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Shortly after recording last week’s show with Starfire Tor, Whitley and Anne Strieber had another timeslip. Even stranger, the new event was strikingly similar to one that happened to them when in the company of Starfire in 2006. Here the Striebers describe the new event, then Starfire brings her knowledge and her theories to the table to explain why it would be that a discussion of timeslips would bring on another timeslip.

This is very unusual information, a real look behind the curtain that conceals the mechanics of life in the matrix of time and reality in which we are living.

To read about the 2006 timeslip, click here. Starfire Tor’s website is

A comment from Whitley Strieber: "Starfire Tor has been a controversial figure on Dreamland over the years. My bottom line is this: for whatever reason, when Anne and I come into contact with her, timeslips happen, or perhaps we simply notice them for a few weeks, I’m not sure. In any case, they are real. Purely and simply real. They are exactly as she describes them."

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  1. Whitley remember the story
    Whitley remember the story you’ve told of a friend who was approaching you and than all of a sudden this man was behind you. I wonder if he was telling you something? Is time as fixed as we think it is or perhaps can we edit ourselves in and out of timelines?

  2. Is it right brain vs. left
    Is it right brain vs. left brain and is ascension the integration of these different ways of viewing the world? I prefer to think its the unconscious and conscious selfs being bridged and integrated. You will experience the water and the wine is in reference to the Jesus miracle but how did he do it? I don’t believe he restructured matter just like the visitors seem to do when something is broken instead he and they reedit the timeline and that’s how it is done. Consciousness can mitigate and help manage weather droughts and such through the same timeline reediting process and it only seems like a miracle. I wonder if ufologists will listen to this interview and finally begin to see that consciousness can not only alter timelines but can be of huge value in otherworldly contact. Perhaps the role consciousness can play in ufology will now begin to get some traction. Its interesting that Anne mentions the black box and there’s the plane crashing in the timeline edit and what is the first thing they look for to determine the crash? I remember the visitors telling me time might seem linear but perhaps its not. Curiously a few days ago I saw a person float down and sing as we made close eye contact. She had on a full white dress with some repeating pattern on her dress and she had the deepest, darkest and most penetrating eyes I’ve seen in a long time and after she got very close I opened my eyes and she disappeared but the odd thing is this wasn’t a dream because I was trying to get rid of a headache so I could fall asleep.

  3. I saw an article on dreamland
    I saw an article on dreamland about sound being used to heal because it alters the brain. I’d much prefer to think that sound makes us much more receptive to accessing the unconscious mind and this allows us to heal ourselves naturally by timeline reediting. Its the same principle Jesus and the visitors use to transmute matter or repair broken items. The body can thus heal itself by this process Starfire Tor is suggesting. Timeline shifting and reediting can enable anyone to heal from anything and this is why the body can seem to mysteriously heal itself.

  4. LOVE these shows with
    LOVE these shows with Starfire Tor, Whitley and Anne! Last week’s ghost cat theme was just amazing, and this week’s “Time Slip #2” topic was astonishing!
    I’ve learned a lot from these shows, and they’ve jogged my memory as to my own slip recollections, where “dead” celebrities suddenly turn up alive and well! Happened several times in my life. Plus, I do have a couple of ghost cat tales of my own, in case you do compile an audience experience show. Pretty fascinating!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Whitley and Anne, who sounds SO GOOD, BTW, for these Starfire Tor programs! And many thanks to Starfire, whose “Vortex Prayer” on her own website is what I aspire to propagate through this world, and through other timelines.

    1. Another point, if I may…

      Another point, if I may…
      As Starfire brought up regarding Nichola Tesla, about 23:20 minutes into the Dreamland program, things might have been Extremely Different today, had it not been for Good Ol’ Capatalistic GREED.
      As I saw in a TV program about the life and works of Tesla, his experiments in Colorado Springs were very successful, and he found a sponsor in J. Pierpont (JP) Morgan, who promised to bankroll Tesla. Morgan gave him enough money to set up what would’ve been Tesla’s crowning experiment on Long Island, in the form of a very tall tower which was supposed to have provided wireless transmission of electrical power over a very wide area. The project was nearly complete when Morgan, who surmised that there was no profit for him in this “free” electrical supply, literally pulled the financial plug on Tesla. The enormous tower was torn down, the lab building closed, and Tesla spent the closing years of his life in semi-anonymity in a NYC apartment. In that one SELFISH, GREEDY stroke, Morgan removed the promise of a Big Oil, Mega-Bank, Mega-Corporate-FREE society and economy for the entire planet! Without the easy availability of any amount of electricity that one would need or desire, we’re still at the mercy of a worldwide monopoly of petroleum, coal, etc.
      Incidentally, when Tesla was discovered to be deceased in his lonely apartment, the FBI swooped in like a venue of vultures and confiscated all of Tesla’s notes, plans, drawings and records, and spirited them off to parts unknown (Reminds me of the final warehouse scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”).
      It’s a damned shame that greed has kept us from taking steps toward our collective future!

      1. Garfie: be assured that the
        Garfie: be assured that the JP’s of this world, in the long run will not succeed…perhaps we as a global family
        had to experience the negative aspects of big oil for energy, and the corporate ballooning society of greed…so that once known,with every fibre of our collective being, we will have thoroughly learned it’s stranglehold effect on humanity……… that it will not be experienced again.. we will get that free society in every way…our hearts are yearning for it..we finally get it, we have been wronged….it will take great courage, strength…but it will happen….more and more are waking up…but let us not add to our woes with thoughts of anger over their greed. It takes 2 to tango…the world has been a willing participant – we are the market place…we are the 99% and the sooner we realize our power, and take responsibilty for the changes necessary, instead of expecting some geat leader to do it for us, the sooner circumstances will change…

  5. Yes, I have really enjoyed
    Yes, I have really enjoyed and learned from the Starfire Tor discussions, too. Thanks for bringing them to us, Anne and Whitley. They seem to reach right in to my life…

  6. A while (year or more?) ago I
    A while (year or more?) ago I saw an article online about rotating round planes being developed by Germany – very flying saucer like, using rotating motion to cut emissions, increase speed and efficiency. I thought it was a great fun article and thought I saved it. I have gone to look for it in my email folders several time since, to no avail, then on line, nothing. 😐 It never occurred to me that it might have been some kind of time slip – till now. I have searched and searched and found nothing. Did anyone else ever hear of this?

  7. I’ve had a couple of
    I’ve had a couple of timeslips/loops that were so startling they were unmistakable. Few months ago I decided on spur of moment to go to an afternoon movie on my own as time was pressing. The theatre was rather more crowded than I expected for that time of day. The movie started & about 15 min. into the running it suddenly & seamlessly started again from the beginning. This quite startled me & I assumed there was a problem in the projection booth. I looked around at the audience, but not one seemed to react, make comment, or even notice. This time the movie continued to the end.

    I paid particular attention to the conversation around me as I exited the theatre, and heard not one comment about it. I had not seen the movie before or a trailer for it, or heard comment from someone who had seen it so I’m certain my mind was not just replaying a memory tape.

    1. Hi, LeeM
      Hate to say this,

      Hi, LeeM
      Hate to say this, but there is a possibility that the projectionist accidentally placed the first reel back up, instead of the third reel. Assuming that this was still film being projected, movies usually consist of several 20-minute or so reels, and there are indicators called “cue dots” in the upper-righthand corners of the frames that will indicate when it’s time to switch from one projector to the next one, which contains (ideally) the next reel in the sequence. If memory serves, the dots appear at 10 seconds and 2 seconds before; the first was to strike the carbon arcs in the next projector to have the light stabilized, and the 2-second mark was to roll the film in the second projector, so that continuing the movie is a simple matter of closing the shutter on the first projector and opening the shutter on the second, for a seamless-looking transition.
      Now if you were watching projected video, as does much of Europe now, then it’s a whole new ballgame!

  8. I keep getting the impression
    I keep getting the impression that this year is big year for change in a good way. We are seeing and integrating into conscious choice, the unconscious stupidity we have been acting out for too long.

    Having Starfire teach us the technique she mentions can only empower us for good even more. Can’t wait for that show!

    I’ve had my time slip experiences. What Fun!!!

  9. Yeah us!
    Yeah us!

  10. It’s been a couple of years
    It’s been a couple of years since I have blogged at, but just before I listened to this Dreamland show and the subscriber interview last night, I had some very interesting things happen. I felt compelled to write about it today as synchronicities continued into this morning. I won’t post the blog here, but if you are interested, you can read about the mysterious flying soup and its connection to ‘Sukiyaki’ here, as well as see links that go to the worst airline disaster ever, that of Japan Airlines flight 123. (Starfire mentioned ‘lassoing’ airplanes from disaster in her interview) This was definitely a time or inter-dimensional ‘slip’ for me, and I am not sure it is over. I encounter the most interesting souls in my travels…Music is often the trigger for me.


  11. My wife and I were lucky
    My wife and I were lucky enough to meet Clayton Moore at convention . We both were impressed by his spirit and values. My children could not understand the adults going back in time and experiencing the vitality and truth of the Masked Man. He was a treasure and livedbhis beliefs.

  12. Anne — So glad to hear how
    Anne — So glad to hear how strong you seem and how immensely creative you are being! All the very best in your new, very fast trajectory of consciousness and healing!

    In your Dreamland interview with Starfire Tor, when you described the angel in Kinko’s as being very good at copying, were you giving us the metaphor that quantum copying may be at least partly how he travels? Do time travelers somehow copy themselves or copy elements of a particular moment to distribute among multiple timelines or multiple places? Or is the frame-dragging process, which Starfire mentioned, a way of dragging multiple timelines together to cross over the same moment, sort of like stacking multiple copies of a document together before they’re distributed elsewhere?

    Is the often-reported black box perhaps like a copy machine and a distribution vehicle merged into one system, the way (pardon this dull metaphor) Kinko’s merged operations several years ago with FedEx?

    If the one unit (the original document, person, etc.) is still entangled with all its copies (or if being separate is really just an illusion of perspective), AND if it’s really an illusion that the coordinates in both time and space are also separate, then doesn’t it make theoretical sense that stuff (people, ideas, memories, gifts, etc.) can be moved around if one really understands the illusion of separation?

    I haven’t listened to the Subscriber interview yet. Perhaps you’ve already covered this.

    Thanks for such great ideas! All the best to you, Whitley and Starfire.

    1. Saraswati, I am thinking
      Saraswati, I am thinking about your comment, “Do time travelers somehow copy themselves or copy elements of a particular moment to distribute among multiple timelines or multiple places?”

      During one of our group meditations, this is what came to my mind. It goes along with what you are saying.


      There is a colorful neon sign that says, SUNDANCE.

      Now an image of a bearded man approaching from the left, he is pale/ghostly looking, has a white beard and white hair. His image starts to multiply, filling my line of vision. He says, “see, I am everywhere!”

      Shift…..Now we are both standing in front of a mirror/mirrors; a fun house maze of mirrors. He says, “see/understand we are a point of light reflected back into and from these mirrors. Our true point of light is currently here where we are standing but can be reflected in other forms and in other dimensions.” Now his image blinks out but I can still hear his voice, he says, “when this central point of light has been removed (the God self) none of our other reflections can exist.” I look around and the only image I can still see is my own reflection in the mirrors.

  13. Wow, Saraswati and my fellow
    Wow, Saraswati and my fellow Unknown Country residents, I LOVE the way you think! Whitley, Anne, and Starfire, that goes for you in spades! I had a strange experience of seeing what I consider a UFO during heavy traffic in Bolingbrook, Illinois, several years ago. At the time, no one in the cars around me seemed to see this thing at all. It looked like a huge flock of bats, except that it was a little too early for them to be out, and there was no space between “them” at all, just a black mass with pointed edges around the outside which kept moving. Initially, when it was farther from me, I had thought it might be a flock of birds, as it got closer, bat wings seemed more like what I was seeing moving around he edges. It suddenly turned and moved away from me instead of toward me. I watched it go up and up, incredibly high, until it was a tiny speck and then gone. I went straight home and researched the internet trying to find any reports of UFO’s like this. I found some, with photos, looking quite similar to what I had seen. I think some were calling them Spider UFO’s. Since then, I have tried numerous times to find any more info on this possible UFO, but all references to it seem to be gone. Has anyone in UC ever seen or heard of anything like this? Perhaps it was a timeslip and I was seeing something out of time, and that was why no one around me saw it? I never entertained that possibility till now, having listened to this timeslip info.

  14. Anne you should consult the
    Anne you should consult the couple who write on synchronicity secrets (rob and trish) because I see so much synchronicity in your kinkos experience. Kinkos is one for sure because the definition of kink is defined as a short twist, curl or bend in something perhaps spacetime and kinkos is the metaphorical name he used to imply he was a time traveler using time looping and of course it occurs in a business where copying takes place implying you should copy or follow his example. Doesn’t Doc. Rodney Mallett of UCONN who actively studies time travel suggest that the twisting or curling of space into a loop allows for time travel? “Angels” have been known appear and disappear at will for millenniums and time travel helps explain how this phenomena occurs.

  15. I’ve heard many physicists
    I’ve heard many physicists say worm holes or white holes exist theoretically and can act as an Einstein Rosen bridge to connect different universes but they say once these worm holes are formed they quickly deteriorate because their highly unstable therefore they can’t be safely traversed but perhaps consciousness is the key here and can be used to stabilize the worm hole long enough to make safe passage through before it seals itself off. Cern is looking for micro-singularities or mini black holes but are they also looking for mini white holes too? Both these entities seem to exist briefly in nature before vanishing and isn’t it curious how similarly they seem to be connected because a white hole is a time reversed black hole so one leads into the other.

  16. The development in
    The development in consciousness will only have a scientific model based on physics once time travel is discovered which is not be that far off and it is integrated into quantum physics. Quantum physics by itself will not provide enough tangible proof to validate any claims in higher consciousness but once time travel is scientifically discovered and proven and is properly connected with quantum physics the proof will than be undeniable. Until this occurs there will be no way to scientifically validate and understand how higher consciousness effects and changes reality but once this occurs look out Michio Kaku here comes the human race!

  17. Why has nobody mentioned
    Why has nobody mentioned anything about Stephen Hawkings recent new ideas on black holes? He claims event horizons were a mistake and what black holes have are apparent horizons instead. According to physicists will do away with the firewall idea that they previously thought existed if Hawkings idea is correct. So theoretically entering a black hole to some degree might be possible. Remember John Titor the internet time traveler and his claims about manipulating micro-singularities to move through time? Well its seems the crispy bacon theory that firewalls would have transformed him into are no longer a valid concern. So maybe the pork barrel thinking about wasting resources on time travel will somewhat dissipate.

  18. I’ve always wondered why the
    I’ve always wondered why the Loch Ness monster is so elusive? Does it have something to do with quantum entanglement and the double slit experiment? Is the creature extinct well quantum physics say yes if you want it be or no if you don’t want it to be. I wonder if its natures way of having a laugh on us all? It kind of sounds like more consciousness weirdness at the quantum world. Anybody seen the movie “The Krell” lately I’m sure Nessie will be there if you so wish it to be.

  19. Well Iam in when she teaches
    Well Iam in when she teaches us how to stop the drought .What a woman!!! I believe learning about these things is the way we will win and instant healings such as the aborigines do,and I firmly believe we should start living in communities as soon as we can and try to be self suffient there is so much we can do for ourselves if we all get together.Free energy we can try, and people are making batteries with all sorts of strange things and everybody is sharing so much.Even building beautifut houses with cob and tyres and straw bales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I get excited just thinking about it.Wonderful show as usual thank you Whitley and Anne.

  20. I’m curious that it isn’t the
    I’m curious that it isn’t the “ladies room” as necessary for this experience as it is a separating mode between Whitley and Anne. I think this may be a point of consideration. When Whitley is separated from Anne, this opens up possibility and perhaps in regards of a time when Whitley and Anne are separated by “death,” (I apologize for this, not aiming to be dreary or sad, but this has come up in various stories, incidents of life sharing feelings, etc. here in this site with your valuable openness) Whitley is exploring a future phenomenon where Anne is with him/not with him simultaneously. The bathroom becomes in a sense a parable if you will of location. I would maybe explore the feeling Whitley has at the time these incidents of time slip occur. What are your thoughts, feelings, of Anne going into a place you cannot go?
    This may be a valuable nugget of gold, once you start digging.

  21. The visitors have told me
    The visitors have told me time is not linear and I must add neither is evolution because both time and evolution are interconnected and inseparable from one another but my point is if time is not linear and occurs in cyclical patterns what does that say about evolution? Its a lot to consider but we need to begin to think about it. What does this argument alone say about linear Darwinism? I think its obvious.

  22. I KNOW starfire has solved
    I KNOW starfire has solved the riddle of reincarnation! We exist in multiple timelines hence the multiverse. No reincarnation (as such) but just multiple selves sorting out ourselves, digging, walking, skating, flying, whatever, then our higher self into o — big o of awareness!– Higher self. (simpelist explanation of cosmic events).

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