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Erich von Daniken’s new book, the Gods Never Left Us is the sequel, 50 years in the making, to his powerful and controversial bestseller, Chariots of the Gods. It goes FAR BEYOND Chariots.

Listen as Whitley asks Eric the kinds of questions Whitley is going to ask, that no other interviewer in the world is going to think of! In this amazing interview, you will learn about the significance of such diverse subjects as crop formations, the mysterious structures on the island of Nan Madol, and the importance of the enigmatic Bombardier Beetle to our understanding of who and what we are and what our destiny is in the universe.

Just as we said, this is not your usual Erich Von Daniken interview! Whitley and Erich go on one of the premiere podcast adventures ever recorded. Don’t miss a single word of it!

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  1. I think it would be
    I think it would be irresponsible to spread our intelligence into another reality, extraterrestrial or otherwise, at this time. Would our intelligence be packaged with elements of our culture, our politics, our wars, and an oligarchical agenda? If God or the gods are watching, I would not be surprised if they were troubled by this notion. We need to clean up our act and our world, i.e. be spiritually enlightened, before taking this show on the road. Anything less, in my opinion, would be like metastasizing a cancer.

  2. Nice to hear from this
    Nice to hear from this luminary again; good show old boy!

  3. Just letting you know, the
    Just letting you know, the “LATEST FOR SUBSCRIBERS” listing for this show on the site’s front page is showing “02.16.18” instead of “02.23.18” now.

  4. That was crazy good and left
    That was crazy good and left me hopeful. Thank you Whitley for the work you are doing. I’m glad to be a subscriber.

  5. what are the “loud whispers”
    what are the “loud whispers” i hear periodically during this show?

    1. Dreamer, I heard them too,
      Dreamer, I heard them too, and so did my partner, so we’re glad we weren’t the only ones who heard the whispers! I’ve gone back and listened to the section where they are most obvious, which starts about 28:05 into the interview. I listened to that section over and over again with ear buds too. I can’t be sure, but what I thought I heard was “Come back”. if anyone else noticed the whispers, I would be curious about what you think was being said.

      As for why someone would create creatures with unexplainable genetics like the Bombardier Beatle: My feeling is that the main reason would be to grab our attention at a key point in our own evolution, encouraging us to ask the very questions that von Daniken poses in the interview. Anyone not ready to ask those questions might merely feel a sense of awe, which is a pretty good starting point towards greater consciousness.

  6. What a great
    What a great show ! The human quest to understand nature has lead us so far from it we have endangered, not nature, but ourselves.

  7. I would like to thank Mr.
    I would like to thank Mr. Strieber and Mr. Von Daniken for such a lovely interview.

    I loved the questions: I would have asked the same.

    I can only share with others here what for me was one of the most pivotal books in my life: Chariots of the Gods.
    I was a kid when I discovered it on my mother’s bookshelf. It haunted me then, and all of it haunts me now.
    ( In a good way, on a good day… ) 🙂
    The importance of E.V.D’s vision, and the manner is which he, like Whitley, doggedly communicates it, is in my experience, not to be underestimated. These are bright, bold warriors who lead from the front.



  8. So, today I am looking
    So, today I am looking through my book shelf to see if I still had my old copy of, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS. I did find it along with another book…….GOD’S FROM OUTER SPACE.  I plan to do re-reads.

    Thank you Erich Von Daniken for giving most of your adult life to what you believe in. I BELIEVE…….

  9. I have great memories from
    I have great memories from decades ago reading Von Daniken’s books. I recall the part from a latter chapter in Chariots of the gods, where he writes about humans replacing their organs/ appendages and augmenting their minds with robotics. Maybe He’ll turn out to be a bit more prophetic in future than John Hogue will ever be.

    The issue with Erich’s presentation of “evidence”, is perhaps partly due to, as he refers to within this interview, he’s not exactly ‘king’ of the king’s english.

    His reasoning doesn’t seen much different on face value, to the reasoning of those intelligent design people, that annoyed all of us so, in previous decades. That if a ready and easy explanation is not available, using the examples given in the show ( pyrokinetic beetle, excessive numbers of cut rocks on some Carolina island and a pillar on a moon of Mars) then space aliens must have done it. Accompanyingly, that space aliens must be responsible because- check it out- all these ancient books can be interpreted to say they were about the place, building gold mines and stuff.

    Not a large philosophical departure from the mormon one about the human eye and the female gential tract being so complex, that evolution as per Darwinisim could not account for such structure and function. Hence some godly type being must be responsible.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the guy, given how he was presented in mainstream documentaries and TV shows back in the 80’s.. Yeah sure, as per with Whitley’s take on stuff, something goes on, though what is it?

    Given the biological evolution law ( everybody calls it a theory, when in fact it is a law). There are voluminous examples of complex physiological systems that, we think, probably did arise by darwinian evolution. The immune system in mammals is a good example. Good because the functional infulence of the environment that (probably) led to such structure and function are still around. As in pathogens. Or dangerous organisms if you want to go with Matzinger’s model of immunity.

    I am not saying it is impossible that space men did a bit of tinkering with monkeys, or the like. I am saying that when gene system diversification over time is graphed, x and y, time vs complexity, what you get is a not a smooth line but a step wise mess. Large changes in gene structure in very short periods of time, then bugger all for tens of millions of years. The changes tend to coincide with cataclysm.

    A classic analogus example of lack of understanding of biology, from times past, that led to some very ‘interesting’ popular explanations of pretty down to earth occurences, would be spontaneous generation.

    Back in the day when there was all that black plague stuff going on, the rationale for eitiology of the disease was people leaving food, human, dead human bodies and other waste in the streets of cities. Partially correct, as in co-morbid bacteria associated with early versions of what is nowdays called the bird flu viruses.

    So the argument went, that rats, recognised at the time as one vector of disease, spontaneously generated directly from garbage and decomposing matter. It didn’t occur to anybody that rats might movie in, set up a nest, do some reproducing and pump out more rats. Authorities really did believe there was a biological process where waste was directly converted into rats, without the reproduction part.

    My point being that frequently, all the pieces are there to explain observed processes and phenomena, tricky part is designing the experiment. Trickier still, drawing inferences on the results. Given the above, humanity could have been in much less a world of hurt with the application of slightly different reasoning.

    Controlling the rats and clearing away bodies and waste. And not wiping out the natural predators of the rats would have averted mass death and suffering. Y’know, cats. With that dumb idea prevalent in stupid people to this day tha cats are “agents of satan” and bad luck given that glinting eye thing with a light source at night.

    1. Thanks HD, I was thinking the
      Thanks HD, I was thinking the same with the bombardier beetle, evolution is more than capable in selecting this amazing creature. As you point out, punctuated equilibrium can cause rapid change when populations bottleneck, leaving no obvious missing link. Makes the whole thing seem miraculous!

      I also recall him postulating that the hexagonal basalt columns themselves were evidence of some past unknown technology. Although amazing in their structure the underlying crystallography of the constituent minerals explains there shape.

      He seems to throw interesting things out there hoping they’ll stick without a lot of forethought or heaven forbid, good research.

  10. Let me re-affirm, Mr Von
    Let me re-affirm, Mr Von Daniken is a titan. Treated like S**t.
    I haven’t an idea how those basalt columns got there. I am willing to try.


  11. Back in the day, we had to
    Back in the day, we had to read a book per month in grammar school. I read and reported on “Chariots of the Gods,” in sixth grade. I remember it distinctly, and I remember the response of my teacher – which was to give me a good grade but to write a note to my parents on the paper (and me) questioning whether or not it was a good thing for a young mind to be reading such stuff.

    Well, my parents approved. And to say it changed my life – well, in sixth grade you haven’t had much of a life to be changed – rather – it shaped my life and my thinking moving forward.

    What a gift to hear Von Daniken all these years later. Thank you, Whitley.

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