Dreamland favorites Andrew Collins and Greg Little have teamed up to create an epochal book about the mysterious pre-hominid people known as the Denisovans. We travel from Siberia through a fantastic cataclysm that brought the last ice age to it violent end, to Gobekeli Tepe and the mysterious, fantastically fortified neolithic town of Jericho (predating the biblical community) on the trail of one of the greatest mysteries of the past, if not the greatest.

Along the way, we discover how the mind of the Denisovan people worked and why it is different from our mind–and what about our DNA echoes this ancient mind and its very different way of thinking!

You’ll come out of this two-part series with a new vision not only of the deep past, but of yourself.

Next week, Greg Little takes us to the Americas, the cataclysm that burned and then flooded the entire continent, and the giants that once roamed there…

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  1. Absolutely am breathless waiting to line up for your new book Whitley!

  2. Me too Linda, but please, please Whitley employ an editor before it is published. I got so frustrated with your self-published book with Anne that I had to put it down and walk away for a few days!

  3. two questions:

    where did Denisovans get their knowledge? savants just got together and “thought” up the most important findings that changed mankind forever? to me not likely without some help from something or someone else! Seem to be no answers here but maybe in book?

    where are the walls of Jericho NOW?

  4. THANK YOU Andrew Collins and THANK YOU Whitley for this fantastic interview. I so admire ALL of your brilliant research Andrew; in this interview there are many new thoughts/ideas/insights. (Savants/Autism) for instance and the possible connection to the Denisovan Gene. I read there has been an increase in Autism over time and am NOW wondering why? Environment change/pollution/food we are now ingesting was named in the past but now I am feeling this might not be the whole story behind the increase. MOST INTERESTING, this. My great-nephew was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at around three years of age.

    This article/photo was on the Graham Hancock, ‘News Desk’ recently.

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