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Starfire Tor makes some extraordinary claims. Amazingly, Whitley and Anne personally had an experience that supports her claims about time slips. So she is welcome on Dreamland with her remarkable ideas and theories

This week, we’re talking about the core matrix, timelines and timeline edits, precognitive dreams, future predictions and dark forces attack.

This show is every bit as super-heated and incredible as her previous appearances.

What happens during a timeline edit? She now understands this and explains it on this show.

What is a dark matter aberration? Starfire has an explanation.

This is a link to Starfire’s explanation of the timeslip she, Whitley and Anne experienced together,

now the most famous and best researched such event in the world. You can read about the timeslip by clicking here.

Starfire Tor’s website is


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  1. Not wanting to go
    Not wanting to go off-topic…what happened during your trip to Italy, Whitley? Me and the Visitors are eager to know about your alchemy excursion.

  2. Oh my God. Starfire Tor?!
    Oh my God. Starfire Tor?! Does she have even the slightest bit of evidence for her claims?

    1. I know that Starfire’s ideas

      I know that Starfire’s ideas are at and sometimes beyond the edge. However, Anne and I had a series of time slips that were undeniable, including one that Anne was involved in directly and that I was an eyewitness to. You can find out more about it by clicking on the link provided in the show description above. So yes, there is evidence for some of her claims.

      As to Italy, I have asked the gentleman involved to come on the show. So far, he has not accepted, but I think he will eventually.

  3. I, for one, could live quite
    I, for one, could live quite happily without another show about the “dark matter aberration” and her intolerant political prattling. (Not on Dreamland but on Facebook and elsewhere.) The British might say that she’d lost the plot. Just my opinion, and of course she’s entitled to hers.

  4. Michael E and W.J Smith, will
    Michael E and W.J Smith, will you two CIA agents please stop commenting on this site? It’s pretty obvious you two darlings are nothing but paid debbie downers. I surely hope the visitors don’t pay you a personal visit.

  5. Hello, Bearing. CIA agent is
    Hello, Bearing. CIA agent is a bit of a leap, lol. I love Whitley, have been a subscriber over two years, and will give $100 on the 30th toward his new site. I know something very real is up with the visitor phenomenon. Admittedly, my initial response may have been unjustified — the interview turns out to be interesting and I am glad that it seems Starfire Tor is explaining some of her terminology. My perennial beef with her is that she doesn’t seem to provide corroboration for the things she claims, and goes off on political rants. But I actually want to understand what she is saying, and am intrigued by this interview. I apologize; I spoke too soon.

  6. Struggling to get thru this.
    Struggling to get thru this. She is paranoid and has some severe mental issues and should seek help. Some of her ideas are good but they are all purely conjectural and so far as I have heard offers no proof other than she knows? I hope she gets help soon. Whitley please advise her to do so.

  7. Wow! You really believe this
    Wow! You really believe this lady has a clue Whitley? I finally got to the end have to say I have lost faith in you if this is the path you are following. I got to believe when you wake up you have to see this delusional woman needs help – not support. Her idea of facts is even stranger than Trumps! But I will say I will buy her book and force myself to read it so I can put it down and thank God I am not as crazy as I thought I was. I too have just had a real Mandela effect time line change BUT I have proof of I from there witnesses who shared BOTH paths. She on the other hand was lost in a mall with another man who likely also needs help and says that’s her proof? Would love to hear HIS version if he is still out in the wild and not in captivity.

    Bless you for entertaining us but please come back to earth!

  8. Ok…Here we go. Several
    Ok…Here we go. Several years ago a series of very strange synchronicities happened to me, and one of them involved Star Fire and her appearance on ‘Dreamland’. I have been reluctant to put it all out there for the last few years, and I’ve even had a few acquaintances advise me to stay away from it, because it also involves missing flight MH370. I also realize that some people will think this is over the top and may not make much sense, and that’s ok. What follows is a summary of the events that I began tracking back in 2014. There are a lot (a lot!) more details that I have documented, but I won’t include them here.

    Time Line of Synchronicities for Flight MH370

    • February 14, 2014- Incident at local grocery store. Package of soup flies off of top shelf and splatters on floor. Store employee says that happens ‘a lot’ on that aisle and that there is ‘ghost’ there.
    • February 14, 2014- After I arrive home from grocery shopping, I prepare to listen to ‘Dreamland’, but the old 1963 song, ‘Sukiyaki’ pops into my head and won’t go away, and I get sidetracked. I searched for it online and listened and watched the video. ( I realize that this is the first time I have seen what the artist, Kyu Sakamoto looks like, and remember the strong connection from 1963, when I was 10 years old. I start researching Kyu Sakamoto, and discover that he was killed on JAL Flight 123 in 1985 on August 12th. This seemed really strange, especially after witnessing a package of tomato soup flying off of a shelf and splattering on the floor at the store!
    • February 14, 2014 – After researching and finding out about Kyu Sakamoto, I begin listening to Whitley’s interview with Starfire Tor. I just about jump off the sofa when she mentions she started out doing time shifts by ‘lassoing’ airplanes from disaster! (She discussed Clayton Moore aka Lone Ranger, and his influence in reference to ‘lassoing’.)
    • February 14, 2014 – After the ‘Dreamland’ broadcast, I sent an email to Starfire about the synchronicities around the broadcast and JAL 123, Sakamoto, and the incident at the grocery store. I never received a response.
    • February 15, 2014 – I wrote about the soup incident and Kyu Sakamoto in my (now defunct) blog. I also posted a comment on this Dreamland episode at Unknown Country(I just looked it up at UnknownCountry. The Starfire Tor interview is shown in the archives from February 14, 2014, along with comments, including my own.)
    • On March 8, 2014, I get home from work and Richard (my partner) is listening to the news. He tells me about an airplane that just ‘disappeared’ over the Indian Ocean. I felt an odd sense of déjà vu. The missing flight is MH370.
    • March 9, 2014- The next morning, after eating breakfast, I decide to ‘check in’ with the people on the plane, thinking that they are probably all dead, but hoping to offer my ‘assistance’. What I see is like nothing I have ever seen before. I see a lot of people in a large, square, gray room. In hindsight, everything in this vision appeared in black and white. No color, other than shades of gray. The people aren’t paying much attention to one another, but they are all pounding on the walls, screaming and crying. Facing me is the ‘4th wall’ (appears transparent), and they are pounding on that too. It was awful. I did not get a sense of death, but something else, and it was very creepy. I knew the plane would never be found. I also remembered the synchronicities from February 14th, about 2 ½ weeks before MH370 went missing. I mentioned to Richard and several acquaintances that the plane would never be found.

    Since that time, I have done a lot of follow-up and research on both JAL 123, and MH370. Just a few things, there are many…

    • The logo of Malaysian Airlines seemed so familiar to me, and I couldn’t figure out why. It hit me that the prominent design on the tail of its airplanes reminded me of a crop formation from 2003 (Swallows). The formation appeared on Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England on August 4th. The logo of Malaysian Airlines is actually based on the ‘wau’ kite, and is a national symbol of Malaysia.
    • A wing-flap of MH370 was found washed ashore in June 2016 on an island off of Tanzania.
    • The search for missing flight MH370 was officially called off in January 2017.
    • The search for MH370 was re-opened by when a private firm offered a ‘no-find, no fee deal in October 2017 to search for the airplane. Various other entities continued the search as well.
    • The search for MH370 was called off, once again, on May 23, 2018

    All of this, including the strange connection to Kyu Sakamoto, hit me on a very deep, personal level that I won’t go into here (Note this all started on Valentine’s Day), but suffice to say that while I don’t agree with everything that Star Fire says, I get it, and I have also experienced time slips myself. On my own website I have a video posted of the ‘Cosmic Web’, along with a graphic depicting ‘Grandmother Spider’, her had extended with a with a web at the end of her hand, and my own caption, ” There may be something greater than you, but never make the mistake of thinking that your are not part of it.”

  9. Whitley, Starfire
    Whitley, Starfire Tor/Everyone……This goes beyond synchronicity and I feel the need to post it. Also, Cosmic Librarian, you have such a great post…….

    This dream has had me disturbed since I dreamed it several days ago, (June 17th). THEN, when I read about the website being hacked, I am left wondering if this dream might have multiple levels of meaning for more then one person. Even while in the dream I knew KRISHNA was more then human. Could the website HACKING have had COSMIC ENTITY HELP TO ACCOMPLISH IT? In the dream KRISHNA seems to be evaluating the terrible HACKING event YET the white snake survived through it all. IS THIS SOME KIND OF WAR? Two different species? Are we at the mercy of the outcome? STILL, there is this feeling that WE as a species are valued.

    One last thing. Two days later (JUNE 19th), I decided to watch STAR TREK hoping that something in the episode would help me understand at least part of the dream. This is the note I made to myself.

    “After watching this episode of Star Trek I am thinking how easy it would be for an advanced civilization to erase a time-line. Actually a painless way for those (say for instance those of us on earth). Also wondering if this could have been the solution many times over when humankind goes crazy with hate/greed/creating environmental disasters, etc. WE START OVER, A CLEANSING, SIMILAR TO THE MOVIE ‘GROUNDHOG DAY.’ Some individuals still remembering things and re-inventing over and over again.”

    Is this actually KRISHNA in the dream? I do not know for certain, I can only say he felt very real. Perhaps by putting his image in the dream, the dream is saying, “pay attention, this is important.”


    DREAM: This dream begins with me standing in the dining room and trying to decide if this is the room we will start with. I am hoping that my husband and I can renovate this old house that holds so much promise/possibility, but It will take money/dedication and work to accomplish it. The house is located on Princeton Avenue. I am now standing next to the stove and cooking food when my husband enters the kitchen. He is holding a PENNEY in his right hand. He goes on to say that he was awakened by this PENNEY floating up through the floor and coming from where I am standing in the kitchen. I ask him if there was more then one Penney and if it could mean that we will be successful in renovating this old house. He tells me he feels it does NOT have anything to do with the physical labor of the house BUT other then that he does not know what it means. He also says, “IT IS ONE PENNEY, ONE GOD.” “NOT MULTIPLE GODS.”

    CHANGE: I am on the side of the house and walking towards the back yard. As I get close to the very back of the yard I see 2 dark snakes and 1 white albino snake. Now in a panic, I run to the back porch and up the steps. I hear my husband on the side of the house and call out to him to stop, there are 3 snakes in the backyard. He does not listen to my warning and I see he has a hatchet in hand and proceeds to hack the two dark snakes into pieces.

    Someone else is approaching on the side of the house, a stranger and it is a man. I call out a warning to him regarding the snakes. He turns to me and for some strange reason I feel the need to tell him my name. After giving my name I then say, “thank you for coming, I hope everything is going to be all right.” He looks at me and says, “MY NAME IS KRISHNA, AND YES, I HOPE SO.” (Even in this dream I am stupefied by his presence). This Krishna is dressed in linen cloth and his skin an ash color like a dusty blue. He looks toward my husband and seems to evaluate the situation then walks away the same way as he came. I see movement and realize the albino snake is on the move, it has not been hacked to pieces, it is whole and is taking refuge under the porch. I panic and go back inside the house.

    CHANGE: I am now in the kitchen and preparing food; I call out to my husband but he does not respond. I go up to the second floor where the bedrooms are located and see him laying on a bed. He asks me to call his boss and inform him that he will be late for work BUT will be there. I go to a telephone, (land line) call his boss and describe the whole experience. In the background I can hear his secretary say, “ask her if she knows anything about KUNDALINI?” Since I can hear her I respond by saying, “yes, I am aware and before you ask, I do meditate.”

    I go back into the bedroom after the phone call and my husband rolls up a pant leg to show me he has fang marks on his left leg where the two snakes have bitten him.

    I am thinking I have no idea what kind of snakes these were/are. The white snake is in hiding but is alive and well.

    Notes. We moved into this house in the mid 1970s. We never renovated it, we divorced a few years after purchasing the house. My former spouse never meditated and laughed at my interest in the world of metaphysics. At this time I was taking an active interest in the work of EDGAR CAYCE. The boss’s secretary was called SAMANTHA, I do not know how I know this, I just do AND also at this time we had a cat named SAMANTHA, we called her SAM.

  10. It’s always predictable on a
    It’s always predictable on a certain level that someone who discovers something really unusual will be called a mental case. It’s sad and it angers me when someone says someone needs psychiatric help just because their experience of reality is different. I work in the medical field and I can tell you that there are a lots and lots of people even in that field who have some pretty interesting views of consciousness. I think Starfire is a real Explorer and deserves to be heard and certainly if people don’t like what she has to say they can push the mute button. I am personally really looking forward to her book coming out and reading it. I’ve had plenty of experiences that are pretty strange, some along the line of Whitley’s, but there is always more to learn certainly.

  11. Please continue with a
    Please continue with a follow-up interview with Starfire. I have my own reasons for following Starfire’s work – she is an important voice, and I look forward to the next interview!

    1. Absolutely! Have her back
      Absolutely! Have her back soon!

  12. A show I will need to
    A show I will need to relisten to. I do think some of Starfire’s stuff is over my head,although I appreciate she is trying to share her knowledge in “plain English”.
    I have some thoughts- she mentions the Mandela effect quite a bit in her writings and uses it as an example frequently. Is it possible in some of our minds, our brain just somewhere makes a blip and makes us THINK we remembered an event happening when it really didn’t? I could have sworn Jackson Browne has been dead for about 5 years and yesterday I found out he is alive and well. Its not uncommon for me to drive past buildings and think I am seeing them for the first time when others just laugh and say they’ve always been there.
    She mentions the incident of her and a companion getting lost in a department store and being unable to find an exit. I think that’s probably happened to all of us at some point. The people come off the elevator and are moving but not talking or interacting? Did Starfire or her friend happen to ask a salesperson for assistance? Were all these people just moving about, not talking and not responding to questions?
    If we all exist on many co-existing timelines, would it possible to “switch” into another timeline?, one where we are healthy, successful, happy? Or somehow bring those benefits back to this timeline?
    I am sure I misinterpreted some of the things she said and some of her ideas seem complex to me but I was fascinated by the interview and hope she’s back soon on Unknowncountry, and maybe able to respond to some listeners comments. I will certainly buy the book when it comes out.

  13. Many of Starfire’s ideas are
    Many of Starfire’s ideas are not completely new, nor are they totally outside the realm of current ideas about physics, reality, time, and ‘space.’ A few years ago, NOVA on PBS did a 4-part series called ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’. For those trying to visualize and grasp some of her concepts, I highly recommend viewing these episodes. They can be found here:

    While all 4 episodes are important, the first episode, ‘Fabric: What is Space’, if watched to the end, illustrates exactly what Starfire suggests about a projection from the blackhole at the center of the Milky Way.

  14. As I’ve commented here
    As I’ve commented here before, along with others here, there are some serious problems with Ms. Tor’s claims, particularly a glaring lack of evidence. And that’s putting aside the whopping unlikelihood of her idea of this reconstructed universe somehow emanating from an “ergosphere” surrounding a black hole that swallowed the original universe and has created the “Core Matrix”, which is mysteriously compelled to recreate the original using just fragments. Somehow she “discovered” this, and we’re supposed to take her word for it. Sorry, I can’t do that. She also claimed that dark matter must exist to hold everything together, and then used her own artistic conception image (visible on her website) to compare to the brain structure as some kind of proof. So if I bake my own cake to look like a cat, does that mean cats are made of cake? There’s also the inconvenient announcement recently that researchers have said they discovered a galaxy with no dark matter, or very little (

    So all of that sounds like Starfire’s spiel is a test of high gullibility. However, after listening to the whole show I must say that I have the feeling there are seeds of truth in Starfire’s version of cosmology, even if I don’t agree with her fast and loose version of science and seeming need to lay proprietary claim to her so-called discoveries. The key for me comes down to time aberrations and shifts in reality. I even made a similar, related speculation myself in these forums about a little piece of a bicycle ride I took last year that was simply missing from my consciousness, and had this sense that my life got sort of reset after what might have been a timeline when I was hit by a passing motorist (in my current timeline, fortunately that never happened). Why did I think that? I have no better evidence than Ms. Tor and her shape-shifting shopping mall.

    After this show, I can now understand Whitley’s open-mindedness to Starfire, despite all the reasons to just write her off as a delusional person. She has some ideas worth considering and very possibly has a sort of psychic insight that she’s trying to describe as best she can. With a deliberately open mind, but without abandoning some kind of intellectual rigor, her ideas might indeed stimulate better understanding of our existence, even if there is no such thing as her black hole model of a “core matrix” reality. One thing I liked was her declaration that reality is real, not a simulation or hologram. I agree with this, even though I couldn’t reconcile that statement with her core matrix concept (which otherwise really sounds like a projection of some kind). My own belief in the “realness” of our existence partly comes from a message given to me consciously, probably similar to how Whitley hears Anne, which told me our existence “is as real as we could make it”. I know the words themselves sound like that could just as well describe a simulation, but that was not the feeling conveyed. It was more along the lines of “if you prick us, do we not bleed?”

    To conclude, by all means bring her back on the show. I got something out of it, even if I’d freely point out where she lacks both academic credentials and scientific credibility.

    1. Bob, I agree with you and
      Bob, I agree with you and others about some of Starfire’s oddball explanations, and I really took issue with her before that interview of February 14th, 2014. (As stated above, the details left out are also the hardest ones to explain) Whatever happened that evening with me, and going forward regarding two major airline disasters, one from the past, and one from the future, may have been pure coincidence, however… Based on my own experiences surrounding time anomalies, I understand a lot of what she is saying, while also acknowledging that the WAY she is saying it may be off. If you view the NOVA episode that I referenced above, you will see what I mean. (Yes, it’s holographic, but a case could be made for editing just before and after the information enters the black hole.) As for being the one who ‘discovered’ the ‘Core Matrix’? I don’t think Starfire ‘discovered’ it first, but maybe she is the first one to call it the ‘Core Matrix’.

  15. Don’t forget the mission of

    Don’t forget the mission of Dreamland. It is not to reaffirm beliefs, but to explore possibilities. That’s why Art and Mona Bell named it Dreamland in the first place.

    In general, we don’t have guests who make baseless claims, but Starfire’s claims are by no means like that. As I say above, Anne and I were both involved in time slips. Not only that, as another poster points out, some of Starfire’s ideas, while expressed in her own unique idiom, are not all that far from some of the theories of modern physics.

  16. Who dug up this old fraud?
    Who dug up this old fraud? Thats it, im out.

  17. Dreamland is a site where
    Dreamland is a site where people feel safe in sharing their personal experiences and stories. I have never read such unfounded negative responses to a guest. It makes me feel very sad and almost sick. ‘Old fraud?’ ‘Delusional?’ are any one of you a psychiatrist? Do you question everyone for complete proof?

    Where is the compassion? Where is the love? This site has just been attacked by an unknown source. Please Think before you all write such scathing comments. They are hurtfull, certainly to StarfireTor but to Dreamland and Whitley himself I’m sure. I will undoubtedly keep my incredible experiences to myself and likely go to my grave before I tell anyone of my own after reading these attacks on Starfire. Because they are IN credible. That is why this site was named Dreamland according to Whitley himself. I will say that I am psychic and have also been attacked and saved by an unseen person. If this unseen person had not been there, I would have been made into a pile of guts and blood.
    Take heart and continue to go where no one else dare to tread. As for myself I am buttoning up my mouth because I am a coward when it comes to such ridicule as I have seen on this sparkling new site.

  18. “Don’t forget the mission of
    “Don’t forget the mission of Dreamland. It is not to reaffirm beliefs, but to explore possibilities.” Thank you!!

  19. Thank you for the reminder
    Thank you for the reminder Lily! All I really know is that the more we learn the more ignorant we realize that we are. There will always be a battle between reality and theory. Starfire offered no theories and her presentation was based on her belief. We are all so very ignorant that we are now questioning the theory of relativity. By we I am referring not only all of us here but to our physicists. Dark matter and dark energy seem to be more important than finding the unified theory. That said, I’m sorry for coming on so strong. Namaste. Peace out.

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