Erich von Daniken's new book, the Gods Never Left Us is the sequel, 50 years in the making, to his powerful and controversial bestseller, Chariots of the Gods. It goes FAR BEYOND Chariots.

Listen as Whitley asks Eric the kinds of questions Whitley is going to ask, that no other interviewer in the world is going to think of! In this amazing interview, you will learn about the significance of such diverse subjects as crop formations, the mysterious structures on the island of Nan Madol, and the importance of the enigmatic Bombardier Beetle to our understanding of who and what we are and what our destiny is in the universe.

Just as we said, this is not your usual Erich Von Daniken interview! Whitley and Erich go on one of the premiere podcast adventures ever recorded. Don't miss a single word of it!

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