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Gobekli Tepi is the most mysterious archaeological site ever found. It consists of numerous carved circles of enormous standing stones, but the most amazing part of it is that the site has been confirmed to be at least 12,000 years old. Not only that, these immense structures were not only built, used in some unknown way for a thousand years, they were then painstakingly BURIED. But why? By whom?

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe interviews Dr. Robert Schoch about the site and describes her own experiences there, in Cappadocia and on the summit of Mt. Nimrud, which, as has just been discovered, is not natural at all, but an artificial mountaintop of unknown age.

Whitley Strieber says that this is possibly the most interesting program in the history of Dreamland, and this show has had more than its share of interesting program, so our advice to you is DON’T MISS IT!

For subscribers, Whitley and Linda explore the mysteries of just what was happening when Gobekli Tepi was built and when it was buried. Incredibly exciting stuff!

Linda Moulton Howe’s website is

The image above shows Linda Moulton Howe at Gobekli Tepi at sunrise on June 13.

THIS IS THE FIRST OF 3 WEEKS ON THE CATASTROPHIC HUMAN PAST. Next week, Are the Nephilim Still Here? The week after: Was Mars Murdered?

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  1. I have been following Linda’s
    I have been following Linda’s research at Gobekli Tepi at Earthfiles. I cannot wait to hear this interview!

  2. Nice! You can always count on
    Nice! You can always count on Linda to bring something interesting. She asks why someone would have buried these buildings. Could they have been buried at the time they were built? Underground temples?

  3. Linda never disappoints and
    Linda never disappoints and being a member of this wonderful website and Earthfiles I get my daily fix of thought provoking stories.

  4. Linda Moulton Howe,
    Linda Moulton Howe, investigative journalist, you are incredible! Brilliant work. Whitley, you were right about this show, Linda displays her extraordinary investigation skills, skills that earned her Boston’s WCVB Station Excellence Peabody Award. She also deserves an International Paranormal Acknowledgment Award as well as another Peabody for her work at Gobekli Tepi. Thanks Whitley for featuring Linda Moulton Howe on your show. We do live in exciting times!

  5. This is a very interesting
    This is a very interesting show, but Linda, the drone photos are fakes, and so are the CARET documents. This has been pretty we’ll established already.

    The real interesting part about Gobekli Tepi is that it shows that humans were far more advanced back when most scientist say they were simple hunter-gatherers. Aliens likely had nothing to do with that, or the pyramids, but the “Gods” might have taught us a thing or two that has long been forgotten.

    1. Can you please share with me
      Can you please share with me why you think the drone photos are fake? I got a picture of one as a blind target in a remote viewing session. The data showed it to be quite real. If the photo were fake, I would have gotten data about the creation of the photo, and nothing about the drone.

  6. Also, old sites get buried.
    Also, old sites get buried. This is natural. To demonstrate this, go do downtown Rome, Italy. Ancient Rome is far below the street level. How did this happen? Did someone intentionally bury it? Of course not. The level of the ground continues to rise every year. Between between 5 and 50 tons of cosmic dust fall on Earth every day! That’s about 100 km of dust added to the earth’s surface.

  7. I have been missing Linda
    I have been missing Linda lately… It’s always a pleasure to hear her on Dreamland. Fascinating!

  8. Linda, after listening to
    Linda, after listening to both interviews here on DREAMLAND plus reading/looking at the photos on your website, I am in awe. Thoughts of Edgar Cayce came to mind when you mentioned one of the pillars reminding you of a TOTEM. Only trying to think of possibilities of who these ancient ones could have been or perhaps descended from; I am including a website below. Could this have been the very end timeline of a long lived MU civilization? Is this too fanciful?

    (TEXT OF READING 630-2 F 30 (Secretary, Protestant)

    25. The entity was among those that journeyed from Mu to what is NOW Oregon; and there STILL may be seen SOMETHING of the worship as set up, in what was the development FROM that set up by the entity’s associates, as …..(the totem or the family tree).

    Based on thorough research into Atlantean crystal readings and the terminology used in them, I can safely assume that this priestess of the Temple of Light was using them to maintain communication among the various lands and peoples mentioned -notably “The Brotherhood of Mu” in the “hierarchy land”!)

  9. I had never heard of the
    I had never heard of the voinich manuscript before. It’s quite interesting. My initial thought upon seeing the text was that I’d seen it before, but I thought it was something I’d seen on Brian De Flores’s website and when I looked I didn’t find any language that matched. Oh well. 🙂

  10. Great show and subject
    Great show and subject matter. The Archeological community is missing the significance of Gobekli Tepi. Maybe they don’t want to give this discovery the preeminance it deserves because it doesn’t fit into their paradigm or chronology of human civilization. The fact that Gobekli Tepi is substantially older than the pyramids and stonehenge overturns the apple cart. The fact that it was intentionally buried after one thousand years of usage corresponds with the recent evidence pointing to a cataclysmic event on earth around 9500 BC. The million dollar question is: how did the people at Gobekli Tepi know to bury it, how did they know a cataclysmic event was coming? What’s strange about all these ancient archeological sites is that they are all made from primitive material and depict primitive motifs which you wouldn’t expect an alien or advanced technological society to use. On the other hand, it seems impossible that people of that era would be able to move, fashion, and craft these structures in the manner they were created. It implies the use of some unknown or advanced technology in a primitive context. It seems odd that people like the Mayans on the one hand were so primitive (blood sacrificing humans) and yet possessed advanced astronomical ability. The implication is that these primitive societies had been given some sort of outside knowledge either from an ancient advanced human culture or an extraterrestial source.

  11. What a treasure Linda Moulton
    What a treasure Linda Moulton Howe is. Insightful, intelligent, and intent on helping us find answers to the perplexing questions of human origins both on and off planet. Thank you Whitley and Anne for this wonderful program.

  12. Much of Linda’s talk with Dr.
    Much of Linda’s talk with Dr. Schoch concerned a time in ancient history in which solar storm activity was very high, causing related changes to earth’s climate. Earth is now, in 2012, entering a period of greater sun storm activity. Could this be part of the “cycle” or don’t you think it will be strong enough to have similar repercussions? Does the alignment of the sun with the center of our galaxy indicate that sun storm activity or related effects will be increased due to some , ’til now unknown, catalyst that could exacerbate these events?

  13. DavidRavenMoon, Gobekli WAS
    DavidRavenMoon, Gobekli WAS intentionally buried, the sheer amount of tonage of the huge site is clear evidence of this.
    True that old cities naturally get buried in layers as new housing is built over yesterdays trash/rubble, BUT again aside from the sheer amount of rock burying the site, the special way its been purposefully layered NOT TO ERODE, and the fact that nothing has been found (ancient roads or buldings), it cant have been buried by accident. Also cosmic dust is miniscule and spread over the entire planet, so all those tons falling on the Earth daily is teeny tiny.

  14. Very interesting and
    Very interesting and exciting! Wish we could all live long enough to solve these mysteries. I’m glad Linda can go to the places most of us cannot visit and give such insightful reports. Thanks to both of you for such a great show!

  15. The overhead view of the
    The overhead view of the Gobekli Tepi stone circles is very similar to the Adam’s Calender stone circles in South Africa ( ). Andrew Collins’ research there discovered a frequency resonance sound machine capacity at many of the sites and made many measurements coming to the conclusion that the circles were resonators similar to the magnetron in a microwave capable of producing audio frequencies as discussed in this documentary .

    One possible reason that the site at Gobekli Tepi was buried is that the people that discovered the site a thousand years after it was built might not have understood what it all represented. If they were themselves incapable of producing the columns and statues and didn’t recognize what the figures depicted, the site to their understanding must have been evil and constructed for an evil purpose so they were compelled to hide the structure from sight.

    I really enjoy the discussion whenever Linda Molton Howe is on Dreamland. Her discussion of the Greek gods brought the recent movie THE IMMORTALS to mind because of how it depicts the interaction of the gods and humans.

  16. Thank you for a fascinating
    Thank you for a fascinating show, Linda Molton, and for the following discussion with Whitley. I was very glad to hear Dr Schock relate the Gobleki Tepi megaliths to those on Rapa Nui, for that what the first thing that I thought when first reading about the Turkish site. I think this is a very important point that warrants a lot of investigation. I must say, on the other hand, that to me, Barbara Hand Clow’s theory that rather than anticipating and preparing for global changes, we are in collective amnesia due to prior trauma begs the question. Yes, we might have been collectively traumatised, but we are not necessarily fixated on those past events, and whatever trauma we have experienced does not in any way preclude the possibility that ancient myths, structures and architectures are also predicting future events, including the possibility of future catastrophes if humanity does not start waking up. The truth is that we just don’t know, but given the weight of mythological and other evidence of humanity’s origins in the stars or with star-people, and the many ancient predictions of humanity’s dire future if we fail to evolve and tend to mother earth (including those warnings received from strange visitors, dreams and visions in our own time), it seems to me that any reasonable person would get busy evolving, bringing themselves and their lifestyles into better harmony with nature and spirit, and prepare for anything. I was first alerted by the writings of that long-ignored entity, Lobsang Rampa, who, ironically, wrote of exactly these mysteries – of our alien ‘caretakers’, of interstellar wars, giant beings, catastrophes and hidden or embedded teachings and warnings to be uncovered when the time is right – long before these mysteries were revived and revisited by later seers, mystics and open-minded researchers. It’s been over 50 years for me, and all that i have learned and experienced since then has only confirmed to me that what seemed so fantastical was, in fact, very real. We don’t have forever to start doing something, so perhaps it is time to trust that what we think is true IS true, and do something about it.

  17. There is alive today an
    There is alive today an animal for which a strong case for genetic manipulation could be made, the cheetah. All cheetahs are virtually DNA clones which makes breeding both in the wild & captivity difficult. Their hunting skills & speed par none are all cat, but their personalities are very much like dogs. They have feet identical to dogs with nails that do not retract unlike any other cat. They are capable of forming close bonds with both people & dogs. The Pharaohs kept them both as pets & hunting companions.

    The so-called “expert” opinion is that about 10-12,000 yrs. ago they faced extinction and a genetic bottleneck in which only one breeding pair survived – does this even sound reasonable? It seems more logical to me that about 10-12,000 years ago they were genetically engineered.

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