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December 2012 is almost upon us. What did the Maya REALLY know?? Listen as Whitley asks James O’Kon, a professional engineer who has spent 40 years investigating Mayan engineering and lost Maya technology. He has visited more than 50 remote Maya sites. Find out more about him at

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  1. Could expectations create the
    Could expectations create the hundredth monkey effect in December of 2012? As December gets closer and because of the news media, there will be an even greater awareness of this date. So, since consciousness is a living thing might there be an upgrade in human consciousness simply because of the hundredth monkey effect? Hopefully humankind will be opting for a leap in evolution and NOT the end of the world.

    1. re: Hundredth Monkey) This is
      re: Hundredth Monkey) This is pretty much what I expect either way. So many people are now ramped up one way or the other for that date, that _something_ has to happen. The only question remains, are we who expect a phase shift to occur in the majority, or those who think it’s the end of the world. More important than the US elections, in my opinion. 😉

  2. I thought this to be VERY
    I thought this to be VERY synchronistic to my prior comment and the reason I am including this. It was sent at 9:11 AM. The only deletion is my e-mail address.

    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:11 AM

    Greetings Tribe of Light

    On our shared journey of Shifting World Ages, we are approaching yet another key synchronization that calls us all to participate with heart, mind, body and soul, on behalf of The Great Web of Life. The Solstice is June 20 this year (Blue Planetary Night), and the following day June 21, (Yellow Spectral Seed) is World Peace and Prayer Day: “ALL NATIONS ALL FAITHS ONE PRAYER.”

    During this window of time people all around the planet will be holding ceremonies, ritual and celebration to honor the beauty of our interconnectedness with All Beings and All Nature, opening ourselves to receive fortification and guidance, and consciously contributing our Light to our shared world. This solstice leads us directly to the upcoming Grand Dec 21 2012 Solstice! All moments on our path are linked together, and this upcoming sacred holiday is an essential time to tune in and align ourselves with our deepest truths and purposes, that we may continue receiving new levels of empowerment, deepening our roles in the positive transformation of our personal and planetary world!

    Here is a link that shares many synchronizations occurring June 20-21

    Here is a special Solstice Meditation composed by Natural Time Kin from around the world at the Summit in Australia:

    And last but not least, please read this important message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse sounding the Call for World Peace and Prayer Day June 21:

    Please join in, and please circulate this invitation to your communities…
    Now is the Time!

    To the Journey!
    May calm, compassion, courage and creativity guide our Ways,
    Eden Sky ~ Red Self-Existing Skywalker

    ***Please share this message with your friends!***

  3. Hi Whit,
    The Astrological

    Hi Whit,
    The Astrological Chart for Dec 21, 2012 is extraordinarily rich; and I rather suspect it is not going to be a day of no consequence, but I am not at all sure it is going to be Appreciated on that day, any more than Bastille day was appreciated for what it truly was in 1789; but I think by Dec 21, 2022 we will look back at that moment from a very different world and mark that day in much the same way; as the passing of something, and the birth of something else.

    We make a huge mistake when we impose our linear mindset on people who lived and thought in terms of cycles; as your guest rightly said the circle has no end; and yet as you have yourself noted; The Age of Pisces is ending, the Age of Aquarius dawns, if this is not the Dawn, and I don’t think it’s quite that it may well be the first notes of Aura’s song. BB

  4. My concern is that people are
    My concern is that people are becoming too hyper about this date. There has already been a suicide connected with it, a young woman in the UK. A poll shows 10% of the American public believes that it’s the end of the world. If you listen to the interview carefully, what I am saying is that the end of the world hysteria that’s being hyped by the media is nonsense, not that there are no energies to be found on that day.

  5. at last – a sane and informed
    at last – a sane and informed discussion about 2012. How refreshing it was to hear it from a real scholar and on the scene researcher/investigator. Thanks Whit – as usual, another outstanding program.

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