories and may well be utter rubbish as most of the phenomena fits under the labeling by John Keel”The masters of Deception
    I just looked at what i’ve written above and think there would be a high probability i’d be put in a nuthouse for thinking such things 20 years ago but it shows the World is far stranger than most can imagine.

  21. Your last words sums up
    Your last words sums up perfectly what we (the 99%) know about Bigfoot, UFO’s, trumpet sounds, thunder birds, skinwalkers, orbs, ghosts, Our soul, the missing 411, breakaway civilization, animal mutilation, the illuminati, 911 etc. We are in the dark and we can’t find the lightswitch. Donno why though? I never expected to be so unknowing.

  22. @19 times – I take it you
    @19 times – I take it you meant “searching for answers”, because “not having answers” in itself does not make you smart. There are plenty of people presented with a question, and because they don’t have an easy/comfortable answer, they just give up on it (e.g. the majority).

    In the end, it is still AN ANSWER that must complete the cycle for it to be successful. For example, what if we did not invent the wheel yet?

    Would this mean we would be super smart because we spent nearly 8,000 years without the wheel, pondering the ‘easy locomotion’ issue with no answer?

    Question + Answer = Progress

    Questions that have no answer for a long time lead to things like indoctrinated religion… Where you have to just believe, because any question you put will never be answered (at least not in the parameters of religion as it is today)?

    Imagine what it would be like if we actually had the answer about the afterlife. If we actually knew what happened? How many people would blow themselves up if they could talk directly to their dead? Would racism die out if you were to see that souls recycle through different bodies and races? Would you be Christian, Jewish or Muslim if you knew souls all go to the same place?

    I understand your point that there needs to be a question for progress to happen, for an answer to happen. But questions that boil for a long time risk evaporating into craziness… and then unscrupulous people provide pseudo answers. You get to things like “ONLY WE have the secret sauce for getting into heaven” etc…

  23. I mean by not having the
    I mean by not having the answers in this case is pushing us toward an evolution jump.
    All of man kinds needs in term of technology have been met in the timeline they were meant to be met in.If the wheel was not invented then something as simple would have taken it’s place at that time.And that’s what i call a physical evolution jump.And i feel the paranormal will lead us to a spiritual evolution jump.
    I have done projects in my old home in England and came to a major stumbling block and said “ah well let me sleep on it!” and bingo the next day as soon as i have woken up the answer to the problem i had was there.It was not from remembering things that i had witnessed and then unconsciously stored but was an independent conclusion so on a higher level as a race we will one day make the breakthrough and it will unfold right before us as intended.

    In no way would the whole paranormal phenomena ever take the form of indoctrinated religion.And by this i mean it will never become a belief system,i have seen a U.F.O. but i’ve never seen God.God is a belief but a U.F.O. is not it is fact.And for many that are deeply into this whole thing it will present itself unlike God.

    If you knew what it was like in the afterlife you would cling to this life with a passion and sway from evil on every level.That would be improbable anyway as we are all blind here as we can only make changes in blindness.For example would you have spent all that time in a bad relationship when you knew who your soul mate or the love of your life would be?No!But their was a purpose for that relationship and most likely you would have bypassed it and gone straight for Gold.

    Racism is a human condition.There would be none,we would realize we are all fragments of the same thing,what you do to your brother you do to yourself.
    Religion would turn inbound and would always be centered on thyself to do the right thing towards thy fellow man.

    These questions may well boil on and on but will never go away until they are solved and solved they will be.Anyone giving out pseudo answers will be cast aside by any man worth his substance.Today there are many giving out pseudo answers and in many cases based on their experiences and their interpretation of it but like i’ve said before what we are dealing with are the masters of deception and the foolish will be fooled.

    I do not proclaim to have any answers just my own opinions and theories or be it influenced by others and chief commander of that is Whitley Streiber’s book “the master of the key” which i contemplated on for a long time.But i made sense of a lot of it. I feel we are right on the edge of something and the breakaway civilization will naturally reveal itself when we are mature enough to receive them and our true history and path is unraveled.

  24. @19 times – “the next day as
    @19 times – “the next day as soon as i have woken up the answer to the problem i had was there” – I agree as long as the answer is there. But what if the answer wasn’t there the next day, or the next, or the next etc??? How would the cycle close and progress get made?

    As for “If the wheel was not invented then something as simple would have taken it’s place at that time” – you are saying that if the solution for mechanical locomotion didn’t come in the form of the wheel it would have come in another form… correct? So, by that logic, if the solution to our UFO/Afterlife questions does not come, will we come up with something to take it’s place? Wouldn’t that be a pseudo answer then? Just a thought…

    (redaction: Actually, IF reality works according to the Seth books, then you might be right after all. Everybody would project their answer for their reality. Some would have ET encounters, while others would not have that at all. Both would be valid but only from their point of view. This would make any aliens nothing more than constructions of our subconscious or independents spirits participating in your play)

    You say “In no way would the whole paranormal phenomena ever take the form of indoctrinated religion”. I honestly hope that you are right… but I also have to point out that wars have been waged in the name of someone that preached ONLY peace more than 2 thousand years ago. He was real, but little did that matter.

    Whitley’s The Key is a fantastic book. For me what rang most true was when the MOTK said that natural evolution has ended for us so we basically have to get off our butts and enhance ourselves… and the fact that there is no supernatural, only science that we have yet to understand.

  25. I respect your opinions.

    I respect your opinions.
    I feel the Earth is essentially forming evolution to a set pattern that is Universal law.It is that Earths seed will spread out into the Cosmos just as an acorn tree would spread it’s seed,life is meant to thrive and grow exponentially.
    If we don’t make it as a species then another one will be allowed the forward progress of evolution towards greater emotional and technological intelligence so that the Earth can express itself(shades of Carlos Castaneda and MOTK)

    I think the answers will come,the truth will out whether we can look at it straight in the face or not.
    I work as a Banquet Captain but i’m also the head I.T. guy for conferences and events.I had no training.My Boss threw me in the room in front of 80 people and made me work out the presentation problem,a more stressful job in terms of personal embarrassment you would be hard put to find.
    But i always managed to find out the answers by being put on the spot and i had no clue that i could perform like that.
    Million and sometimes multi million if not billion dollar presentations by C.E.O.’s in big pharma to sell their new drug rested on my back although 99% of the time it was their computers and not our equipment that was at fault and no matter what was barked at me in front of many perspective buyers i had to retain composure to not react negatively and fudge the whole event and also have the essence to calm down the presenter.
    Point is the answers will come by the intensity of the situation,of that i’m sure but then again it’s my opinion.

  26. @19 times – I totally agree
    @19 times – I totally agree that answers can come along with intense experiences. But as the conversation in The Key described, you don’t have to have gas chambers to get enlightened – it can be done as simply as watching the summer clouds and being in the right state of mind. Let’s hope we pick the latter.

    Also, one has to note how it can be that the same entities that preach for us to be peaceful and learn to give to help one another when we need it… are also the entities that don’t seem to be providing that much help to us at the moment – ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

    It’s sort of like seeing a person lying on the ground after being hit by a car, going up to him and saying “dude, you should really get to a hospital” 🙂 – not really helpful.

    IF there are entities out there that have GOOD intentions toward us, I think they might be missing the point on HOW to best help us. Being more advanced than us, one might be tempted to say that this is impossible. But we, as humans, constantly learn from much, much lower species things we never knew before. For example plants and bacteria that, by studying them, can provide cures for diseases or other problems that perplex us.

    Point is they’re going to have to do a bit more than cryptic messages in the middle of the night that leave the receiver with no way to prove anything. They’re going to have to show themselves in plain daylight and communicate in some form that is useful to us. Apparently, if one is to take the Truman and other alleged meetings into consideration, this is something they CAN do.

    Apologies as I’ve strayed far off the original subject. I just felt this was related to what we were talking about.

  27. Wow! I just finished reading
    Wow! I just finished reading A.D. I encourage everyone to read this book, and to take seriously the ‘Open Letter’ for people like us near the end of the book. Dolan and Zabel cover so many areas, from politics to the arts, religion to science, and everything else in between in assessing the possible impact of Disclosure. They leave no stone unturned and Dolan’s background in history is an invaluable asset, while Zabel’s contribution from his creative, artistic background adds insight on Disclosure and its ramifications on pop culture and our everyday lives.

    I also have to mention how empowering it was reading this book. So much of Disclosure and how it will all play out is dependent on people like those of us who have the knowledge and have done the research, who have had the experiences, who have asked the questions, and kept our minds and hearts wide open for such an awfully long time. There will be a sense of shock for all, but for people like us it will be tempered by the sense of knowing that we have had all along. Hopefully we will get past the childishness of “I told you so!” and move on to a state of grace that allows us to assist others into the transition from darkness into the light of Truth.

  28. The most amazing statement in
    The most amazing statement in the Zabel interview was at 33:14, when the appendix begins with a statement that the visitors were here for what looked to Zabel like “fools gold”, when a vial was produced by the men representing themselves to Zabel as men from ONI which contained this substance. Could this be monotomic gold/copper/etc? It would make sense, but gold and other metals in their mono-atomic form lose their gold appearance; perhaps it was gold ore as that would look like fools gold as much as anything. The connection between ancient visitors and monotomic gold has been the subject of many Dreamland shows over the years.

  29. Whitley… Please keep us in
    Whitley… Please keep us in the loop of anything new with Bryce…

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