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In Soul Dog, the story of her remarkable journey with her dog and teacher Brio, Elena Mannes has created something beautiful, moving, important and deeply empowering. We are told always that there is no such thing as soul and that this life is all there is. Worse, we live in a state of anesthesia when it comes to soul and the world of soul. We cannot feel it, so we come to assume that it isn’t there.

Dreamland stands against this strange illusion and for our empowerment as fully realized beings, which means a balanced awareness of body and soul.

Listen as famed film-maker Elena Mannes takes us on an exciting journey through her relationship with Brio, who came to her as a puppy and remains with her as a spirit companion to this day.

Don’t expect a lot of sentimentality and speculation. Elena goes into detail about just how her relationship with Brio happened, how he drew her into spiritual awareness in this life and how he has become her guide from the afterlife.

You can learn more about Soul Dog at

You need a copy of Soul Dog in your hands. It offers real empowerment and a lovely reading experience. To get it from Amazon through us, click here!

After the show, Whitley spends a few minutes telling some of his own stories of his relationships with animals in spirit form, in a lovely 10-minute afterword.

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  1. What a wonderful interview!
    What a wonderful interview! Thank you so much.
    My dog and I listened together. He was sitting on my lap, and at one point he reached up and placed a paw on my cheek very gently, as he does when he knows I’m feeling emotional.
    I could feel all the dogs and cats I’ve ever loved around me.

  2. Wonderful show.
    Held back a

    Wonderful show.

    Held back a tear or two listening. Brian Adams ‘Don’t give it up’ was a head tune when our Schnauzer died.

    In time, I saw him in dreams, running in fields with other dogs, in pure bliss. It shone from his eyes. He’d forgotten himself in the best possible way.

    He had joy. He was free.

    I return, occasionally to the sadness I embraced back then, twenty years ago. Living in a strange town, alone, new choices…. yet, a headfull of open doors , all magical.



  3. There is a dog in my life,
    There is a dog in my life, who is still alive, who often is in my dreams helping me do things like expel rats from my house. Dogs are wonderful. Great show.

  4. Thank you Whitley, Elena
    Thank you Whitley, Elena Mannes and Brio for this amazing interview. This touches the heart of anyone who has ever shared their life with the love of an animal.

    A Dog’s Purpose (Official Trailer).

  5. Synchronicity. Thursday
    Synchronicity. Thursday night while “dreaming” I heard a voice say, Who would you like to spend dream time with?” I instinctively knew the voice meant who in spirit. My immediate response was Max, my dog who passed 7 yrs ago. I then spent what felt like hours loving and appreciating him. I awoke missing him and have had him on my mind constantly since. So I was a little surprised to see the topic of this weeks show, but then again not. I also have felt my cat jump on the bed, slowly walk up my legs and lay on my stomach as she did in life. Once I even heard purring. My daughter has felt this also. Kitty passed 5 years ago. The first time this happened, kitty was not passed, just at my daughters for a stay. I do believe cats have the ability to bi-locate. Thank-you for this show. Max was the love of my life that saw me through raising children, divorce, and the death of my parents and brother. The only time he was not by my side was when he stayed with my father during his illness. He stayed by his side, with his head on his hand. Dog-God, both are unconditional love.

  6. My husband and I had a black
    My husband and I had a black and white cat, Dharma, for 15 years that died in November 2014. We also had our dog Max, with us just one month shy of 15 years. Max just died in August 2018.

    I told myself I was not going to get any more cats after Dharma Kitty passed away. But then, a year ago at the end of April 2017, I then had a lucid dream where I saw a grey tiger kitten looking at me and distinctly said, “When are you going to come and pick me up? And, my playmate too.” In the lucid dream, I looked down and there was another tiger cat sitting there. Well, I ended up with two tiger kittens … Eddy and Rocky (that is a long story) at the end of May. Eddy is the kitten that spoke to me in the lucid dream. Rocky is his “playmate” although I would say these two cats are more like Ernie and Bert. Eddy has been always been my kitty and Rocky my husband’s “kitty”.
    Rocky will play fetch with my husband. Rocky will go get a small stuffed white toy the size of a marshmallow (it was a catnitp puff) and bring it my husband for him to toss it for him.

    When Max got sick, Eddy sat by his side for two days. Max left the earthly plane on the second day in his sleep at the vet clinic. And when Max moved on … Rocky became even more closer to his “human”… my husband. Rocky has always been my husband’s “dog kitty”. Rocky make sure that my husband will play “fetch” with him.

  7. I was raised by a standard
    I was raised by a standard poodle that my mother brought home as a puppy when I was three. When I was a teenager in a house full of people the poodle would wake me up or always come to me when she needed something. I woke up one night hearing the word “water” in my head and when I opened my eyes I saw her by the bed staring at me. I got up and filled the empty water bowl in the kitchen and asked her “why do you always come to me?” I heard in my head “you are the only one who listens.” Thanks for a great interview.

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