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Starfire Tor is back with us to talk about ghost pets, especially ghost cats. She took one of the best ghost photos Whitley Strieber has ever seen, of her beloved cat. But why ghost pets, and cats in particular? Starfire is one researcher who can tell us, and here she explains ghosts and especially why it is that the spirits of our pets will linger in our lives even to the point that, as in Starfire’s case, they can actually be photographed in a nonphysical state.

Dreamland is about wonder and empowerment, and this show is really wonderful and full of empowerment! We have Starfire and Whitley and Anne to thank for that, but also their CATS! Listen and enjoy!

This is the first of two weeks with Starfire. Back in 2007, Whitley and Anne Strieber had what Starfire calls a ‘time slip’ while with her at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. The circumstances allowed thorough research, and it became one of the best documented of these enigmatic events. Then–incredibly–two days after this show was recorded, they had ANOTHER time slip that was extremely similar. Next week, we’ll be talking about what happened.

Starfire Tor’s website is To go directly to her ghost pets page, click here.

This is the ghost image of Kristabel referred to in the program.

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  1. i appreciate that dreamland
    i appreciate that dreamland and unknown country are about empowerment. that is one of many reasons i am a subscriber. as for that world run by the shadow elite who wouldn’t waste their time and effort unless a profit can be made, who seek to diminish us and convince us we are helpless, i say read between the lines for the truth and follow the money to expose the corrupt.

  2. A fascinating interview and
    A fascinating interview and its all true because I’ve had similar experiences. Anne what if cats are natural time travelers or time shifters using the process Starfire Tor describes and they can just naturally connect with the core matrix. It would explain your cats comments to you and maybe that’s why cats think humans are so lame. I think humans are cosmic time travelers because they can extend this process Starfire discusses beyond earth experiences and reach out into the cosmos. This is why I think contact in ufology needs to be redefined; too understand the role, scope and usefulness that consciousness can have in otherworldly contact. Where do the dead go bet the Egyptians knew and sadly this knowledge exists and has been secreted away from the masses by some secret societies. I believe this new consciousness is about a change in our relationship to static or fixed time.

  3. I had a very special Black
    I had a very special Black Siamese cat who lived to be 16 years old. He was lost once for 6 months when a call came from someone who lived about 40 miles away. He had Blackie! I drove out immediately to get him and he rode home sitting on the seat of my van just like a dog. He lived through several mishaps that would have been fatal to a lesser cat (oh how I wish I had kept him inside!).
    I want so much to see him again; either as a ghost or in my sreams, along with my other lost and beloved animals, both dogs and horses as well as cats.

  4. I think she’s right that the
    I think she’s right that the ability to switch timelines is connected to the brain, which means it is part of human DNA. It’s so far from what biologists teach that humanity is about that some old ideas needed to be shifted to accommodate it. The Stan Romanek case where his hybrid daughters visited him is a case in point, which got me thinking about the DNA potentials of true humans. In the Romanek case, “Grandpa Gray” said that we had potentials like this, but they were turned off by a group of hybrids, as I recall, who felt threatened by what we could do. The fact that Starfire Tor understands that the soul is a way different ballgame gives more focus and credibility to the DNA potentials. Activating true human DNA is the highest priority right now. The fact that we can see that it is brain and DNA, which is different than soul, is a great leap over where the society was 100 years ago in 1914.

  5. Just reading the description
    Just reading the description of the show gave me a ‘time slip’ experience. I clearly remember the show where the Magic Castle was described. But when I read it was 2007 I was stunned. In my personal, inner-time metric, it was a year or at most 18 months ago.

    This is happening a lot. I suspect it’s my age where a large percent of my likely life has been live – but still this was uncanny.

  6. Some months back I started a
    Some months back I started a minor research effort ( a quick look on Google over a cup of Tea) with regard to one-time ‘disco sensation’ (uh??) Boney M. This led, as usual with Google, to classic diversionary stops and finally I settled on the topic of Rasputin’s sleep denial techniques.

    In time I have come to practice this to quite a degree and am still astonished at how easy it is to see subtle forms and quite clearly hear passed relatives giving me some information or warning.

    A notable presence that I have come to enjoy is a small cat that strides into the bathroom, almost always while sitting on the lavatory, frankly, and shows herself to be a most affectionate little gem. No, I don’t mention this to anyone else, but I thought it relevant this week.

    You don’t have to run yourself down to reach this state of enhanced vision, or deprive yourself of a healthy lifestyle. No, rather, just miss one night’s sleep a week, during your time off work of course and you’ll see.

    This past fortnight I have eased off this weekened nocturnal lifestyle extension and the shapes, animals and flashing lights have stopped. In time I will return to it and I suspect this is how we polarise and set change within our energy bodies…. as Mr Strieber has mentioned, much is to do with ‘the return’….

    I’m very grateful for the devotion of Mr and Mrs Strieber to knowledge and the pursuit of freedom from various forms of manifest slavery. All will come right in the end, it always does, in time.


  7. fascinated about the sound of
    fascinated about the sound of eating food… at one time, I had 7 cats. This was within about a year after I had lost a cat (Samantha) that meant the world to me and who always slept on my bed at night. After she had to be put down, several other cats were “given” to me or just “showed up” after that… anyway, I had a cat “door” so they could come and go at will (thru a small window actually)… one night, I heard a cat walk across newspaper on the floor of my room and jump up on my bed and settle down by my feet. The sensation was definite, but quite light so I wanted to see who it was and reached down to pat – nothing… there was no one there – no one physical anyway. I turned the light on and looked all around the room – nothing. That was my first experience with ghost cats – probably around 2002 or so.
    It was a few years ago that I began to notice other little noises – and just like the sound of something eating cat food, or pushing it around in a dish when there was no food in the room. So interesting hearing these stories!

  8. Talk about synchronicity!
    Talk about synchronicity! Just the other night I woke up in the early hours of the morning and was in that half-asleep/half-awake state – probably hypnopompic. I heard clearly a cat meow, which sounded like it came from the top of my dresser near the bed. I didn’t recognize the voice, though. Not sure exactly who that was, but it didn’t sound like any of my former pets/companions, who have all passed on now. As I’m now alone, it couldn’t have been any living critter.
    I’ve also been hearing my name called in similar circumstances, since last year. In that half-awake state, a voice will call my name – a single syllable – then silence. I’ll ask who it is — nothing. No response. Usually, it’s a very creamy-smooth female voice, but a time or two, it’s been a male voice. And with one exception, when the voice asked, “Feeling better?” after I had a bout of reflux, it’s just my name.
    Whitley, I’ve been to the Magic Castle several times. It is an INCREDIBLE place! And as he said, it’s full of passages, little corridors, semi-hidden rooms and other tricks of the trade. And I recommend the Prime Rib! 😉 Seriously, if you ever get a chance, GO! It’s a memory that you’ll retain forever!

  9. My dog, Loki, came back
    My dog, Loki, came back approx 3 months after he died. My husband and I had been sleeping when I heard a dog walk around the bed to my side, scratch at the carpet and sighed as he lay down. My husband didn’t say anything and I just lay there stunned and silent. The next morning he asked me why I let the (alive) dog, into the room. I just said, “I didn’t, that was Loki”.
    Later I verified with my son that the alive dog, Rusty, was in his room all night with the door closed.

  10. I am trying to understand
    I am trying to understand what Starfire Tor meant by “fragments cannot rebuild…” because I am wondering about the concept of holograms in that a fragment actually contains the information for the whole.
    It is going to take several, multiple listening experiences and next week’s programs (probably more in the future) to wrap my head around this all…but there definitely is a lot here and I am very grateful to Whitley, Anne, and Starfire Tor for sharing this…and I am going to revisit her web pages and FB pages.

  11. I’ve always felt that the
    I’ve always felt that the cats who have shared my life choose me rather than I choose them. Cats in particular are magical beings spending much of their time in what appears to us as sleep but actually they are exploring the conscious fabric of the universes. If you allow it they will help you enter into conscious dreaming.

  12. Von Hausenberg,

    Von Hausenberg,

    You’ll appreciate this… 😉

    One of my most beloved cats that I had for many years, enjoyed sitting on the toilet seat and watching me get ready for work every morning. I remember one time when she was still a tiny kitten, I had forgotten to put the lid down on the toilet. She hopped up there and ended up with a panicky morning swim in the bowl! I grabbed her immediately and I’ll never forget how she calmly rested in my hand as I bathed her under the warm water from the faucet over the sink. She was gem, and I was heartbroken for a long time after her disappearance.

    Tell Isis “Hello!”.

  13. Cosmic… hmm… was she a
    Cosmic… hmm… was she a diminutive white Cat? I take your interest in my attaching the use of the word Gem.

    Most interesting….

    As synchronicities go, this is up there, yes. One thing quickly.. I have started enjoying listening to old time radio via shoutcast… namely CBS Radio Mystery Theatre & Science Fiction & Supernatural Channel… both streamed through WinAmp.

    Lying in bed this Friday evening… I was rather taken aback to hear an aparently old (1950’s?) radio play unfolding with almost every character name, location name and various other details all circulate around specific names that have been both on my mind and in discussion with friends vrey recently.

    Coincidence? Darn interesting one that’s for sure. Virtual reality programmer having some fun? Maybe…. My first reaction? A quick feeling of self importance that pushed me out of a minor doldrum I’ve inhabited for a few days. Most curious episode.. most curious….

    Cosmic… her name was Gem? White cat?

  14. The link on this page for the
    The link on this page for the low-bandwidth special interview links to the download for the Dreamland show.

  15. This has been fixed.
    This has been fixed.

  16. A likely manifestation of a
    A likely manifestation of a deceased cat at an owner’s deathbed:

    Prior to his sudden death from a pulmonary embolism, my brother Jeff had been in and out of hospitals and rehab centers for roughly six weeks due to recurrent pneumonia. Jeff had Down Syndrome, and as is sadly common with that condition, suffered from premature onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The pneumonia greatly accelerated his dementia, however; he lost, in that short period, the ability to walk or feed himself, and he became somewhat aphasic in addition to exhibiting much greater confusion. During the six weeks of Jeff’s final illness I was often not certain he knew who I was.

    While I was visiting him at the rehab center to which he had been admitted the day before, Jeff started talking about “the cat.” What cat, I asked. He pointed across the room and said, “Friday. F-R-I-D-A-Y.” Our family had had a cat named Friday when my brother and I had been teenagers/young adults; Friday was the only cat or dog Jeff ever lived with. My brother, who at that point did not always know his own name,
    was claiming to see a pet who had died nearly thirty years earlier. I attributed the incident to his dementia.

    Jeff died the next day, quite suddenly. In retrospect, I should have recognized his “hallucination” as an indication of his imminent death.

    After my cat Tribble died five years ago at the age of twenty, he visited me twice in lucid dreams in which I was fully aware he was deceased. I have had similar dream visitations from my deceased mother.

    A close friend of mine who has had many cats and dogs over the years has claimed that she sensed the presence of one of her cats after its death.

  17. heaven is with our beloved
    heaven is with our beloved dogs and cats. The problem is not making them mind! Not that we are there masters, but play!, they love to play!, and they like sleep. perchant to…. Dream. and play!

  18. I’d like to do a show of your
    I’d like to do a show of your stories of ghost pets. I have some of my own, too. So if you’d like to tell your story on Dreamland, drop me a line at

  19. Where do we go when we die?
    Where do we go when we die? Still many believe consciousness does not survive death. NDE experiencers like Dannion Brinkley and others are still disregarded by many. I can say from my own experience what will these unconscious people do when Anubis comes for them because its essentially the same timeless story being repeated over again and it correlates extremely well with the experiences of those having had NDES but only its in another guise.

  20. Back in the 1970s my husband
    Back in the 1970s my husband and I had littermate cats: Ella, a fluffy tuxedo, and Herbie, who was sleek and black. I have to admit Herbie was our favorite because he was so lovable, but also feisty and always looking for adventure and good times. We let them out at night in our semi-rural neighborhood (I would never dare do that now!), and one day the inevitable awful thing happened where we found him dead in the front yard. Several days later, as I lay half asleep in the pre-dawn morning hours, suddenly Herbie jumped up on top of me in bed, stepped over onto my sleeping husband, then he came back me again, and just as suddenly he was gone. One could say it was a dream, but I knew it was real, and he was really there. Herbie had come back to visit us once more time.

  21. I like looking at star fires
    I like looking at star fires image of her cat (ghostcat) after he or she was gone, this allows me to know how much energy we have in this dimension when we are gone (which is quite a bit)

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