This week, Jeremy Vaeni interviews Dreamland Subscriber “Judy,” who is an experiencer whose high strangeness life speaks to the connection between Visitors and the dead. But they also speak to the discrepancy between the literal event happening and the experiencer’s takeaway, as well as the likelihood of such things occurring in liminal states. 
What does that mean? You will find out in this fascinating and all-too-real journey into the heart of the abduction mystery!
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  1. The main streaming line did not work at all.

    The High Quality line stopped a quarter of the way through.
    The low-bandwidth stopped half way through.
    Very disappointed.

  2. Interesting conversation: Thank you both.

    This invites the contemplation of what is real and what is reality? We tend to consider our material paradigm as real and reality. Thoughts and emotions are real and a part of ‘personal reality’ in that they affect our choices and our functioning. Dreams are also real and can affect how we feel and sometimes we wake and cannot go back to sound sleep because of a disturbing dream or we feel good all day due to a pleasant dream, therefore dreams affect our sleep and how we function all day long. Lucid dreams or very intense dreams stay in our memory as if they were material events that happened. Our memories are also real and part of our ‘personal reality’. All experiences are real, even if not material, they form our ‘personal reality’. Discrimination of how real experiences fall within our material reality paradigm needs to be consciously analyzed.

    Ghosts have been part of humanity’s world view for ages and try as the religion of philosophical material has, they remain so, because people experience them. Humanity has a collective sense of material reality and since some UFOs track on radar and are visible in waking life to multiple witnesses, they are part of material reality. Other sentient beings seem to now be lumped together as Grays, but come in many forms and colors. Some aliens must be considered physical beings related to the ships, since some well documented cases show the connection (for example see Socorro – Zamora case as documented in Trinity), but we must caution in considering every experience of beings which appear autonomous or sentient as aliens. Wild theories and speculations abound, but only by making conversations around these subjects acceptable and addressing them intelligently will we gain the data required to have an understanding of where in the spectrum of reality they fall, as well as gaining the ability to accurately categorize personal experiences.

  3. I could go over this interview with a fine toothed comb and find every bit of it riveting! So happy you invited Judy, just a spectacular guest! I have a feeling I will be listening to this episode as many times as the interview you (Jeremy) did with your friend “Sienna” from CauldronCast a few years back. This current interview promises to be a classic just like it! Thanks to both of you!!!

  4. Download link didn’t work for podcast: Of Ghosts and Grays 9-30-23.

  5. Correction to my earlier post, this was Tina Siena of the CauldronCast.
    Subscribers can check out The Experience archive dated October 14, 2020 or just type in “Werewolf “ to narrow it down.
    Even if you remember it well, so worth a revisit.

  6. Great interview. I listened as I was driving to North Wales yesterday and it was the perfect choice for what is quite a long and tedious drive (yes, I know Britain isn’t a big place but 4 hours is still a long drive lol).

    Excellent stuff, keep it coming please.


  7. Such a great interview and I want to post something that happened last week, but I need to give a short summary of what was going on in my life before it happened. FIRST THOUGH, WHEN JUDY DESCRIBED A WIND THAT HAD SWEPT THROUGH HER, I REMEMBERED THIS SONG THAT HAD BEEN PLAYING IN MY MIND SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE THIS INTERVIEW.

    Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind

    Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind (Official Audio) – YouTube

    The last few weeks have been extremely stressful. Blood draws, waiting to hear from the doctor, etc. To sum it all up, I think things are going to be all right given time. On a particularly stressful night last week, I went to bed, said a few prayers and while still awake I heard the door open that leads outside. So, the door opens, I hear it shut and feel someone climb into bed with me. I was so terrified that I couldn’t move at all. I was not facing this unknown entity but had a sudden flash pass through my mind and realized it was my former spouse. He looked much younger like when we were first married. After a minute I slowly slid my hand across the bed to touch him. IT WAS EMPTY SPACE. As frightened as I was, sleep seemed to take me all at once.

    After much thought and sharing this with my kids, I have come to believe he was there to calm me down???

    We were married for several years and divorced for several years before his passing. We had children together and were all there when he passed over.

    1. Bless you Carollee. Keep on keeping on. These forest paths lead to meadows, stay the course.


  8. Good interview. Very interesting stories told and interesting questions explored. Well done!

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