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Compared to the average child who was 10 years old in 1930, the average child who is 10 years old today is a genius. The past 30 years have seen a quantum leap in the intuitive, creative and abstract thinking abilities of children as well as an unprecedented rise in ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. In this explosive, important interview, PMH Atwater tells us why. PMH is a distinguished researcher and the author of 15 books including Beyond the Indigo Children and her latest, Children of the Fifth World.

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  1. Mayan timekeeper Carlos
    Mayan timekeeper Carlos Barrios said in 2012 that we are no longer in the Fourth World but not yet in the Fifth World. Blavatsky (Theosophy) first wrote about the root races in 1888. That is 125 years, in contrast to several hundred years. She wrote that the Vedas were delivered in India about 5,000 years ago because the largest number of fifth round souls who worked in synthesis had incarnated there. We are still a fourth round race because the majority incarnate on the planet are fourth round minds. The fifth root race, which expands in seven subraces, is still getting rooted.

    Adults were showing signs of fifth round evolution in the 19th century, because the energy that is activating evolved characteristics affects everybody. Some minds deal with it more adeptly than others do.

  2. PMH Atwater;

    PMH Atwater;
    PLEASE do NOT paint Monsanto, Ortho, Bayer, etc. as benevolent alterers of human DNA for the purpose of species advancement!
    These companies are altering our food crops WITHOUT our knowledge, WITHOUT our consent, and for their own selfish reasons (i.e. PROFIT)!
    You are WAY OFF BASE in suggesting that these alterations to plant DNA can only be good/beneficial to the human race (and other species as well)! As far as anyone knows, these Big Agriculture companies have done little to no research as to the long-term effects of how their “Franken-plants” may affect those who consume them, nor have they cared to share their results if they have researched – and that, in my book, is CRIMINAL. We are NOT their Guinea Pigs, to be used and disposed of at whim!

    1. I completely agree with
      I completely agree with Garfie. This corporate behavior is not only criminal, in my opinion, it is psychopathic. The people of this country must make our voices heard to restore whatever we may of the pristine world we deserve. It is time to withdraw our energies from this heartless nightmare of reality and dream a new life of Unity and respect for ALL life.

    2. I completely agree with
      I completely agree with Garfie. This corporate behavior is not only criminal, in my opinion, it is psychopathic. The people of this country must make our voices heard to restore whatever we may of the pristine world we deserve. It is time to withdraw our energies from this heartless nightmare of reality and dream a new life of Unity and respect for ALL life.

  3. I keep hearing about these
    I keep hearing about these “new children” who can link minds for a group purpose, ie., Atwater’s statement, “They think as a collective; they work as a collective.” Paraphrasing Atwater, she states… There seems to be something like a hive-mind process being injected into the human race.

    OK, as neat as this might sound for environmental reasons, I’m thinking HIVE-MINDEDNESS sounds like it will usurp our FREE-WILL as individuals. We will no longer BE individuals any longer… people will be like ants or bees.

    I wonder WHO is orchestrating this “hive-mindedness” and WHY? Who are the hive’s controllers?

    If this is really happening, I’m thinking the Grays, Reptiod, (Tall Whites?) etc., are getting close to “mission accomplished!” Have all the genetic experimentations, all the egg and sperm collections from abductions been about these OTHER entities engineering our NEW CHILDREN?

    Please tell me, WHY do people like Atwater think this is so wonderful? I think this is PROPAGAND to bend minds to accept “hive-mentality.”

    It is our human EMOTIONS that make us so unique and marvelous… ie., our capacity to LOVE, our JOY, our HUMOR, our individual WIT, our ability to feel COMPASSION, SORROW or LOSS. These are rich and valuable textures in human existence. According to many “experiencers,” humans are envied for these qualities.

    While it is true that our capacity for anger, fear and other negative emotions exist, I have always felt that IT IS THE CONTRAST between basking in the light of GOD vs being lost in the dark, that we learn… that our soul grows and expands exponentially.

    As humans, are we now supposed to agree to and accept the exchange of our rich and colorful emotional-body for a lop-sided intellectual body? Does anyone REALLY THINK THIS IS GOOD?

    Is it really an evolutionary advancement to exchange our human hearts and emotions for a questionably problematic advance in IQ? Really? Look at all the GENIUS scientists who have engineered WMDs, frakenfood, chem-trails, mind-control!

    Haven’t you heard of children with Autism, Aspergers… totally rejecting emotional connections to parents and people in general. Is this a “leap forward?” I don’t think so!

    I appologize for the length of this, but I’ve waited a long time to object to the notion of “hive-mind” benefits, and I think this is the right place to make such objections

  4. I agree with you 100 percent
    I agree with you 100 percent No apology needed. It all sounds like mind control the “hive mentality” is dangerous. It reminds me of Star Trek’s the “Borg” to simulate and control us like mindless drones. The companies she mentioned to give incentives photo classes etc., are just another way to control our actives (give us a hobby they approve) Thos lady is nothing more than a mouth peace for the new world order

  5. You do realize that
    You do realize that individuality is more or less an illusion. We are all connected to whatever Consciousness springs forth from (GOD, The Universe, ETC.) and on a quantum level everything is one. The whole notion of I is what is causing most of the problems on this planet today. Greed and selfishness runs the world controlled by people who believe in the I above all else when in fact there is no I.

    From a different angle we have the inefficiency of verbal communication. Linking minds and being able to bypass the arduous job of trying to communicate advanced ideas using crude vocalizations has to happen to move mankind to the next level not to mention the problems of different languages and all of the problems that come along with them.

    In terms of the sad cases of Autism and ADD and other problems as mentioned by Phyllis Duran above “Some minds deal with it more adeptly than others do.” The minds that cant adapt and grow are weeded out as most of these advanced cases will probably never reproduce.

    masonfomoco the “Borg” are a completely “Human” invention. Did you ever think that this idea was injected into the Consciousness of Humanity just to have the effect of making people fear a perfectly natural progression?

  6. I hope that what PMH Atwater
    I hope that what PMH Atwater was trying to convey is that the presently incarnating wave of humanity is in communication with higher spiritual forces and with each other in ways that the NSA cannot track or comprehend. If so they could be acting, not in lockstep, but in cooperation to deflect humanity from its suicidal stampede toward the cliffs.

    1. Amen to that, Brock.

      Amen to that, Brock.
      While yes, we ARE all connected, it’s the *illusion* of separation that’s such a gift to us here in this solid universe. I hope that that’s not too much in jeopardy, as it creates a wealth of illusory experiences for us.
      And the Grays (and others?) have expressed the idea that their lack of emotion is a hinderance, so let us hope that we maintain them as well, although tempered (sic) by intellect and wisdom.

  7. Ms Atwater’s advice about
    Ms Atwater’s advice about raising children echoes any reasonable parents’ ideas.
    She makes a lot of generalizations with an authoritative voice so I expect her book provides support for these facts although I don’t think she could verify her statements about what is coming in the future. Yes, history repeats itself.
    Each generation is an improvement on the last. This is called evolution.
    What makes this researcher “distinguished?”
    Listening to this lady left me slightly irritated, mostly at myself, for spending an hour on this.

  8. I like to think I have a very
    I like to think I have a very open mind to new possibilities. But I also apply some rigor and discernment to material like this. And in the end, I think Atwater is full of it. Really, somehow (the not even a planet) Pluto has some major roll in all this?

    Just like when I was growing up 4 or 5 decades ago, there are good kids and bad kids, smart ones and dumb ones. The main difference I see today when I look around is an appalling number of children who are between chubby and morbidly obese. They are generally more bratty, have shorter attention spans, and their parents seem to be doing an overall poor job of child rearing, possibly because they resist becoming adults themselves. Whatever test supposedly puts 1/3 of kids today at a genius level is not only dubious, I doubt that same test was used very long ago to give us a good reference point to determine if a change is occurring.

    Whitley seems a little bit overly taken by PMH’s line of BS. I appreciate his open mind and interviewing skills that let people express their ideas, but there’s a point where certain people’s feet need to be held to the fire! Bad information is just bad information, no matter how progressive and new age hopeful it sounds.

  9. I was disagreeing with her
    I was disagreeing with her stance in the past on this issue re the children, and this interview solidifies our differences.

    I have a much different opinion on how she interprets a lof of the stats she comes up with. The “balance” that is allegedly at work that keep the 1/3 ratios intact, imo, is simply nature dividing out what is actually a massive dysfunction in humanity, and trying to manage it.

    The increased intelligence is no different from how savants have been seen in the past. That increased intelligence in one area, such as math, does not suddenly make that person more evolved. It could…I am open to that…but it more likely defines a serious dysfunction that does not uplift humanity, but is rather one of its challenges that we need to help them with. We can appreciate the “gifts” they have, but what good are these “gifts” to the rest of humanity when the person has no interpersonal skills with which to adequately share and spread this gift with.

    It is how the masses are affected that defines the spiritual evolution; where is this current spiritual evolution with a huge influx of autistic and ADHD kids that are out of control in their behavior and unable to interface with the rest of humanity?

    The past fifteen year stats match up almost perfectly with the influx of EMF pollution and GMO taking over our food supply. The kids are not “sensitive” to these things. It is my opinion they are living examples of VICTIMS of these things. What she is interpreting as a spiritual evolution, I see as a clearly defined spiritual stunting and retardation.

    Are we all now going to benefit from kids who lack empathy (aspergers, I personally know one such kid), are so scatterbrained you can barely have a meaningful conversation for five seconds without them desperately needing some other form of stimuli, or those kids that can’t even comprehend what a social interaction is to begin with via autism?

    These are not growths. These are very…VERY…serious problems.

    And God, suggesting the current political system can somehow help due to the jobs they can’t work in, the service, etc, is WAY off where I’m at with the spiritual pursuit. There will be no spiritual evolution of any sort via government involvement. And this “collective” stuff is even more evidence of how wrong this problem is with our children. Communistic-type ideals, based on the leaders we have today in all areas of political ideology (corruption on all fronts) is absolutely not going in the right direction. Every single member of our current Congress needs to be booted out, and a great many of them need to be put up on criminal charges and jailed. They are the anti-spiritual growth mechanism for humanity that we are challenged with and have a responsibility to overcome. They most certainly are NOT our partners in ascension.

    My heart and intuition scream at me that my insights are the correct ones. Let’s not put what is actually a serious handicap and dysfunction on some sort of spiritual platform, when it is actually a clear sign and symptom of something that may actually be destroying humanity.

  10. Who makes this woo-woo stuff
    Who makes this woo-woo stuff up? This woman presents this as if it is scientific fact. It really drives me nuts.

  11. Couldn’t even make it half
    Couldn’t even make it half way through.

  12. Atwater has put together bits
    Atwater has put together bits and pieces of information that have been stretched way out of context. In “The Fourth Turning” William Strauss and Neil Howe argue that a four-generation cycle plays out continually in history. One can access any point in the historical timeline and find the four-generation sequence, with each generation spanning twenty years. This is simple cross-generational interchange that has no relationship with any generation being especially gifted as Atwater asserts. A 20-year cycle in the Mayan Tzolkin, the Human calendar, has a 20-year cycle that parallels this principle. A major cultural shift began in the late 19th century that is completely independent of the 20-year generational cycle. Blavatsky wrote about the root races as well as a grand cycle that began in 1897-98 involving all of humankind. The grand cycle is not limited to children. Blavatsky’s prediction for the 20th century (after 1898) was remarkably accurate. Some young children are truly extraordinary, but some older people are too. Edgar Cayce talked about Atlanteans reincarnating in the 20th century, which was a major turning point as Blavatsky said it would be. The rise of disorders in children is remarkable, including children being born with deleted chromosomes because of heavy drug and alcohol use by their parents. Emphysema was virtually unheard of before 1940, but increased with higher levels of of nuclear and environmental contaminants. Autism and other learning disabilities almost certainly more directly result from environmental conditions rather than special qualities of Indigo, Crystal and especially gifted children.

  13. maybe its not that the kids
    maybe its not that the kids are getting smarter — its the adults that are getting smart enough to notice the smart kids. I found as a primary school teacher that most children are rather brilliant until they go to school and find out that they (alledgedly) are not because they dont jump thru the appropriate hoops at the appropriate time.

    On the other hand – – – If, indeed, there has been a actual leap in intelligence — its odd that the surge in numbers has coincided with the technological ability to successfully impregnate a woman w/either sperm or eggs and sperm from another. This, to me, is the real reason for the power behind the anti-abortion movement. The NWO does not want anyone messing w/their eugenics program.

    I find all the propaganda about the “new” children being the end all and be all of our world misleading and quite purposeful. Perhaps Atwater’s world is designed in such a way that she meets a lot of the manipulated children who are heavily programmed and have had their brains rewired and their souls enslaved at a young age (welcome to the NWO), but this is a sad thing — not something to be applauded. Most humans are quite amazing (brilliant and talented) when our cultural programming and self-doubts are removed (as they can be when we are drugged and hypnotized by experts). Its very sad that, for the most part, only the enemies of humanity understand this.

    1. It’s definitely about the
      It’s definitely about the NWO, but we’re not looking in the right places for roots of the NWO to turn around its influence. Seeds of the NWO were sowed when the Lord restrained humans by confounding their language and scattering them at the Tower of Babel, which I estimate was 10,000 years ago at the end of glacial floods. The Christians got the timeline wrong because they used lifespans of Adam’s descendants to count. It was just plain silly, but that’s what happens when people are confounded.

      The Earth was moving away from a mysterious energy center and mental virtue was declining 10,000 years ago, according to Hindu sages. We began moving closer to the center again in 499 CE and entered a significant curve in 1899. Mental virtue has increased, but human languages and civilization are so scattered and conflicted now that gathering resources for important change is wasted in things like closing down American embassies in the week this interview was posted. In order to liberate resources for survival, we must understand the craziness of confounded languages and conflicting fragments of scattered civilization.

      The first step is to understand how humanity was restrained, and that the agenda has been managed through religion and economics for 10,000 years to emerge as the NWO in 1899, as if it is something new. It’s an old, old agenda to restrain and manage humanity for the benefit of the elite classes the old gods hybridized to rule common humans. The Greeks and Romans had lists of aristocrats with one human and one divine parents. They even told us their names. They are the same old faces with new names, and their job is to secure the planet for the gods who bred them.

      The good news is that the characteristics that made the aristocrats good rulers over other humans are the exact qualities that are their undoing. They’re stuck in a holding pattern and can’t get out of it to deal with changing conditions. The bad news is that the collateral damage from their management programs promises to be severe. Start with HAARP and GMO, which control the atmosphere and food supply.

    2. I’m confused by your middle
      I’m confused by your middle paragraph. Perhaps I have misunderstood the point you’re making.

      Many, perhaps most, involved in the prolife movement would happily see IVF and other assisted reproduction technologies banned along with abortion. To the most conservative within the prolife movement, even the use of the husband’s sperm in artificial insemination is a violation of natural law. Moreover, women/couples who resort to those technologies are going to be very unlikely to resort to abortion. The powers-that-be have little need for concern that those much-wanted
      pregnancies, manipulated or not, will be ended intentionally.

      The use of donor sperm in artificial insemination (which in its simplest form does not even necessitate a medical practitioner) in humans dates back to the 1880’s. Does the eugenics program you refer to go back that far? (I am posing the question seriously, not sarcastically.) Ova transfer is of course much more recent.

      If children are being manipulated/rewired/programmed, it is (IMO) through means more ubiquitous than assisted reproduction.

  14. I as per other forum
    I as per other forum contributors found this last Dreamland’s subject matter- particularly irritating. Given that portions of the mental health profession believe there is such a significant overlap between the symptomology of Autism spectrum disorders and Post traumatic stress disorder, that essentially PTSD is seen as acquired Autism- where exactly does that place veterans of war and victims/ survivors of sex crime?

    Following the same rationale of the subject matter herewith presented-are the aforementioned “lucky” or something? Should we blow up some other country – say Canada given it would be cheaper than some where in the middle east, to help spread the gift of traumatic illness to all those young and no so young service people that missed out at birth?

  15. Though an interesting
    Though an interesting observation that laterally extends from the conception of Autism and trauma as interrelated is that both render large numbers of people rather dysfunctional, disabled or both. Not to mention how difficult Autism can make life for family or the effect of the Gulf war vet gone nuts with an armalite at your local gas station. That is with reference to the hypotheses, some variants of which are detailed in other posts, about “powers that be”- whatever their nature and constitution, imposing a dumbing down on society for purposes of control.

    Considering Graham Hancock/ Robert Duval’s “The Master Game” (2011) in which it is detailed the interrelated mass human suffering caused over millennia by the Catholic Church which probably caused freemasonry among other secret societies to become characterised as they have by today- how many brilliant thinkers, how much of recorded history ( i.e.- records of Atlantis burned along with the great library of Alexandria) and social progress was both destroyed and retarded in development. By a large centralised organisation claiming to represent (an alleged) god.

    I got the impression the authors while not specifically stating it, were presenting a scenario of world history in which various wide reaching organisations were being played off as pawns against each other to seemingly prolong the dark ages. So the question that many of these perceptions engenders it is often suggested is some group terrestrial or other running the world by social manipulation for its’ own ends.

    It is not hard to see where some top down concepts of NWO using chemicals, starting wars and generating human suffering could be perceived as part of maintaining control.

    In particular, conditions like autism spectrum disorders and traumatic disorders would seem to be an effective way of controlling large numbers of the population. Well causing such persons enough problems of their own to cause any for other people as well as the financial and social cost of mass disability.

    A few wars every so often, bit of organochlorine here and some roundup there. Touch of Alien abduction and pinches of Church child abuse.

    After all, individuals like Franklin Roosevelt demonstrate you can still be pretty dangerous even when physically destroyed by polio and wheelchair bound – he still managed to get rid of a couple of Empires. Seems you have to get at the human mind to impose real control.

  16. lots of comments on this
    lots of comments on this one!!! everyone should see a documentary called “Generation Rx” about drugging our poor kids due to adhd. I found it on Canadian Netflix. happy hunting.

  17. I found everything she has to
    I found everything she has to say in these interviews very plausible and positive. As someone born in the mid 50’s I too see the new generations of children, especially ones that came out of the 1960’s cultural revolutions, to be so smart, loving and creative. Each generation is allowing their children to express their innate potentials a lot more than their parents allowed them. And each new generation is loving their children more, stifling them less.

    It’s very exciting and hopeful.

    Also us human can have both the ability to be deeply individualistic at times and engage in group mind at other times. It doesn’t have to be just one way or the other. What wonderful abilities to work/play with!!

  18. I couldn’t even finish this
    I couldn’t even finish this interview. The woman annoyed me for some reason. And she does not seem to back up her statements with facts. Like someone said earlier – maybe she does in her book. Every time she laughed I thought she sounded a bit unhinged.

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