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Jason Louv is an expert on one of the most mysterious and important creators of the modern world, the Elizabethan scientist, magician, spy and politician John Dee. Here, he discusses the mostly hidden influence and power of Dee. Did he really come face to face with nonhuman beings that he called angels, but which, according to his description, looked very much like what we now call the grays?

Whitley Strieber discusses this and many other subjects with Jason, who reveals secrets about Dee and his influence that are directly relevant to our lives today.

A very surprising edition of Dreamland.

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  1. Whitley, Jason,

    Whitley, Jason,

    Fantastic material, and I thank you both for sharing so openly.


  2. At present, the file is on
    At present, the file is on the full site though not on the mobile site. Interesting material–enjoyed the show.

  3. As David said, the file was
    As David said, the file was not on this site but had to be downloaded. Interesting juxtaposition between Jeremy and Whitley where, in their unique ways, both are talking about the death of the ego. And yet Whitley talks about everything falling away except desire which seems like a contradiction.

  4. This show has been one of my
    This show has been one of my most favourite ever! I wish it went longer, and I felt like you two could have spoken forever! Whitley I don’t understand how people can complain about you “talking too much” or interrupting. Personally I don’t feel that you do, and it is your perspective and the kind of questions that you ask (when the guests are solid and interesting) that makes UC so unique.

  5. Whitley, in person and from a
    Whitley, in person and from a distance, there is a fierceness about you that I had not expected. Somehow, you look like a gray from a distance. Like a gray’s face is superimposed over yours though completely invisible. It’s hard to describe.

    But when one approaches you, they will see there is nothing but love. Much like the grays I imagine.

    You dominated at contact in the desert and you made it worthwhile. Thank you!

    1. So many great
      So many great nuggets….”There is a war in heaven…”
      “Ironically there is a clear path to enlightenment but it tends to involve NOT interacting with those levels of reality at all and focusing on human consciousness without the aid from “critters”.. that is my take on it… ”

      Brilliant Mr. Louv. I just hope this was only part one of the interview.

  6. I really enjoyed the show
    I really enjoyed the show especially when the concept of ”Alchemy,” was mentioned. I always believed that St. Germain was the Master Alchemist. I follow the teachings of this Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray and Ruler of the Age of Aquarius. St. Germain had many incarnations in his lifetime. I am wondering was John Dee a Humani Immortal and did he reincarnate? I am also wondering was he affiliated with the Freemasons or any Secret Society of that era?

  7. The files were damaged and
    The files were damaged and not working everywhere. They are fine now. It was a technical issue.

  8. The files are NOT fine
    The files are NOT fine now.
    They have NOT been fine for MONTHS.
    The files for non-subscribers down-load immediately.
    The files for subscribers requires several attempts and innovative curses and still does not work properly.
    What’s the story …? z.

  9. This week’s Dreamland mp3
    This week’s Dreamland mp3 files now seem to download fine from here (UK) for non-subscibers and subscibers…and the streaming seems to work now too. I find the most reliable way of getting to hear the latest stuff is via the main site mp3 download links. On my mobile, if I check the ‘Desktop site’ browser option, it stops forcing me to view the mobile site, so the exercise in frustration doesn’t last too long. I think the mobile links and streaming files are located on strieber.streamguys1…which invariably seem to be the ones that cause problems…the subscriber mp3 files are hosted on the UC site itself, as far as I can see. I can only assume it would be too expensive to host everything securely on UC and avoid these frequent download issues.

    Come to think of it, why does the mobile site subscriber MP3 download button not link to the same UC file location as on the main site?

  10. This is another week the
    This is another week the mobile site link for subscribers does not work.

  11. This is an incredible show,
    This is an incredible show, and I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! However, there seems to be an issue: the full subscriber show cannot be streamed. I can download the full show as an MP3, I can stream the shortened free show, but cannot stream the full show for subscribers. This happens with the full site and the mobile site, from a computer or a mobile device. It does seem to be a regular occurrence, unfortunately. Any assistance in fixing this issue is hugely appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  12. Still cannot play.
    Still cannot play.

  13. If I enter web site directly
    If I enter web site directly to Dreamland, It will not play. If I go to the Home page and enter via Latest for Subscribers, plays just fine. Don’t know why.

  14. This really is one of the
    This really is one of the best interviews I’ve heard on this site. Well done!

  15. Once again, as a subscriber,
    Once again, as a subscriber, I can’t access the show—over past few days and on tonight’s try.

  16. Really fascinating show,
    Really fascinating show, great interview.

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