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The media has gotten bored with the story of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown, but the radioactive debris will soon reach the US West Coast. Should we worry? Not only worry, but prepare. This is a very dangerous situation. Here, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the largely ignored story of what happened to the crew of the USS Reagan when it approached within two miles of the burning power plant in order to offer assistance. The Japanese had lied to the US Navy about the level of contamination present, but when the Reagan’s officers realized that they were sailing into a deathtrap they immediately withdrew to a hundred miles offshore. But crew members have been devastated by radiation sickness since.

This is just one example of the horrific and phenomenally irresponsible lying that characterizes Japan’s and Tokyo Electric Power’s entire approach to the problem. The Japanese government has even gone so far as to make reporting anything negative about the plant illegal in Japan.

Listen to Linda Moulton Howe’s searing report on this dangerous situation. Linda’s website is Don’t miss a single day!

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  1. Interesting talk about how
    Interesting talk about how the homo sapien species was misengineered by nature or whoever. A thought that occurs with more and more frequency to me is; if there is really a greater intelligence be they visitors or what-have-you, they sure haven’t/aren’t doing a very good job. All you have to do is look around at the crapfest called the socialsphere of this world to wonder just what in the heck they or it(these greater intelligences) are doing. What’s the point?

  2. Linda is much closer to the
    Linda is much closer to the bullseye on Homo sapiens, in my opinion, up to and including the soul-spirit force of the species. “What is the strong soul-spirit force that Homo sapiens possesses doing” is a good question. Placing blame on “greater intelligence” doesn’t work well when simultaneously claiming strong soul-spirit carried within the human species. Evolving the soul-spirit and physical state of the human species by shifting consciousness seems to be the key. Einstein said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Solving the problems of the world means changing consciousness. That’s the point of a lot that’s going on here. What does it look like when the consciousness of a world changes? A lot of stuff that was conveniently tucked away and overlooked starts falling out of dark places. We’re in that messy process at present.

  3. I think if researchers could
    I think if researchers could isolate the gene (if that is the right word) that causes a person to be a psychopath, then they could eradicate what we are going through now and our future would look much better. Look at how well things get done when we work together. ISS, CERN, etc.

  4. There are many questions not
    There are many questions not being asked or answered regarding Fukushima; and in particular regarding the Reagan. If this ship was equipped to measure radiation and knew they were heading toward a nuclear disaster then why weren’t they measuring radiation levels as they approached the area? How is it the Navy is not equally culpable?

    1. exactly what i thought. it
      exactly what i thought. it would be common sense.

    2. duplicate

    3. duplicate

  5. This is from 2011 on this
    This is from 2011 on this website.:

    About 10 years ago, I had a dream. In the dream I was in a place where there was destruction all around, and not one living thing. I was sad and shocked. In the dream I said out loud, “Where is this place?” A voice answered, “Honshu.” That dream stuck with me, so when the earthquake and tsunami devastated the north-eastern coast of Honshu, I felt awful and also realized that more was to follow—this is like watching a horror movie in slow motion.

    ‘Citizen scientists’ are already organized along the West Coast to begin taking samples and testing for radiation for Fukushima. Radiation detection companies are running ads as the top of the news article. Get ’em while they are ‘hot’!:

    I don’t think we can blame anyone or anything outside of ourselves for the way things are going. Our “soul/spirit” is another matter. I have often wondered how many of us truly possess souls and how many are the window dressing that keep us distracted by driving the program and drama of this reality (Not unlike the girl in the red dress in ‘The Matrix’).

  6. Whitley, would you please
    Whitley, would you please post the Geiger Counter you are currently using. I saw this on Amazon but have no experience with quality.

    RADEX RD1503+ Geiger Counter (New 2013 Model / Replaces Old RD1503 Model) by Radex…..

  7. I was looking at the same
    I was looking at the same one…160.00…not the most expensive, not the cheapest…

  8. Another strong set of data
    Another strong set of data can be found with the residents of St. George Utah, who were just over the mountain from area 5 and 6 at the Nevada Test Site – They were heavily dosed during the atmospheric tests at NTS in the 50’s and 60’s. They still suffer its effects.

    …. And “A strong metallic taste” is a classic radiation poisoning symptom.
    It was noted by the sailors who took part in the South Pacific during the atmospheric tests.
    It was also noted by the physicists at Los Alamos who were exposed during the “demon core” accidents during
    the Manhattan project. It was also noted by the young soldiers at the NTS during the Smokey tests.

    Further – Greg Palast has uncovered massive fabrications and falsifications by TEPCO all the way back to the commissioning of this plant. Please read Greg Palast’s “Vultures Picnic” Everything in the book has been vetted and verified.

  9. We’ve unleashed this monster
    We’ve unleashed this monster onto the world and we can’t contain it or put the genie back in the bottle.

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