First Hour: Deep Dive into the Atlantis Mystery

Marco Vigato appears on Dreamland for the first time with a new look at Atlantis. Instead of assuming that a seafaring civilization now called Atlantis perished during the upheavals of the Younger Dryas 12,000 years ago, Marco looks at much broader cycles, suggesting that more than one great human civilization has risen and fallen over a much, much longer period of time. He has personally visited ruins all over the world and his book is filled with often startling photographs of the spectacular engineering left behind by our lost past.

Dreamland guests Andrew Collins, Cliff Dunning, Laird Scranton, Rand Flem-Ath, Frank Joseph and Doug Kenyon all gave “the Empires of Atlantis” ringing endorsements, and when you dig into this eye-opening adventure, you will too!

Marco Vigato’s website is To get his book through us, click here.

Third Half Hour: Whitley with a Stunner of a Message from Anne about Life in and out of Time

In the third half hour of the show, Whitley surprises us with some gorgeous short sayings that he received from Anne on October 28 of last year. It has taken him this long to understand how he wants to present them and what he wants to say. Some samples: “Your body is your time machine.” “From outside of time, everything that has ever happened appears as a little flicker.”

Don’t miss this warm, rich and love-filled talk. One of the greatest things about our website is its documentation of the continuing relationship between Anne and Whitley, and this is a very special example of it.

The image to the right depicts a drawing made by a psychic who saw Anne about 2 years after she died. She did not know who she was and sent the drawing to friends. Eventually Diana Pasulka recognized it and sent it to Whitley. The photograph of Anne beside it was not readily findable on the internet at the time.

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  1. When I try to play it on my iPhone or in the podcasts app, it stops playing with 1hr 12 min remaining on the subscriber podcast. Skipping past this point doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

    1. I use Audacious to listen to all audio. Good straightforward player. Available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

      I particularly like that I can tweak the audio in Audacious with a Crystallizer which sharpens audio when needed.

  2. iPhones do not have a file management system so if the phone runs out of memory, the stream will stop. The solution is to download an app like Filer and run the stream through that app. This should take care of it.

  3. OK, I get it. Two problems mean it’s probably on our side. Let me take a look.

      1. I’ve replaced the file and listened to it beginning to end. All appears to be normal now.

  4. Thank you for this Whitley. Anne’s message was exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.

  5. A wonderful show. Did not have a problem with Marco’s accent. He spoke clearly and very eloquently. Made me wonder about our past and how little we do know.
    I really enjoyed hearing all the messages from Anne and totally agree with everyone of them.
    Love you too Whitley!

  6. The interview was thought provoking.

    Thank you very much for the words of wisdom from Anne. Very profound. Yes, we can see everyone, even the tyrants, as souls and pray for them and send them the love they are missing. They are in a living hell of a life, great poverty among great materialism or power or some other delusion.

    Love You 🙂

  7. At the age of 70, I am amazed by how many world leaders are just little boys having temper tantrums and creating vanity projects. While we can have compassion for what messed up little monsters they are inside, we must still stop them from dropping nukes on our heads in a fit of dementia. One human being (Hitler) lead to over 60 million deaths. We can feel sorry for him, but I prefer to cast my vote for those he murdered. Thanks.

  8. Interesting timing and synchronicity—I engaged with Laird Scranton on Thursday…🤔

    The questions that were asked, with and without answers from Vigato were the same ones that we have asked over and over again: Who are we, where did we come from, and why are we here?

    As to who or what started it all, I feel that we need to look at it from the perspective as that of co-creators. We are all ‘one’, and if Meister Eckhart was right that “God laughs and plays”, then we are part of that too, even though some of the play may involve tragedy and pain. We, as co-creators, may have programmed all of this into our DNA, perhaps the ultimate data storage device. It may even be the reason that after eons, we find/rediscover bits of ourselves that are long, consciously, forgotten. Then something happens that triggers the so-called dormant DNA into activation. Even past lives may be nothing more than memories somehow encoded into our DNA. And it is all happening right now.

    Anne’s input is important, and also right on the money—all that matters is ‘now’ because it is literally all there is. It took me years to wrap my mind around that, and only the last ten years to finally ‘get’ it. And yes, that was and is a difficult concept!

    When we deeply, truly love, at some point we want to share joy and happiness. That, too, can be difficult, because it means it means embracing the warts-and-all aspects of humanity and all living beings. So—we have also programmed ourselves for hard work via our souls-that-are-one. So, as difficult as it is, you do not have to like an Adolph Hitler in order to love him or see him as a tortured, programmed soul. The last great avatar, Jesus, was sent, and programmed in the eternal now to remind us of what we are all capable of, of what we truly are, beings of light.

  9. Thank you Whitley for a profound show. Thanks to Anne for her incredible insights.

  10. Aye, this old chain does indeed stretch into, and beyond forever, into memory and pleasant harmony.

    ‘Tis no chain though, rather wings, that lift us higher and let us laugh & smile as we look into density with fondness of heart. Fond recollection remembered through forgetting.

    This week, for some reason, Mr Strieber came to me twice in dreams. First through a phone call, during a strange trip to Austria or Australia. The call dropped as I was speaking German to him.

    Second night’s dream has faded and I can’t recall the details but what a strange, pleasant, week bathed in peace.


  11. Thank you Anne and Whitley. The second half of this weeks’ show was profoundly moving and perfect for this moment in history. It touched me deeply.

  12. Thank you, Whitley, thank you Anne, thank you subscribers for these great posts. PLEASE Marco Vigato do return for another interview, I am thinking you have so much more you can share.

  13. No maybe rivers do not know what they missed. Often
    The best is saved for last.
    Ann did just that.
    Thanks to you, both.

      1. Clara, I made my correction before seeing your post.
        After thinking about your comment and rereading my unintended comment, I like my first comment best.
        Maybe the alternate universe had something very deep to say.

  14. Whitley I hate to sow discord. That being said, I hate spell check.
    My last comment was, Non-subcribers do not know what they missed.

    That last sentence took 3 tries.

  15. My intuition tells me that Marco Vigato is on the right track. I missed a word or thought at times but was able to hear the gist of his conversation with Whitley. What about Lemuria? Was it part of the Atlantis Empire? I just may have to get a copy of Marco’s book! Fascinating to hear Whitley talk about earth’s wobble, climate change etc. And one of the most important lessons I am learning is to “live in the now” as Anne said. The Eternal Now as cosmiclibrarian calls it. I am wondering why some of us have this burning desire to learn the sacred mysteries? Whitley, I can never thank you enough for providing this podcast!!

  16. Anne delivered the messaged I needed to hear. I felt the link of love to you, Whitley, and Anne, and others and I was smiling ear to ear. I have the image in my mind of looking out into the distance and seeing alpha and omega meet like the horizon line.

  17. The “star cities”–constellations being associated with cities is related to the energy body of the earth, which, according to Plato extends out to the stratosphere, where the higher beings live, and this is where the correlating cities exist (“As Above, so Below”). Many years ago before I went on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, I had a dream about being above the earth and seeing those constellations on the ground there. See Richard Leviton’s and also Katherine Maltwood’s work for some details. I had walked up to her book, which is a rare book, and put my hand on it in a bookstore in L.A. prior to my trip. I knew nothing about the concept of the zodiac on the earth at the time, and I don’t remember if I had had the dream yet; but when I was in Glastonbury, I serendipitous met two travelers who were there to tour those tellurary zodiacs in the area and I was invited to go with. We are in an immense templated creation that we do not recognize now as we have drifted quite far away from that knowledge. Even after those magical experiences, my life has been incredibly dull since as I was sucked into the polarity of “reality.” Now I struggle to get back to that place personally and it’s slow going, but this group and these podcasts help, so I’m also grateful to Whitley and Ann.

  18. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, make my coffee, I feel like it is ground hog day; a bit robotic.
    I finally understand more fully Whitley’s comments about the visitors being outside of time, Anne being outside of time now.
    The question of my life has been, what is time? My best friend said I used to wonder about it when we were kids.
    Being inside of our time machine, as Anne puts it, allows us to experience novelty. Novelty, that Terence McKenna used to talk about.
    When Whitley said for a few seconds he experienced being outside of time, I can see that as we go about living our lives it would feel like a prison to be outside of time. I didn’t appreciate the horror of it before.
    What a precious thing, novelty.
    I was watching the Best of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson on YouTube. It is hilarious. I paused it, and there is handsome Johnny still on the screen of my TV, I picked up my computer and came here, to Whitley’s site, clicked on this show, and played only the last 30 minutes.
    Obviously I needed to listen to something else tonight. Maybe Anne had a hand in it.

  19. Since this is an older program, it will be rare anyone will read my entry. BUT… thats ok.
    It was a GREAT interview.
    I think that the Tower of Babel is a cycle that happens time and again.
    What I know is less important than the “NOW.”
    Same type of 13K & 26K movement of the solar system. meh.
    Gobekli Tepe

  20. …And again, I remember the green sea water as I road on a white boat. I was glancing over the rail to see the rounded stones deep within clear emerald water gently moving down a channel.
    It was a momentary flash.


  21. BTW…. “dwelling in the past” is like driving the car looking in the rear view. Its nice to know where you’ve been, but youre itching to crash if you dont look where youre going.

    “Outside of time” is best described by a straw. You can look at it, study it from the side… measure it and break it down by measurement. BUT… If you hold it straight and true….if you look down the shaft of the straw, all you see is the circle.

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