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This week, we explore the world of the dead and how to communicate with its inhabitants. And yes, it is possible, including for YOU!

Our guides are Trish and Rob MacGregor who have a new book out called Secrets of Spirit Communication. They tell some empowering stories about communication between the living and the dead, and discuss with Whitley how the way we live now causes us to become soul blind and—above all—how to become soul-sighted!

Learn about dream contact, how to design meditations that take you to different levels of the energetic world, what animals have to do with all this and more.

Then, at the end of the show, listen to a brief demonstration of shamanic drumming from the legendary teacher, the late Michael Harner creates with his wife Sandra of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Connect with Trish and Rob on their blog, Synchrosecrets.

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    Another week of not getting audio…. well maybe the new site will be better.

  2. Sorry… after a bit I found
    Sorry… after a bit I found a go around that worked… interesting show.

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      This is sabotage and it will end when we are in the new site–I hope!

  3. Where’s the link for the
    Where’s the link for the Shamanic drumming?

    1. It is attached to the end of
      It is attached to the end of the show.

  4. I was told once that those
    I was told once that those out of the body are around us observing to learn how to be better in the body next time around.

    When I first began experiencing presences around me it was as if they were higher above me, around the ceiling. In time one started ‘laying’ underneath me as I lay in bed and paced my breathing. This was, I suspect, a way of synchronising our energy bodies for some end.

    Gradually they started talking to me, so quietly, so subtly, first in the dead of night on waking from sleep, (which was quite unusual, believe me), then in time in waking consciousness. They talk of wisdom teaching and being beautiful people and I feel that this is what they are. The quality of their ‘voices’ is wonderful and at times they have me in stitches, literally laughing out loud. They’ve learned and adopted my own sense of humour it seems!

    Experiencing the larger world around us that someone, I forget who, once suggested our world is embedded in, is an interesting experience. It doesn’t make you mad, or fearful, rather it highlights that we have an inert desire and responsibility to add to our soul-tree of life/the tapestry of consciousness and help others understand that spirit is conscious and learning. They feel joy when we make that effort, however small, to bring wisdom and goodness into life and the Universe. They talk of being a university and I ponder this: Universe City?

    Once you get over being embarrassed talking about all this you have only one thing to say.. What an adventure!

  5. Whitley, I tried to find the
    Whitley, I tried to find the Denise Williams video of the robin, but couldn’t find it. If anyone else has found it, I would appreciate a link. I had a wild bird land on me several times this past Spring. I was outside meditating with my back against a tree. The bird landed on my head and was plucking my hair for its nest! It came back several times while I sat there. Don’t think there were any synchronicities there, but it was cool.

    Thanks for this show. I really enjoyed it. Bought the Kindle book and am reading it now.

    Peace, love and happiness to all!

  6. Hi Whitley, I hope you got my
    Hi Whitley, I hope you got my donation. Hang in there brother, I know how it feels sometimes; to be shoveling against the tide…

  7. Wow, what a great
    Wow, what a great interview!
    I need to relate an experience I had recently. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying a short prayer while driving, (I drive a lot for my work) for people I see broken down on the road. I also pray and send good thoughts for the various road-kill animals that I pass by.

    Well, I passed a broken down car the other night and there was a HUGE BANG on my car. It felt like a branch, or a rock had hit my vehicle and I thought –that’s gonna leave a mark… But inspecting my car the next day, there was nothing to see, no damage at all.

    This was a response from SOMETHING that acknowledged my intention to help those people stranded that night on the roadside. I need to say this wasn’t just something I ran over, or clipped as I went by; it was more like a BIG acoustic noise that permeated my car.

    There is a communication going on.

  8. I was unable to get this. I
    I was unable to get this. I got an error 404 message.

  9. I could not access this
    I could not access this through my android mobile device.
    I went to “full site” and had no problem.
    The show was very informative.
    This also is not posted to ALEXA. Last week’s show with Marla Frees is there but not this one.

  10. Whitley and guests. After
    Whitley and guests. After listening to the interview today, I want to share a few synchronicities. All of this happened this week.

    I received an e-mail from my niece with the subject being, “This is very interesting about Iraq and the Garden of Eden.”
    After viewing it, I was reminded of my trip to Peru several years ago. At that time I was reading as much as I could about ENKI/ENLIL. Funny but I have always felt close to Enki and have tried at times to see him in my meditations. (No luck there). While in Peru there was a little girl selling trinkets as we got off the bus; she held up a small hand knitted GREEN SNAKE for me to purchase. I did and named him ENKI. For many years I had him sitting near my television. After watching the above video, I put him next to my bowl of gemstones and crystals.

    There is the hurricane. As I watched the evening news and tried to comprehend the loss all I could feel was anguish. There is such a strong feeling the tipping point is over and even with all the best efforts/help humanity is in terrible trouble. I could not focus enough to meditate BUT did pray. I held my snake ENKI, conjured up his image from photos on ancient tablets, cried and prayed for humankind.

    Today as I pulled up I see this article.

    “The shrine’s walls were painted in a deep blood-red color,” said Osanna, and brought to life with the wonderfully flowing Roman illusionistic style depicting enchanted garden scenes of bright green leafy trees, coiled and (TWO twisting serpents), peacocks, birds and bulls. On one wall of the shrine a man is depicted “with a dog’s head” which experts believe is “a Romanized version of the Egyptian god Anubis.”

    So, I believe this must be synchronicity trying to get a message out there. I can only say what I THINK has happened. The two brothers are still alive and well. They are fully aware of what is happening on our planet and are still at war with differing opinions of what happens next to/for humanity. Enlil probably thinks we are hopeless while Enki wants to believe otherwise. (Only my opinion).

    Note: The Coral snake in the interview. I ask Enki for anything referring to a snake to make itself known IF indeed he was aware of my prayers.
    Along with lots of other people, I was born in…..THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE.

  11. Hi antiemable, I can’t find
    Hi antiemable, I can’t find that robin video either related to Denise Williams, however, I did find one where a lady called Marie Robinson, who had lost her son Jack from cancer in 2014 (a few months before his fifth birthday), had a Robin land on her finger whilst visiting his grave…

    If that wasn’t the video alluded to in ‘Secrets of Spirit Communication’, then the circumstances are startlingly similar.

    1. Thank you so much for that.
      Thank you so much for that. It appears to be quite similar to the Denise Williams encounter. I enjoyed it.

      Peace, love and happiness!

  12. This interview is great. I
    This interview is great. I would like to hear these guests talk more on the topic of synchronicity, which I believe is one of their specialties.

  13. Trouble accessing site, then
    Trouble accessing site, then it worked magically. Weird.

  14. This interview brought back
    This interview brought back many memories of past dreams of the departed. Initially I passed them off as just being dreams of my imagination but then later in life have taken them to be communications from the departed. My impression is that these souls are in a good place, doing things to improve themselves, and if older when they passed, appear in a much younger form. One of my most vivid dreams involved my grandmother. She was a devout Catholic, was born in the “old” country, and lived to be almost 100. She had lived with the fear that she would not be worthy of God’s judgement, something my mother had said was common of my grandmother’s generation. In the dream she came through the doors of a magnificent building that had high ceilings and polished floors and walls. She appeared very young, as if in her twenties. I didn’t recognize her initially but somehow knew that it was her. She told me that she was in a special school, had many things to learn, and was doing well. She then turned and departed back through the doors, which then closed behind her. I told my mother about this dream but in most cases have not approached the family of those I had dreamt as I was not sure how it would be taken.

    When I was reading The Afterlife Revolution this past winter I had a remarkable dream in which a lady approached and embraced me, then kissed me on the lips. I felt an intense love and acceptance from this person, not in the romantic sense but much as a mother would love her child. It was so powerful I immediately woke up, having a deep sense of love and acceptance. I then fell back into peaceful slumber. All through the following day I kept wondering who the lady was as she didn’t seem familiar. I had been reading Anne and Whitley’s book a bit at I time as I had many things on the go, but hadn’t been reading for a few days. That day I continued my reading and imagine my surprise when I came to page 136, the last page in chapter 7, entitled “The Living Will Know the Dead”. Anne’s words hit me like a bolt of lightning and my body became alive with an intense energy. She talked about those who lived in conscious relationship with the Earth and cosmos, calling them masters. She talked about why we will still be using the physical. Her words. “Give somebody a kiss. That’s why. Humanity’s destiny in the universe is to bring forth the experience of love, that all may share in it.”

    I had wanted to tell Whitley about this dream and its connection to the book, but hesitated. Even though it was a powerful experience for me, I kept thinking maybe it was just a coincidence. After listening to the interview this past weekend I prayed as to whether or not I should communicate my story. The following night I was kissed again. Spirit has spoken.

    Thank you Anne and Whitley. God bless you.
    Rick Man.

  15. I can’t get the audio to
    I can’t get the audio to play. Looks like an intersting program – I hope it’s fixed soon.

  16. If I can’t get audio to play,
    If I can’t get audio to play, I go to home page then choose show from list on right. Plays fine then. Hope this works for you.

  17. Whitley, do you think Anne
    Whitley, do you think Anne and friends could be of assistance in blocking the attacks or at least tell you where they are coming from? It’s worth asking.

  18. Or, why don’t us listeners
    Or, why don’t us listeners put that question out there and see what is revealed? We are all familiar with the concept of 6 degees of separation. If we present the question to the universe and request assistance I bet that someone knows someone who knows someone who sees the trouble makers. If we don’t ask for help, we probably are not going to get it. Kind of like a hand up rather than a hand out. When the responses come Whitley would it be OK to post or would an email be the preference?

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