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Tantrism is very little understood in the west, or, for that matter, in the east. But what is it, and how does it relate to the evolution of the human heart and the human soul? In this discussion, Peter Levenda tells us about his journey among the Tantric Temples of Java, and explains the relationship between human sexuality and human spirituality in a frank and mature manner that will enable us to start down a path of renewal of our sexuality as the spiritual experience that it was meant to be.

Human sexuality is a metaphor and a template not only for spiritual transformation, but for the manipulation of reality itself. Peter delves into the meaning and true power of tantric magic in this moving interview. Tantrism is cloaked in secrecy and distorted by confusion and misunderstanding. Peter understands it deeply, and when you finish with this interview, you will have a new and rich vision of your own deepest nature, where your sexuality and spirituality become one.

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Peter Levenda is the author of the Sinister Forces series, among the very greatest material ever written about the occult transformation of America.
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  1. THANK you WHITLEY for sharing
    THANK you WHITLEY for sharing one of the most intimate and personal encounters of your life. (Subscriber interview). THANK you PETER LEVENDA for this interview with Whitley. THANK you ANNE for being Whitley’s helpmate/support. Without a doubt, activating the chakras will take us to a new level in our human evolution/consciousness. There are many web pages dedicated to the charkas and easy to access thus offering different opinions for anyone wishing to do so. I however want to give another (OPINION) that requires a lot of thought. AGAIN, my mind goes back to Edgar Cayce and what John Van Auken interprets from the readings. ALSO, LINDA MOULTON HOWE (SEVEN TRUMPETS REPORT). I have copied and pasted only a few things but have also included the website where I got the information.

    In many of the ancient texts, reversing the flow of energy in the body is a major technique for spiritualizing the body. Included in the diagram section of this booklet is a Taoist diagram of a breathing technique in which the mind visualizes energy rising up the back of the body with every inhalation of the breath, uniting with the Great Spirit’s breath, and then descending down the front of the body with every exhalation, bathing the body in raised, spiritualized energy. The SEXUAL glands OR CHAKRAS have the life force of the body “coiled” within them. This needs to be awakened and drawn upward through the body. It needs to be united with our spiritual ideal or our image, concept, or consciousness of God and our godly nature. Then, with this first love restored, the body is bathed in the resurrected spirit and vibration. The body gradually becomes enlivened and spiritualized.

    As we go through the opening of the seals and the sounding of THE TRUMPETS, Cayce says that we are going through the purifications that influence spiritual development through the vibrational changes in the body. The way these purifications are described in the Revelation causes one to believe that these are terrifyingly devastating to the physical self. However, Cayce explains that as the progress is made toward giving birth to the spiritual self (which occurs later in chapter 12 of the Revelation), the physical self must become more humble, meek, long-suffering, and patient. It must decrease while the spiritual self increases, as John the Baptist said of himself and the coming Jesus. Cayce says that the devastating sufferings represent those influences that meet and conquer self for the greater spiritual development and the creating of a oneness of the individual’s purposes and desires. The two parts of our being (human and divine) can be at war with one another unless these cleansings occur and a singularity of purpose is achieved by subduing earthly desires and accentuating heavenly, spiritual desires. Therefore, the fire is to purify; hail, to crystallize opposing purposes into oneness of purpose. Less and less of self’s desires and more and more of God’s desires are depicted as the destruction of a third of the earth, the sea, and the heavens, followed by the falling of a great star from heaven, representing the coming of heavenly influences upon the earthly self. The Sun is darkened so that the Son may give a new light to the body. All the terrifying events that occur during the opening and sounding of the seven spiritual centers under the influence of the higher self upon the throne of consciousness are symbolic of this great transition, this great preparation for the birth of the new, God-centered self.

    Now that the seven spiritual centers are awakened, the higher self and the life-force are raised and again seated upon the throne. The lower urges are turned away from their interests and the cranial nerves are firing with spiritual influences. We begin a series of cleansings through the seven bodily centers. Prompted by John’s vision of the four colored horses, Cayce picks up on the colors for each center and proceeds to add MUSICAL NOTES, key words from the Lord’s prayer, the four elements, the endocrine glands, and EVEN PLANETS within our solar system!

    Let’s go through the opening of the seals and the soundings of the trumpets for each center. Though these are done separately in the Revelation, we will do them together here for the sake of clarity and focus.

    Tiny Tim: And God bless us, everyone…… Charles Dickens.

  2. Good Lord this was an
    Good Lord this was an interesting interview. Anyone else consider that Peter’s account of invisible, unintelligible voices in Indonesia sounded very similar to some of the strange sounds heard worldwide? The muffled invisible ‘voices’ as if from a TV set somewhere, in LMH’s report from a couple of week’s back. Dimensional leak-throughs? Don’t forget that the mysterious Mariana Trench isn’t that far from Indonesia too. Who knows what lives down there? Absolutely fascinating stuff. I’ll go for a long walk on the Downs later to ponder it all.

  3. Haven’t been able to listen
    Haven’t been able to listen since I apparently don’t have the newest “codec” whatever that is. Tried low bandwidth but it’s last week’s interview. Some of us don’t have the latest and greatest toys available.

  4. I am also getting only last
    I am also getting only last week’s show on the low bandwidth. I listened on the pop-up player and was riveted. I am really anxious to burn a copy for a friend. I hope it gets fixed soon.

  5. I believe this is an
    I believe this is an important topic, and it gets a decent introduction here. However, this excerpt (which I believe I’ve quoted accurately below) gave me extreme pause:

    Peter: My book on tantric temples, for instance, is about power. It comes down to the way power is used—you could use the word ‘energy’ to use the word power. To the tantrics, this was about power. And there was sexuality, tremendous sexual manifestation of this power. To the Nazis, it was also about power, and the occult was also about power. And there was a sexual component to the Nazis as well. Repressed kinds of weird, uh, distorted sort of sexuality, but it was definitely there. And people like Himler were after the same things as the tantricas were…

    Whitley: (interrupts) uh, sadomasochism and homosexuality were RIFE in the Nazi party.

    Peter: Those were rife, sure.

    And it sounds worse than it reads, with Whitley’s comment being filled with a sense of dreadfulness.

    What else is to be drawn from that but a judgment of homosexuality and sadomasochism as signs of the presumed negative “dark” and “occult” sides of sexuality, and even of Nazism?

    As a gay man and experiencer of a sort, in some counterpoint I can tell you of what might be my first visitor-like memory (the old “dream that wasn’t a dream”, I think between the ages of 5 and 7) where during the night I was up in the house and encountered what appeared to be a tall female being with a large fox’s head (!) in the entryway near our front door, with a fairly brilliant and diffuse light around her. I remember sort of being shown this person in some detail, scanning from top to bottom at her side, the head being something like a mask that couldn’t be removed, and a tight fitting suit of some kind I associated at the time with a sweater that my Mother sometimes wore. My memories of it now are of course vague, but I think there were others present and it was *highly* charged with what I think was my first encounter with raw and intense sexual energy, and for reasons that are difficult to put into words also seemed to set the stage for my future sexual desires. I wouldn’t say I feel “programmed” by the experience, but it’s not too far off.

    Being made pretty closely aware in my life of many unconventional sexual practices of various gay friends and aquaintances, I’ve learned not to judge how a person’s sexual energy is sought and expressed, even if many of them I personally find a bit disturbing, if not shocking. These definitely include forms of what can be called sadomasochism, and also those in the rough category of bondage and discipline. Others have strong aspects of what I think of as related to a basic human desire for transformation, and also sexual anonymity. These same people are not Nazis, nor do I know of any of them being interested in occult practices.

    In Whitley’s subscriber post-interview with Peter, Whitley seems to never connect the dots that his shatteringly powerful sexual encounter with the non-human female includes being “taken” against his will (being paralyzed he was essentially in bondage and under another’s control), and also Peter leads him right to the important point that her anonymity reflected parallel tantric practices where not having an emotional connection with the person is important in achieving the totality of the experience. It’s not hard to make the leap that today’s commonly used sex toys and costumes that can transform the appearance of sexual partners, and others that imbue feelings of either control or helplessness can be an essential element to some peoples’ idea of sex, gay or straight.

    Note that in Whitley’s encounter, he says a man in something like an Air Force (or was it Nazi?) uniform was clearly visible in the room, and interestingly I have to note that among many gay men (and I believe many self-described straight men as well), to see themselves or other men in military or other uniforms is a common turn-on. By way of analogy, I have often said that if Batman didn’t have the rather kinky rubber suit, the Batman movies would have never caught on, and of course we know it certainly has a much wider male audience than gay men. Predictably, Whitley doesn’t seem to attribute anything to his parallel aspect of the man in uniform beyond mystery, and not as having contributed to his eventual pleasure built up by his helpless situation. Obviously, I have my doubts.

    I suspect that these denials and his seemingly harsh association of Nazis and homosexuality have a lot more to do with Whitley’s issues as a “good Catholic” than the relative good or evil of gay men, or even S&M. I also have to add this: I believe it was in one of his books where Whitley claimed the Visitors talked in his head when he saw some kind of S&M scene on the television, saying “We don’t like that.” Given my own early experience related above, I have had to seriously question whose voice that really was, the Visitors or Whitley’s subconscious? Because if you ask me, it’s quite possible that my own “visitor” led me right to some sexual feelings that Whitley might judge in dour tones as “dark” if not sinister. I necessarily reject that kind of judgment, but in this case my overall respect for Whitley makes me resist being offended.

    I’m going to touch on one more thing from the interview and that was about the kundalini energy being portrayed in various tantric practices as “serpentine.” This is something I have instinctively felt with regard to sex, particularly the climax. In fact I think the notion of the alleged alien “Reptilians” is considerably charged with this serpentine sexual energy, which probably explains many peoples’ fascination with the whole idea of them. Somewhat like Anne, I don’t accept the conventional wisdom that if the Reptilians even exist, they are necessarily the bad guys. Perhaps instead, they reflect fundamental aspects of ourselves and our sexuality that we’ve been taught to reject as evil?

    And so despite my serious reservations about so-called “weird”, “dark”, and “distorted” Nazi sexual practices being described to include homosexuality in the interview, thanks for the interesting show and the forum to discuss it. Perhaps more than ever, I’m considering going to this year’s Dreamland Festival, if only just to keep an eye on things! 😉

  6. BobInNJ, for some reason your
    BobInNJ, for some reason your last statement cracked me up when you said, “Perhaps more than ever, I’m considering going to this year’s Dreamland Festival, if only just to keep an eye on things! ;-)”….. SOOO, would that be the Wadjet Eye? When I was a young woman I had a dream experience and was in the company of three entities (men???) dressed in military uniforms. We were all suspended in what I would call space, no defining buildings, sky or anything like that. I approached the first man dressed in a drab olive green uniform that would have been worn in WW2. I touched the fabric and it felt like scratchy wool, then asked him if what I felt by touching the uniform was real and if he was real, he told me it was real because I BELIEVED it to be so. The next uniformed man was wearing a very deep blue, the third uniform I can no longer remember and did not touch their uniforms. So, perhaps this uniform thing has layered meanings.

    Posted by BobInNJ on 13 Mar 2012 at 03:53

  7. There is obviously nothing
    There is obviously nothing dark and disturbed about normal homosexuality. That was not my meaning. But it was used as part of very corrupt sexual practice by the Nazis, which included sadomasochistic acting out, bestiality and other grotesque practices. Thus, as experienced by them, it was deviant in the same sense that heterosexual sex, when it is transformed into rape, for example, becomes deviant.

  8. Hi Bob, your thoughts were
    Hi Bob, your thoughts were very interesting, but I too didn’t take Mr Strieber to be suggesting darkness in S+M practices. He’s clarified that of course, and that’s fine. The US Airforce Officers in powerful dreams are interesting though. Can’t say that I saw them in conventional US Airforce uniform though. Rather, they were wearing uniforms that looked more like some kind of Space-Command, composed of black, grey and charcoal coloured segments. I still ‘knew’ they were US Airforce though, strangely. Who knows who or what these Officers are or, for that, what symbol they really represent.? The whole thing is so darned odd, especially when non-Americans like me are seeing these fellows pop up now and again in very powerful ‘dreams’. Who are they and what is all this about? Why on Earth would they be the slightest interested in me for goodness sake.? They can’t have much to do if they turn their attention toward me. Curiouser and curiouser…

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