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First, Dreamland’s astrologer Tashi Powers returns to discuss this weekend’s eclipse and coming astrological events of significance, then we return to the crop circle season.

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Michael Glickman is back with us to talk about one of the most extraordinary and controversial crop circle seasons in years. He weighs in on the Martinsell Hill formation, which has been claimed as a hoax, reporting on his impressions of the formation as a professional architect with 30 years of crop circle experience.

He and Whitley discuss the order behind the geometry of the formations, and the intent behind that order, as well as the massive effort that has been made from the beginning to claim that the formations are manmade.

Why are they debunked so aggressively? Who has such a profound interest in convincing mankind that this very real mystery is not a mystery at all, when, in fact, over the years, over 7,000 formations have appeared around the world?

This is a controversial, fraught and ambiguous field, but Michael remains adamant in his conviction that the vast majority of the formations are genuine mysteries. In addition, in all the years of claiming hoax, the hoaxers themselves have yet to create a really extraordinary crop formation while being observed by the public.

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  1. Well if the hoax is itself a
    Well if the hoax is itself a hoax and the hoaxing hoaxers refuse to prove it voluntarily by creating a convincing hoax in public, why not hire them to do so? If enough funds can be gathered that should they still refuse it would raise questions about their claim, or if they take the challenge and still fail to deliver, it would go a long way to proving your side. I’d be willing to chip in a few dollars.

  2. Looking forward to more of
    Looking forward to more of Alien Contact. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. The Vesica Pisces reminds me
    The Vesica Pisces reminds me of the eyes of the visitor on the cover of Communion.

  4. Below Maya Todorova posted
    Below Maya Todorova posted this in regards to the…Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 10th August… She sees a face as I am sure others do.


    Famous double stars Mizar and Alcor are easy to find in the handle of the Big Dipper. Mizar is really four stars, and Alcor is really two stars. So what we see as two stars are really (SIX) in one!


    Then there is also this?
    Sidus Ludoviciana is an 8th-magnitude star in the asterism of the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major, halfway between Mizar and Alcor. It was discovered on 2 December 1722 by Johann Georg Liebknecht, who mistook it for a planet and named it after Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt.

  5. I was at the 2018 Crop Circle

    I was at the 2018 Crop Circle Conference in Devises in Whitshire. It was a great and put on at the Bear Hotel by Steve & Karen Alexander. I was lucky to meet Micheal Glickman and work in the scared Geometry Class. Also the conscienious exercises by Johnathan.
    Many great presentations. One had a picture of Whitley with a quote… it was about the hassles that people go through when talking of esoteric subjects.
    There were 3 CC’s near Hackpen Hill on leased Knight’s Templar land. Myself and my children was lucky to walk into the 3rd one….

    “Its magic and it’s real!”
    james day

  6. Thank you Micheal for your
    Thank you Micheal for your study of this phenomena and your optimism about our future. I think that you are right on with your assessment of the precision, accuracy, and delicacy of the Martinsell Hill formation. As one who has walked through many crops as part of his work I find it astounding that humans could even begin to carry this out in the daytime, never mind in the dark. Ground surfaces can be very irregular due to the natural roughness as well as the ridges usually left by the planting equipment. It’s so easy to stumble if you are not careful and the next think you know crops are stepped on and disturbed.
    As to your comments about the nay-sayers, when the phenomena was first being reported I mentioned this to a friend who is an engineer. He was curious at first, but once the Doug and Dave explanation came out he was quick to dismiss it. No discussion or questioning on his part; the matter is solved, case closed. In his mind a plausible explanation was all that was required. I think he thought me to be an idiot for thinking otherwise. I know several folks in my life who either look for the simplest explanation or assume that it’s the work of the devil and they want no part of it.
    Like I always say, keep an open mind, but not so much that your brains fall out. Isn’t that the challenge before us.
    Rick Man

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