Historian Alicia Puglionesi joins us on Dreamland to discuss her book, In Whose Ruins: Power, Possession, and the Landscapes of American Empire, which gives us the historically accurate origin of mound-builder myths in America and tells us why certain political and corporate powers promoted them. Then, for subscribers, we turn to her first book, Common Phantoms: An American History of Psychic Science, which draws on unexplored archives of participant-reported data to breathe new life into psychic experiments of the 1850s into the 20th century. Subscribe to UnknownCountry.com and explore with us!

Visit Alicia online at: www.aliciapuglionesi.com


IN WHOSE RUINS: Click here.


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  1. Jeremy you’re back with a splash. Great interview; as a historian Alicia P’s insights help me understand better the motivations, ancestry & WSupremacy that establishes & permeates the narratives of our origin stories, including how we as children are discouraged from tapping into our metaphysical gifts. I eagerly await next month’s interview.

  2. Interesting show: I enjoyed Alicia’s openess to talk about subjects beyond her expertise.

    In reference to some of Jeremy’s questions I will note the following.
    — The ‘Copper Trading Giants’ of North America are an archeological fact (8 foot tall – not mythological statue). They ended up being nasty people and the other indigenous Americans hunted them down and killed them off. This is not you tube myth, but documented history.
    — Dean Radin documents parapsychology peer review PSI experiments which verify psi abilities in humans. Anyone who looks at the science must conclude that Psi is part of human nature, however what exactly it is and its mechanism of operation is currently beyond our scientific knowledge. His book ‘Real Magic’ attempts to remove the cultural mythology and get down to the basics of what is required to develop and use one’s Psi abilities.

    1. I read a book by Tim Rifat on the subject of Remote Viewing a long while back and he was suggesting that one of the primary reasons for blocked Psi abilities, is the existence of socially proliferated mental memes…sort of like ‘The Hundredth Monkey Effect’, in reverse, squelching any latent ability.

    2. Not finding anything about “Copper Trading Giants” after a few searches. . Any links I might be able to check-out?


        1. Agreed. I had assumed there would be little chance of the subject being at the top of a search result.

          Thanks for the book link.

  3. In Dean Radens work you will see many of the experiments were conducted outside of the United States because our academia will ruin teh careers of those who go down this path. I hypothesize it is because it threatens the religion of philosophical materialism, which it really does not as one can hypothesize that some mechanism (such as quantum entanglement) is involved, but it empowers people to embrace themselves as conscious beings as opposed to material beings. A lot of very old school (and obsolete) ways of thinking are involved in many aspects of anything labeled ‘paranormal’, but as ‘The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained’ clearly outlines, these things are part of teh natural universe.

    1. It was a nice listen for sure and still have some left but am totally agreeing with your comment. I live on what was Creek Nation land and people still find arrowheads and there are mounds but so much was destroyed and like you said, the “The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained” , the things outlined are part of the natural universe.
      In other cultures and countries you may very well see on the front page of a paper all types of things that would be career killers in the good ol’ U.S.A. The people I know who are the Ivory Tower types are trained to only be in the dense materialism plane so it further alienates people who are experiencing all sorts of things. It is gross materialism that is decimating our natural balance and making me understand why some of these experiences/entities are angry/hostile.

  4. Hello, Alicia Puglionesi and so nice to have you on Dreamland.

    While listening to you describe things that interested you even in your really early years, it seems, as least for me that your path of academic interest was already chosen. (History/Metaphysics.)

    I listened to this interview on Saturday during the late afternoon and all went well until the last ten minutes of the interview. So, I am looking at your face when an extreme thought enters my mind. I am looking at you but (Omm Sety/Dorothy Eady) fixed itself into my mind. It was there all the way to the end of the interview.

    I do not know if this has something to do with me which I do NOT think is the case BUT something more to do with you. One thought is perhaps you are currently reading a book regarding Egypt??? After this happened, I ask for a synchronicity regarding Egypt so I would be brave enough to post this. Early this morning while using my tablet, Google listed a few articles I might be interested in reading.


    Secrets of Giza | The Mega-Platform of Khafre’s Pyramid & Forgotten Hypogeum Caves | Megalithomania



  5. Informative interview. I wonder what social/historical undercurrents Alicia would uncover if she researched the Mothman phenomena, the Flatwoods Monster case, or the legend of the Jersey Devil. As an aside, I personally witnessed the potential of a historical event becoming folklore. In the early 2000s, I lived in the village of Greenwich (pronounced green witch) in the rural southwest corner of NJ not far from the Salem nuclear power plant. For a time residents were finding their gardens trampled and produce eaten, but nobody could ever catch a glimpse of what creature was doing this. All they could find were cloven prints in the soil. Apparently, this thing must have been roaming the nearby marshes and then coming into town at night to feast. Someone then dubbed the creature “Pigfoot”. Eventually Pigfoot was captured. It turned out to be an enormous hog almost the size of a Volkswagon. No one knew where he came from and nobody came forward to claim him. He was re-named “Dusty” and kept in a wooden pen behind the local restaurant where he was well fed. I came to see him a couple of times and marveled at his pancake-sized snout. Eventually, Dusty passed away.

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    1. Hey Carollee, just reading that link after reading this and it is very hard for me to control my feelings and thoughts about how many First Nation people have been trampled in such a short time. Peoples who have been here tens of thousands of years being relegated to wherever in most cases. 🙁

      They have been just clear cutting/burning old growth forest around me and my forest where I feel at one with the trees and animals and can heal or at least try. Thank you for the link and here is one that is not where I live but shows how bad the developers are. America is a baby country and does not understand the web of life and the delicate nature of all of our connections to one another.


  7. Thank you for this interview. It brings something strange up for me concerning the mound builders and strories about them. I grew up in New Mexico and I remember reading stories of the mounds and mound builders when I was a kid and I always thought they were built by natives. I never got that missing ancients story, even though at the time the myth of Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde was that the anazazi were ancient and no longer existed.

    1. There have been several cases of spontaneous human combustion in the UK & Ireland this century.

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