In 1977 two young airmen were camping out at Devil’s Den in Arkansas when they noticed a strange triangle of lights in the sky. As they watched it slowly approach, one of the best documented of all abduction cases began to unfold. The two witnesses were not left with missing time. They remembered the incident. Years later, after an accident, Terry’s leg was x-rayed and an object that appeared to be some sort of antenna was observed in it, along with a strange bone structure embedded in deep muscle tissue. (The implant is pictured below.)

This conversation between Whitley and Terry is absolutely unique in the world. There simply isn’t any other show where a highly articulate abductee can compare notes with a host who is also an abductee. As a result, this show is going to take deeper inside the abduction phenomenon than most, if not all, others you have ever heard.

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There is a strange sound repeated in this show. It is not a glitch or a fault, but something that somehow entered the stream from the outside as it was being recorded. This is a statement from a sound engineer who analyzed it for us:

I measured the two instances and here’s what I found:
1st one was 5,955.235 Hz and 11,910.47 Hz. (The upper one is presumably the first overtone, which is twice the fundamental frequency.)

2nd one was 5,939.085 Hz and 11,878.17 Hz.  
Telephone sound maxes out at about 4KHz (4,000 cycles or vibrations per second) so these sounds weren’t carried in the audio of the phone call. 
In my opinion it’s unlikely, for several reasons, that they were created by acoustic feedback (say, from your headphones to your mic), but you could experiment with that: keep all your settings and physical arrangements as they were, start recording, speak into the mic and pull your headphones off your ears about an inch, move around physically a bit, and see if you can re-create those noises.
The sound isn’t an electrical glitch —  i.e., generated by a dirty connection somewhere.
Now, here’s an anomaly: When I did my first measurements I held my phone up to my loudspeakers, using a frequency-measuring app. I then wrote down the result. 
Then I did it again, but no sound came out of the speakers. Why? Because my amplifier was turned off. I’d caught up on a lot of sleep last night, got up really late, and had not yet turned on the amplifier. So there was no way I could have heard or measured that sound the first time. Yet I heard it and it registered on the app.

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  1. As always, another fascinating podcast on Dreamland.

    For those interested, Jesus has given a series of messages in which he explains that his second coming is taking place in all those of us who are open to the Christ in us. The messages are given in text and audio under the title “A Journey into the Unknown.”
    Usually at the end of each chapter there is a button to go to the next chapter, but not always, yet all one has to do when that happens is just change the last number of the URL and press “Enter.”
    The book has not been published yet, but will be.
    Also, Neal Donald Walsh, known for his “Conversations with God” books, has Book 4 out (after10 years not having had those conversations) which is mostly about what have usually been called “Extra Terrestrials” but which in Book 4 are called “Highly Evolved Beings” (HEBs). Some of them have been helping us -even though we might not have been aware of that- and some others are offering their assistance.
    Yet there are also beings that don’t have our best interest at heart, even though they are highly advanced, but not necessarily morally etc.
    God speaks with a male and female voice interchangeably in the audio.
    From Book 4:
    God: “There’s a difference between being highly advanced and being highly evolved. If people from 2,000 years ago could leapfrog time and appear on your planet right now, do you think they would say that today’s inhabitants of Earth are “advanced”?”
    Neal: “I imagine that they would, yes.”
    God: “And yet, are today’s inhabitants of the Earth not violent?”
    Neal: “Yes. Sadly, yes, we are.”
    God: “So technological advancement does not necessarily mean advancement morally, ethically, consciously, or spiritually—is that what you’re saying?”
    Neal: “Point made.”
    Walsch, Neale Donald. Conversations with God, Book 4: Awaken the Species.
    (Audio, Kindle, Hardcover, and Softcover available.)

    1. PS:
      The idea has come up that some want to find out how our love is: selfish or unselfish, conditional or unconditional. Will we love those who make us experience things we rather not, or will we hate them.? Wish them well or not?
      Also the idea has come up that their doubts -on the one hand believing our love is disinterested, yet on the other believing it is not- is symbolized by the color gray. As a mixture of dark and light, as an in between color on the awareness scale.
      Greenish might mean still spiritually young and developing.
      This being a virtual reality like dream all things in it have a symbolic meaning reflecting the spiritual reality beyond them. Which might be still in degrees of more or less developed awareness of Who and How we are as Divine extensions of our Creator.

  2. Whitley also has a beautiful book about Jesus out. It’s called Jesus: A New Vision. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far it is the most intelligent and inspiring book about Jesus that I have ever read. He doesn’t take a Christian perspective or a secular one, but he DOES show how the resurrection must have happened, and why. I have to confess that I read that part first. Then I doubled back to the beginning and I am now reading about the parables.

    I think that our Whitley is among the greatest Jesus scholars who has ever lived. Who would have thought that, but the book is just phenomenal.

  3. Only the free version is available. I am a member and logged in, but not able to access the member version.?

  4. Author

    Everything is running correctly now. Sorry for the issue.

  5. fI’m a subscriber and logged in. I’m getting the free version. Even stranger, where I should hear the sound, the feed keeps jumping around, like it’s being edited! I tried restarting and that did not help.

  6. Author

    The show is now working correctly. Both the downloads and the streams are functioning as they should. If you are still hearing the free version in the subscriber area, please stop your stream, go to the show’s page and restart it from the page. This show has had some exceptional and extremely unusual problems, but this always seems to happen in one way or another when we interview and abductee, especially one like Terry, who has not only witness but medical proof that he is the real deal.

      1. Amazing show whitley! Thank you I’m trying to gain the courage to put myself and my strange life out there in some form. I’m also about to get my certification in ufology. I’m very excited for the future of humanity and consciousness and the links between the visitors and death and ethereal realms!

  7. At 47:00 (Subscriber version) Terry talked about seeing ‘Betty’ on 21st Nov 2020 and that she stated that on 2nd Feb there would be a “New World”. I assume Terry meant 21st Nov 2019, otherwise we only have a couple of days to wait!

      1. Ah, I didn’t realise that date was ground Hog day…and yes I saw the movie a long time ago – thankfully not on repeat!…anyway, it seems like Terry must’ve been talking about 2019, as the World seems pretty much the same as last month.

  8. Whitley. I did as you suggested, but it just gets weirder. It seems to be playing, and I can hear the sound, too. BTW, I have heard that sound before on several occasions, usually near my window late at night. HOWEVER, I am getting strange “splice jumps” or audio repeats in this program. My feeling is that something does not want this program to be heard by everybody.

    I am also having trouble reading your outstanding new book on Jesus. No matter what I do, I fall asleep, or “blank out” while reading a particularly interesting or exciting passage. I have even been standing up at times when this occurs! This has never happened to me before. Of course, I will get the audiobook to see if that helps. Any ideas as to why is this happening, when I am clearly not bored?

  9. Author

    First, the Jesus book is a very intense experience because it is the first thing that has ever been written like it. Especially the parts about why he remain hidden after the resurrection and was so careful not to be seen. Understanding that, is understanding something fundamental about human life that has been hidden across many ages. It opens a door that we’re just not used to having open.

  10. Author

    Regarding the show, there aren’t any little edits in it as far as I know. There was some editing yes, but not enough to where you would notice it. And it’s very smooth. I think it’s just that this is the real deal. The book really is what it seems to be, which is a description of what really happened and what it really meant. The show really is a conversation between two people who have definitely had close encounters experiences of the very most intense kind. You can hear that in our voices just as you can see the truth in the book. We live in a world that’s just full of lies and when all of a sudden some truth shows up it’s weird. It’s weird for me to believe me!! Weird but good. I think it’s good.

  11. Regarding the strange noise that you played at the beginning, Whitley… whilst wearing headphones for the first half of the interview, I heard the same sound at least four times, plus two very short blips soon after the fourth. There may be more in the second half of the interview too but I wasn’t listening with headphones then, so couldn’t spot anything else.

    1. I could also hear the high frequency sounds at least 4 times. I wonder if one slowed them down or did something to them if one could detect a message in them? As to the visual warnings perhaps they are symbolic like dreams. For example the moon exploding could mean countries involved in armed conflicts over lunar resources. An earth on fire is probably the increased forest fires due to climate change. So rather than not believing these warnings, the trick is finding the correct interpretation.

      1. Yes, I heard them, too. Two of them were in the 26 and 27 minute range. Thanks, Whitley, this was simply one of your best shows!

  12. Wowsers. I’m deaf in one ear, and I can hear the noise clearly in the prelude and the show. Goes right through my head and it smarts!

    1. My PS
      A few things came to mind. They most likely are glasses, if for no other reason than the uncanny valley effect, as in humans having an issue with being spooked by something they think as almost human, but not quite.
      Also, when melding science and metaphysics, it gets difficult to determine what is life, as in a machine that seems tgo live, or a beuing that seems more mechanical.
      Last point is time and space are connected enough to be one entity. The question is where and when are tghe visitors from?

  13. What if those sounds are actually messages that can be understood subliminally by abductees? The visitors would’ve known that with Terry and Whitley talking together a lot of other genuine CE three witnesses would be listening. Just thinking out loud.

    1. George, I think you may be onto something. These anamolous sounds in the recording, or electromagnetic disturbances, could be messages or signals.
      Did Terry ever figure out what caused his watch to stop working? What about his friend’s watch? Did the batteries die? Were the electronics destroyed?
      Many UFO witnesses and abductees report having issues with electronic devices. I wonder if there is something or somebody using electromagnetic radiation to send out a signal or message. Nowadays, where everything around us is electronic, these electromagnetic signals being sent could interfere with things around us. What sort of EM radiation can cause distortion to appear on an electronic recording? What kind of EM radiation can cause a streetlight to go out? There definitely seems to be somebody or something interested in a lot of people’s lives. Are we aware of their interest in our lives? Where could the EM radiation be emitted from? Within our universe or maybe a parallel universe?

  14. Talking about an event in 1977 or 1985 (sorry Whitley) is almost a form of UFO nostalgia. I’m more interested in current events and if this guest (and Whitley) still have relationships with “The Visitors”, then the question of who or what they are needs to be answered. After a while, the forever ambiguity threatens credibility.

  15. This issue about the wigs, it really is odd. I’ve never been able to get my head around it.

    1. I thought you were going to end that with “If you pardon the pun”!

      Anyway, about fifteen years ago, I was walking through Dunham-Massy park with some friends and coming the other way, was a Trans-woman and her chaperone, on what was clearly one of her first public encounters. But she was obviously dressed in a manner that was overtly stereotypically female…long hair (clearly a wig), a light Summer dress, high heels and a wide brimmed hat. What made it jarring and quite unusual from our perspective was her very clear male physique and square jawline. As they went passed, we looked at one another, saying something like “Did you just see…?”. No laughing – we were all adults – but I remember us having a chat about how uncomfortable and downright scared she looked. So increadibly brave to ‘come out’ like that, under the public gaze. I’m not sure exactly what my point is here, just to say that the visitor ‘Betty’ wearing a dress and wig, seems strangely similar, and I can well imagine how it would cause an ‘Uncanny Valley’ feeling on steriods for any onlookers seeing a visitor dressed like that. But it almost felt like the Trans-woman had a skewed, or morphed view of what a typical woman looks like (if indeed there is even such a thing) …and she just went with it. (As a comparison, her chaperone, who was also female, was just wearing blue jeans and top). Maybe, that is just what ‘Betty’ was doing too?

      1. That’s particularly interesting to hear Sherbet. I often wonder about street encounters too. Many years ago I was partying way too hard, mixing with the wrong people, racing around with a complete lack of abandon and essentially acting like a juvenile.

        I was in a high street in an English town one afternoon and suddenly a small man, a dwarf, walks hurriedly past me murmuring loudly. His murmurs were a direct criticism of my thoughtlessness and I noticed them straight away as it was so specific. Paranoia? No, I honestly believe to this day that he was one of the watchers above us. I’m not using that term in a Christian sense, rather that I have come to feel that the sky above us is a living, conscious membrane that we rise back into and that the collective mind of life on Earth exists/breaths within.

        Several times in my life, people have suddenly appeared and provided assistance when I needed it, in the city of Winchester in particular. Such a magical city. I feel that you notice/feel instantly that the person you’re interacting with is one ‘of them’ as you connect so quickly, as if talking to yourself somehow.

        The hallmark of such encounters seems to be looking round immediately as they pass you to discover that they are nowhere in sight. Happened every time to me and so I carried on and just smiled quietly to myself, happy in the sensation of twilight wisdom showing its heart.

          1. That looks like an interesting one – thanks!

  16. The sounds weren’t deafening but geez…felt like nails on a chalkboard to my brain. I was listening in bed in a dark room. The first sound once into the interview and I got a minds eye image of the red-orange glow from what was roughly the size/shape of the insides of a pot-belly stove. Nothing cozy or comfortable about it…nothing menacing really either. Maybe just my own synaesthetic conjuring because that can happen.

  17. For those interested Terry used to host a great podcast on Artist’s First Radio where the episodes are currently archived. Another very interesting experiencer whom Terry knows and has done shows with is Dr Bruce O. Soldheim who also had a show at the same venue until fairly recently. Both are worth checking out.

  18. I’ve only recently become aware of Terry, after watching him at UFO Congress. He was on a panel sitting next to Lisa Tenney, an intuitive therapist whose own experiences are fascinating, and I would LOVE if you could get her on your show. She’s open and enlightened and has seen the good and bad of this whole subject.

  19. Regarding the sounds…I could barely tolerate them, and they were painful, so I’m thankful they were short-lived. I even ended up with pain in my temporomandibular joint—both sides. Plus a mild headache between my eyes. Did this sound affect the pineal gland? The only reason I bring this up is, due to my stroke, I’ve become very familiar with the brain. The thalamus, the site of my stroke, is in close proximity to the pineal. It sits in the middle of the brain.

    Also, I would be interested if anyone noticed if their pets reacted to the sounds? My dog was asleep in her bed. She did not wake up, but she did give a slight moan.

    Lots of fascinating things in this interview…And I hope that Terry returns for future interviews.

  20. I agree- the sound made me flinch and felt as if it cut through my brain. I actually counted 7 times that I heard it throughout the interview (which was very interesting) and I was just listening on my iphone….very disturbing sound.

  21. How delightful it was to once again get to “eavesdrop” on a conversation between two people who really get it.

  22. For what it’s worth, I saw a triangle a couple of years ago. It absolutely astonished me. I was watering my small garden in the late evening. I had a thought “look up”. So I looked at the stars but the thought came in again “no look straight up”. So I did. Right away I noticed three very clear, orange/red balls of light in a triangle. They looked like fires captured in glass. They were very high up in the night sky but I could see this detail. It was still for about 5 seconds when it maneuvered into the shape of a J and it cloaked out. Very much in the Star Trek vein. I don’t recall anything else unusual about the evening. I do have many unusual experiences to say the least.

  23. Terry and Whitley talked like old friends during a very informative interview. Both of Terry’s books are excellent. Thanks

  24. As a non-experiencer I am always fascinated at the information in these interviews. I would like to know more about this idea, at about 53 minutes in, of “bifurcating your mind” and making a space in your “head house.” Perhaps Mr Strieber would record a subscriber special about how to do this. I am familiar with Robert Monroe’s “repository box” and perhaps it’s the same thing.

  25. This coming July will mark the fourth conference I have organized on consciousness and contact. Terry and Whitley attended the second held on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota in 2019. It is interesting for me to hear them discuss this and memories they have from that time. Kevin Briggs was the driver of the car. Alan Steinfeld had not rented a car for the event and it was Kevin who drove them around. Interestingly enough, Kevin Briggs and I share the same birthday – February 2nd – Groundhogs Day. This is an important day for a number of reasons. It is Imbolc and it is also the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It represents the day of balance between the dark and light. It is also the celebration of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, a connection to Whitley’s new book.

    February 2nd is an important day energetically and I cannot stress enough the importance of so many planets moving into Aquarius and the power of that energy impacting us in a truly profound way. This is NEW. Pay attention to events in the news and how many of them have a marked humanitarian bent to them.

    Do check out the work of Brazilian mystic Chico Xavier. I do believe that our conference in 2019 fulfilled his prophecy from 50 years prior. Juliano Pozati and I discuss this on the New Observations podcast.

    These small conferences are instrumental in impacting the quantum field in a powerful place. We owe an enormous debt to the Lakota who have held the spiritual connection for hundreds of years for all of us. I am blessed to live in South Dakota at least half of the year and have become deeply involved with their community.

    The parallels between the teachings of Jesus and Lakota spirituality are there for everyone to see. We have entered into a totally new place of being for everyone who chooses to live in that realm.

  26. Also, 2/2 is the Number 2, or Jesus, coming for the 2nd time.
    The Age of Aquarius!

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