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What a show! It seems that there is plenty of evidence that the past had a very different relationship with good and evil than we now understand, and that people believed that images themselves had power, and sometimes images were created for evil power.

Whitley is probably the only interviewer Heather Lynn will ever encounter who has direct personal experience of anything that could be called a physical entity that is not human and could be evil, and that makes for one totally riveting conversation!

They discuss everything from intentional possession where people try to let demons into their bodies, to what demons are and what the ancient world really thought of them.

Questions that are discussed include whether or not the visitors as Whitley experiences them are demonic, what a demon really is, and what Anne and Whitley and Shirley MacLaine discussed when they talked about the dark side in their conversations together years ago.

Then they go beyond, into a discussion of how to benefit from the dark side. It’s a really good interview!!

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