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There is an enormous controversy about 28 pages of documents about 911 that are being released as this show airs. The documents are described as containing a bombshell, and it is generally accepted that they reveal that the Saudi government was involved. The Obama administration has said that the documents could be released within 60 days.

They are said to implicate “governments.” Not just one government, but a number of governments.

What might that mean? Listen as Joseph Farrell takes us through hitherto hidden truths about 911, and reveals what he thinks that plural may mean. Find out the bizarre and shocking truth about 911 mastermind Mohammed Atta and his connection to a powerful German philanthropic foundation. Discover a new theory about how the towers were destroyed, and much more.

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Before you read the redacted and condensed material that has been released as the 28 pages, ask yourself “why would they have classified this?” You won’t be able to answer, because what has been released is apparently not what was classified, or why would senators from both sides of the aisle have said that it implicated the Saudis? Click here for an excellent article on the 28 pages.

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  1. This interview was riveting
    This interview was riveting and, as usual, Joseph Farrell was absolutely brilliant! I know that many of us have had our own stories and unusual experiences surrounding 911 including premonitions and other strange incidents in the days directly before and after the attack (I know that I did). In addition, I sat up and took notice when Whitley mentioned the Great Pyramid, because I also have my own ‘stuff’ going on with that as well.

    Although all of this resonated deeply with me, and with all due respect to Joseph Farrell, I sincerely hope that he is wrong about some of his conclusions (…and I was beginning to think that he was never going to mention Dick Cheney!) If he is correct, it sounds like we all have a lot of work to do and we better get crackin’…

  2. The 911 Report was released
    The 911 Report was released and in the paper this morning. Nothing new reported, and they found no connections to the Saudi government…The entire report was supposedly only 28 pages, pretty small by most government standards…

    1. Think I should mention that
      Think I should mention that the article in our local paper was so poorly written, it was difficult to figure out any conclusions at all…

      I would like to see Joseph interviewed about the so-called ‘coup’ in Turkey. There has to be a connection there with that 3rd level discussed in the interview, and the whole coup appeared to be just for show, and possibly just a way for Erdogan to ‘clean house’…(Just my opinion— it all seemed highly staged)

  3. After so many have struggled
    After so many have struggled to make sense out of the 911 facts, Joseph Farrell has fit them all together. This picture feels right, unfortunately. Chilling. A pains taking researcher serves up the truth after 15 years. And so we move on, through the mist of lies and obscurification in our world. Because we “can’t handle the truth?” Or because of the ramifications “they” would endure if we did.

  4. I know my following comments
    I know my following comments may be unpopular on this page, but it’s just my opinion. I have little doubt that the forces behind the attack could be much greater than has been admitted by the government, but I think the two towers did come down due to the jet fuel burn. It is the most simple explanation and most logical in my mind. The “Truthers” have many weird beliefs such as a missile hitting the Pentagon and not an airplane. This being said, as always, everything we know is wrong as usual. Loved the interview….

  5. Two days before the towers
    Two days before the towers fell we were in NYC taking photos from the Empire State Building. We didn’t go to the twin towers but took many photos. On the drive home I was overpowered with such a darkness, I could not speak. It haunts me. That had never happened to me before…

  6. I have often wondered what

    I have often wondered what actually happened to the towers, as have we all. Years ago, I knew some people on the Senate Intelligence Committee. I happened to mention to one of them that I was going to the Windows on the World restaurant one night. He said that he wouldn’t do that, because the towers had extremely sensitive intelligence equipment in them, and were mined so that they could be brought down if control of them was ever lost to terrorists or a foreign power.

    I went to the dinner, but it was one of just two times I was in the towers. I found them terrifying, you can be sure. Looking at the way they disintegrated, I have thought that the jet fuel might have set off the system that was designed to destroy them, making it look as if they were intentionally imploded. Building 3, which had the same system in it, I am sure, as it housed a CIA post, was intentionally imploded.

  7. Excellent interview – I wish
    Excellent interview – I wish it went on for another three hours!

  8. The way the Towers appeared
    The way the Towers appeared to turn to dust… all that mass transforming before our eyes, most puzzling and in plain sight too. Couple of years back, I was listening to a guest on John Wells Caravan to Midnight and he suggested that while Dr Judy Wood was onto something about directed energy being present on 911, that she wasn’t quite right. He went on to suggest that some kind of particle accelerator was built into the base of the Towers to disintegrate them in-situ. Bearing in mind that the Towers were full of toxic asbestos as well as other materials, (making demolition and new construction a very expensive proposition), one may wish to consider that the majority of the mass of the Towers did indeed disintegrate before our eyes.

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