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I’ve just had the surprise of my life. This show is about a book written by a boy who died in 2009, Erik Medhus, and his mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus. In the first part, everything goes pretty normally. I ask questions, Elisa answers, telling about Erik’s early life and struggles, and why he died.

Throughout, I felt Erik’s presence. Strongly. He was pacing, eager. Then in the second half of the show, I talk directly to Erik through his channel, Jaime Butler. And here is where it gets incredible. Anne shows up—not with a question or two: I mean she SHOWS UP. She is palpably with me. I can feel her bubbly, energetic humor and intelligence. Her laughter. And Erik’s.

We end up with Jaime channeling Erik and me channeling Anne, and it is just a wonderful, incredible experience. Anne’s mantra was “have joy,” and boy do we ever have it in this experience. There are even two points of reference that are very hard to explain, that suggest that something a lot bigger than imagination happened.

Have fun with it. Erik and Anne, Jaime and Elisa and I certainly did! Especially Erik and Anne. This is one amazing world we live in.

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  1. Whitley & all, just
    Whitley & all, just marvelous! I absolutely love it.
    Clarity …ummm… clearer understanding, vision.
    So much joy…
    Anne’s words “Have joy” come to mind… sweet! (not saccharine but “sweeeet”) Anne is a treasure.
    “Cherish” – those very moments we cherish as we live them together, and ever after. So real and helpful.
    Once again, I am so glad i listen to this show. Anne is such an inspiration in more than one plane. She has given answers to things i have wondered – when you have spoken of them since she moved into her new life. Thank you both.

    Was it Eric who giggled just 19 minutes in? Clear the first time i heard and re-listening, heard it again. During the answer to your question, Whitley about what clinched it that it was Eric she was hearing. I am going to listen through once more because i think it was more than once time. Maybe the other listeners can confirm.

  2. One of the best shows I’ve
    One of the best shows I’ve heard on Dreamland–thank you!

  3. I am quite confused. Was
    I am quite confused. Was there just one guest? I heard two women talking.. as if there was someone on the guest’s telephone extension.

    There was just one guest, right? No?

    1. There were two women: Elisa,
      There were two women: Elisa, the mother, and Jaime, the lady channeling Eric.

      1. Ah, much obliged Cosmic.
        Ah, much obliged Cosmic.

    2. two i think
      two i think

  4. That was a GREAT dreamland!
    That was a GREAT dreamland! I checked out the site, and read this part on the terrorism acts and what’s happening on the spiritual side – heres Erik’s take on it, starting from the bottom of the page going upwards: “Right now, humans are still learning what it means to be human.”

  5. Hi, Just finished listening
    Hi, Just finished listening to the program. I just realized I had not Hit the button, the line was not even moving forward 🙂 Trickster energy.

  6. After listening to the show I
    After listening to the show I watched some of the youtube videos “Channeling Erik” and there are a few where she talked to tall greys and short greys. What an interesting show it would be if Whitley interviewed her while she channeled these greys.

  7. Let’s get to “it”- In
    Let’s get to “it”- In heaven can I have another physical body even though I just lost mine on earth? answer- yes…. Q.. can I have my favorite spicy Indian dish? answer-yes…Q.. can we have sex? answer-yes….Q..can I Just obtain joy? answer-yes….Q I want a hotel sized mansion with weight room, jacuzzi, piano bar, pool etc. can I have hu can I , hu? answer-yes ……… ok great just asking!

  8. Such a lovely and
    Such a lovely and enlightening show.

  9. My face hurts from smiling!
    My face hurts from smiling! So wonderful! Blessings Anne and Erik!

  10. That’s a great idea about
    That’s a great idea about asking Jamie to channel grays. I’ll see if she’ll do it. Also, remember that I meditated for the better part of a year with a group of people who claimed to be from between lives, who could, with difficulty, become physically visible. I could touch them, but if I moved too suddenly, they would disappear.

    This really happened. It was no joke and I am no liar. Anne came in to the room once as they were arriving, and she simply could not manage to stay. I did stay, though, for many nights.

    So I am not sure about the degree of materiality that what we think of as dead people can manage, or why this is so very rare, but it certainly can be done. I have seen it and lived it. I’ve held such a person’s hand. I’ve smelled their skin, and it was pungent, like the living skin of somebody who did not bathe.

    These people were complex and very demanding of me when it came to morality. I went through the “life review” with them even though I wasn’t dead. Their primary concerns were: compassion; lack of egotism; loyalty to my vows.

    I have touched on this in Solving the Communion Enigma and do so much more deeply in Super Natural, and my co-author Jeff Kripal’s take on it is very illuminating.

    Unlike the vast majority of people, I have been given the grace to know for certain that this other level of consciousness exists. It is a great blessing, but I can never do more than narrate my experiences. It is a little maddening that I cannot generate belief, but I wouldn’t want to, not unless I could provide you with experiences like I had, and that I cannot do, at least, not at this time. You may be sure that I want to, but I understand the barriers very well, and they are formidable.

    1. Whitley, you Anne must have a
      Whitley, you Anne must have a billion questions to ask them. What an unobstructed way to do it through Jamie.

  11. On another video, Erik makes
    On another video, Erik makes a few comments on alien abductions – its the one on the Ancient Footprint. Boy, they interview a lot of people, even Jesus – I enjoyed that one very much, it was funny and moving, my god it even had Quentin Crisp in there! Go figure.

  12. In the meditations that used
    In the meditations that used Whitley hold weekly- the very first that I participated on – I had the experience of the front of my head being as if in a great space like in a lit up arena. I had the sense of being in a widened area, the front of my forehead anyway. Then I got flustered and came out of meditation. In the tall white interview video, the medium actually has a similar feeling in the front of her forehead as she communicates with them. I didn’t communicate with anyone or anything though. I just got all surprised out of my meditation and just all excited about it. 😀

  13. Very interesting show. I’m
    Very interesting show. I’m confused, though, about the comments regarding Anne’s “pixie hairdo” that (after Erik mentions it) supposedly nobody would have known about from her distant past. I always thought of the photo used for the Anne’s Diary page as being a sort of pixie hair style. Is it not?

    Also if you do a google image search on Anne Strieber, the first image that comes up is this one:
    …which I would also describe as a pixie haircut, quite fairly I think.

    I’m not calling any foul, just saying that I don’t think the mention of the pixie-do from the other side suggests any kind of proof.

  14. Damn! I have so many
    Damn! I have so many questions!

  15. BobbinNJ I don’t think they
    BobbinNJ I don’t think they were trying to prove anything with the Pixie haircut comment. Anyway that picture of Anne is up to interpretation. Look at these pixie haircuts. They vary. But let me add something important, Erik appeared to his grandfather as a 4 year old. He appeared as a 20 year old to his mom. He said they can manifest any age and for her not used to seeing him regularly because it is ‘an illusion, a parlor trick’. Anne might have decided look 25 or just use the 25 year old hairstyle. Most of the ‘famous people’ channeled appear at their most stunning when Jamie talks to them. PS Erik said, “If you were an asshole on Earth, you will be an asshole in heaven” The spirits will stay away from them just like on Earth.

  16. Are you calling me an
    Are you calling me an asshole, Ed?

  17. Oh no BobInNJ, it was an
    Oh no BobInNJ, it was an afterthought of what Erik said. Hey, if I would call you an asshole here, apparently I would be an asshole over there. 🙂 I said away from them, not ‘you’. I was just making light of something quite profound. It’s allowed. Happy holidays. Erik is quite a character, even with all his wisdom. Ed 🙂

  18. How beautiful! Just amazing!
    How beautiful! Just amazing!

  19. @Ed McLaughlin: Good, I’m
    @Ed McLaughlin: Good, I’m glad we cleared that up, because I wasn’t quite sure how else to read it (maybe some paranoia on my part). Happy Holidays to you, too!

  20. A fascinating show that of
    A fascinating show that of course leaves more questions than the ones we started with!

    It seems that there is a physical component to life after death, and this makes me recall the many stories from our ancient past about the next world. The Ancient Egyptians had a veritable map of the next world as though it were an actual place – I believe that that place exists though it likely has evolved as our perception about everything evolves.

    It would have been great to hear from those on the other side about soul anatomy, as the Ancient Egyptians left traces of and about in their texts. I think the conversation was starting to head in that direction when Whitley asked how they perceived us from their perspective, and what we look like to them when we meditate.

  21. Awe man Whitley. I don’t know
    Awe man Whitley. I don’t know if I’m ready to hear this one, because I think I might cry. I’m happy you got to experience this and share it with us.

  22. Oh c’mon Whitley, everyone.
    Oh c’mon Whitley, everyone. Many of us have been on the path for decades now. Haven’t we all learned our lesson regarding any and all things “channeled”? Due to the extremely diverse nature of channeled material, it very much seems – and TMOTK confirmed this – that we really do die into our expectations. Eric is now perhaps creating his expectations, and finding plenty of evidence he’s “right”. I salute his new experience. But if you are reading this Eric, have you considering going “maybe this too, is a dream, and an illusion”?

    And what about Jamie, the channel?

    Jamie: Why is there no pause between being asked a question and you talking? The voice we are hearing is yours. The same one you use when Eric is not around. How sure are you that you are not putting words into Erics mouth? If you’re not, how do you explain the extremely fast response time between you being asked a question and your subsequent instantaneous talking?

  23. I don’t think anybody should
    I don’t think anybody should be sure about anything regarding the other side. Question is at the core of the experience of the afterlife. I cannot be certain that I’m contacting Anne, but I have enough evidence to enable me to think that I may be, so I forge ahead.

    There has been a lot of exchange between us, some of which really does seem true. For example, she said that there are as many questions and uncertainties in that level of consciousness as in this one, only they are quite different because they concern the deeper nature of reality and being, and are not bound up in questions relating to events. This is because what actually happened in the past and therefore what the future probably holds are known. However, it is also true that souls open to themselves only slowly, especially those that have things they want to hide.

    She cautioned that we shouldn’t see those we call dead as oracles and all-seeing, because they aren’t that at all. You don’t necessarily gain knowledge after death, but insight and thus, at least potentially, wisdom. There are apparently still some very fundamental questions about the origins of reality and consciousness on the other side.

    She also showed me that the universe is seen differently, as a huge web of consciousness which is concentrated around living planets. I saw these bright concentrations linked by faint lines that were bridges of souls, I think. When I saw this, I remembered what was said to me when I asked the visitors why they came here: “we saw a glow.” I assumed then that it was the glow of cities, but now I think it more likely that it was the glow of souls.

  24. Could Eric put a shout out to
    Could Eric put a shout out to the Knights Templar and ask where they buried the Holy Grail please?

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