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This week Whitley talks to Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope and Brad Olsen about their latest discoveries and their plans for Contact in the Desert, May 31-June2.

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Nick is first up today, discussing new UFO revelations and what is to come, given that government appears to be loosening its grip on UFO secrecy. We are at the beginning of a watershed moment in human affairs, and he and Whitley discuss what Nick already knows will happen, and what more to expect. To learn more about Nick’s Contact shows, click here.

Brad is just back from Peru and the Antarctic and will be telling us of some key findings today, and more at Contact! To learn more about Brad’s Contact shows, click here.

Then Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley go down an incredible path together that’s lit by “light that has a strange green color” and is deep under the Antarctic! Is ancient architecture buried there under the ice? And is is really ancient at all, because, as Linda says, “it has relevance to the modern world.”
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Whether you plan on going to Contact or not, this is a really great show!

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