Brooks Agnew joins Whitley for a show covering the physics of the soul and time travel.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no video version of this edition of Dreamland, contrary to what is said in the show. We do intend to provide video versions of Dreamland in the future whenever possible.

Also note that this guest was present in Washington during the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol. He has told us that he was not involved in the riot. In this difficult political period, the political views of some guests may be distressing to some listeners. Please know that he does not discuss his views in the show or in the video Q&A provided for our subscribers. Unknowncountry is not a political website and Dreamland does not run political programming.

Brooks Agnew can be reached on his Facebook Page. Click here.


  1. Talking of time travel, I realised this morning that this will be my 19th year of listening to Dreamland on Saturday morning’s while taking breakfast.

    This show is my escape from the political madness of this world that can be so disheartening if you don’t learn to walk away from it and stroll back into the real world around us.

  2. IMHO: A brilliant mind and predatory ego at times manipulating the conversation with personal agenda. The claim to have the secret of ‘the Secret’ is a materialist claiming ‘not divine will, but personal will may be dominant’ and this is a current delusion of humanity destroying the natural world, rather than realizing it is sacred and can teach humanity the path to loving relationship. If we all see a supernova from a star 1800 light years away in 2022, then I will read his books, otherwise my feelings tell me this man is not connected to spirit’s creation, but is speaking his own brilliant mind’s creations.

    1. I agree. I will be waiting for confirmation of that light reaching us.

    2. Sunbow, I loved your comment. The human ego saying “I do it!” like toddlers do is the root of our problems.
      “We are of the Earth.
      And to Her we will return.
      The future is inside us.
      It’s not somewhere else.”
      Thom Yorke

      “This little point [spark] is the pure glory of God in us. It is His name written in us.

      It is like a pure diamond, blazing with the invisible light of heaven.

      It is in everybody – and if we could see it – we would see these billions of points-of-light coming together – in the face and blaze of a Sun, that would make all the darkness and cruelty of life vanish completely…

      I have no program for this seeing … but the gate of heaven is everywhere.”

      ~ Thomas Merton

  3. Did you actually check this guy out before having him on? He was PROMOTING THE RIOT AT THE CAPITOL. Have a quick scroll through his facebook page:

    If you’re still doing the Q&A there will be some tough questions asked.

  4. It’s hard for me to believe a guy that tried to organize a hollow earth expedition to the North Pole.

  5. Author

    I don’t recall seeing that anywhere. It’s certainly a good question to ask him in the zoom chat today.

  6. Author

    Oh my God I did not know that he promoted the riot at the capitol. He certainly didn’t say a thing about that to me and we interviewed him after the riot. Politics never came up. To be honest, I’m horrified.

    1. The ethical thing to do would be to take down the interview so you are not promoting this man. Just explain why this needed to be done. Sometimes it seems a little as if you are afraid of offending the MAGA crowd, even though they are a danger to the United States. Screw ’em. Integrity comes above popularity.

      1. Author

        If you listen to the interview and do his Q&A today he’s just brilliant and he comes across as such a lovely man. I think that we have to accept his extremism as an eccentricity.

        This sort of thing is not unknown by any means among big minds.

        DT Suzuki, the greatest Zen master of modern times, was a Japanese nationalist who supported their WWII aggression.

        1. Unbelievable! No more backbone at all. My subscription ends in February and I will not be renewing. Your lack of commitment to integrity has become too much to bear. There are a lot of brilliant men in this world. Most of them aren’t right wing fascists. I am really disgusted with you.

          1. Author

            I can’t say I’m surprised. This is a world filled with hate, as a dying world always is. My way or the highway. Never remembered is what is engraved on the temple at Delphi: nothing overmuch. Unless One can accept the lives of others as the mysteries that they are, there is a very little value to living.

          2. Dylansdad, there’s no reason to be “disgusted” at Whitley. It’s not like he has a full time staff to investigate every aspect of a guest’s life and views! There is no rightwing politcal philosphy in anything Brooks says, it’s a scientific/spiritual discussion. And he certainly has a right to his views on abortion. So Brooks has got sucked into some fringe thinking and conspiracies, that’s so easy to do in the land of High Strangeness. Don’t be so intolerant or quick to judge or you’ll be as bad as the people you rail against.

  7. I scrolled through the Facebook page and found a lot of upsetting stuff. I can’t give him any credence.

  8. Author

    I am remiss for not vetting my guests more thoroughly. I have a tendency to look at their books and not look into their backgrounds too much. Obviously now that we have so much extremism in our country and in the world, I’m going to have to be more careful.

    1. This is a reply to Dylan’sDad’s comment but I’m having difficulty seeing that thread again on my phone, apologies.

      To be disgusted with Whitley is the last thing on my mind. That’s highly offensive and I’m as left as they come.

      I went to follow Brooks on twitter and found he’s basically a Qanon believer. I knew something was off when he brought up abortion out of left field, then mentioned being locked inside, and it’s confirmed by his recent tweets. But does that invalidate his obvious acumen in other areas?

      Forgive me for being personal, but I wondered if Annie would’ve caught his toxic beliefs if she were in physical form and Whit, if you’re too overwhelmed with the zillions of things on this plane she probably helped with, I know I and likely others, would be more than happy to help you with preliminary or surface vetting to avoid any similar situations in the future.

      My perspective: Whitley is a pure soul, your innocence can be also be a downside, not that you’re perfect at all, just that you are less concerned with the material than immaterial, and this time it bit you bad.

      Separately, I have some thoughts about your adding video if you’d like a young ish internet addict’s opinion. I just started following #ufotwitter and it has some bearing on the video idea.

      Anyway, to be angry a supporter of overturning the election is on Dreamland is wholly understandable, but to insult a man who’s arguably doing/done more to bring the phenomenon to the mainstream, legitimize and support experiencers, as well as provided access to many areas of extensive research than any other? This is a moment for us as a family to support Whitley in his teachable moment, and move on. Depriving oneself of someone’s life work because he spends more time meditating than online is ridiculous. It would be the worst case of baby bath water I’ve seen. Forgive my verbosity. Thanks W. for all you give. We love you so much, and I will talk to Annie about the video stuff maybe instead 🙂
      ~ maude

    2. Whitely, you’re doing fine. If I had been in your place I would’ve focussed on his books & ideas instead of political views. Your readers and listeners need to keep their minds open, that’s their responsibility. Take care.

      Andrew D. / Spooklog

  9. I enjoyed the math and science of the first 40 minutes

    What is Brooks trying to say about millions of fetuses killed every year? Whitley, it seemed as if his statement came out of left field..and your response about when a young woman is ‘knocked up’ there a hard decisions.’

    I’m waiting to hear of Brook’s efforts at education and healthcare for young men and women.

  10. Author

    I used knocked up instead of raped because in the moment I was rather shocked by that turn up the conversation. I thought it would be less hard sounding. What I meant was that when a woman is raped and becomes pregnant as a result, then the decision of what to do is a hard one. Which it is.

    1. I checked out his FB page as well, so disappointed to discover unbridled darkness in bright minds. It is challenging, despite the many truths shared, difficult to get behind & join one who promotes divisions, dark thoughts, intentional separation -being and malcontent. Sad day.

      In other thoughts: we’ve been watching our young fall to “screen addiction” long before COVID. It’s short sided to lazily blame the pandemic for our lack of commitment to prevent the existing technological pandemic from becoming commonplace.
      However, despite a grand need to create balance and develop a sense of healthy habitual practice with our new screen dependent world. We cannot deny the devices our toddlers crave, teens and adults cannot live without are an unavoidable tool.

  11. Absolutely wonderful interview with Brooks Agnew! I became familiar with his work years ago on youtube. I truly enjoyed your interview. Thank you Whitley.

  12. Whatever Mr. Agnew’s politics, I am ordering his book to further explore his ideas. Certainly a unique mind and fascinating interview.

    Whitley, I was amazed (but perhaps I shouldn’t have been) to hear that you are now able to go back in time. I find it curious that every single person here isn’t clamoring for more details. I just have to ask: did you actually view Jesus in his time? What did he look like? His personality . . .did he laugh? Was he aware of your presence? Did you interact? I find myself a little reluctant to post my questions because it feels a bit too forward somehow, so please excuse me, but if you’d care to respond, I for one would be grateful. If not, I can’t wait to get my hands on Jesus: A New Vision.

  13. Author

    There is a Q&A posted now in the video meeting room with Brooks, which is just excellent.

    As to time movement, it’s not like being there. It’s much more like being in a kind of collective presence and seeing the world through the eyes of a person who was there. Not visually but conceptually. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I started to see that I was building this picture of the life of Jesus that you almost couldn’t conceive unless you following his thought patterns.

    This happened not only with him but with many others as I focused on the era. When I finished writing for the day, I would have to work to get myself back into a modern mindset.

    1. There isn’t a video there, I have checked on both phone and computer.

      Is there a link?

      Thanks, Whitley!

  14. How fascinating. Thanks for your response. And I should have guessed that the process itself would be nothing like I would have imagined. But then again, that’s Unknowncountry in a nutshell!

  15. I think all the Manifestations of God (Adam, Abraham, Krishna, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Jesus, Mohammad, Bahá’u’lláh, etc) had the same capacity of unconditional love. Excellent episode, Info wise. I think we shouldn’t get mad at Whitley for his guest’s political views. Although i think bigots, ethnocentrists, fascists and communists are all part of the falling/failing world order, but that maybe doesn’t take away from the value of most of what was said, most of which was non-partisan or political.

    1. If someone has 9 faults and 1 virtue we should focus on the 1 virtue not his faults, was ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s advice.

  16. It’s incredible how some men still think they somehow have the right to decide for women.

    If all fetuses should be born except on some arbitrary circumstance, then how about making a law that men should only ejaculate except when wanting kids?
    Crazy right?
    A woman’s body is her own. I don’t know why it is so hard for men to understand.
    With that being said I don’t think this should be taken down because we don’t agree with the man’s politics. I find it offensive but we’re not children. We have to learn how to decide for ourselves. I agree with
    Although I was disappointed with Whitley’s comments on a women’s rights this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop being a subscriber of this wonderful site that has helped me for so many years.
    That would put me in the same level as people that burn books when they don’t agree with the author.

    1. Hello. In the show description, Whitley stated that a video link would not be available due to technical difficulties.

  17. The Universe creates unique beings on this planet, one soul at a time. I get that Brooks, opposes abortion because of that wondrous life that will never be; yet in this society it is a woman’s choice. As a hardcore US political Progressive, I agree with that decision though personally, l wouldn’t.

    The interview was fascinating based on science and spirituality. I enjoyed it. I accept what resonates with me and files what doesnt. Politics was not relevant. We’re multi-dimensional characters; had I known the depths of his politics, l of the of Brooks . I’m glad because I wouldn’t have listened to the interview.

    Our ‘principles’ can produce extremism that blocks negotiation, compromise and progress on issues of agreement. Example: ln the USA, Republicans AND Democrats always quickly agree to increase military spending. My point is a Dem who favors US military interventions would enjoy an interview about an ever-increasing military budget, but revelations about the backstory of compromise, hypocrisy, and deprioritization of domestic issues might be a total turnoff.

  18. I think everybody in this country needs to take a real hard look at themselves. We are becoming divided between two extremes, and both of them are TOTALLY BANKRUPT.

    I say that because of what we are already forgetting, which is the bloodbath they caused in the 20th Century. Neither the far left nor the far right have any credibility whatsoever, but still, even here on UC, you have people jabbering on about these stupid ideologies. Far left and far right, get over it! Your ideas lead to misery and death.

    I have three reasons for loving UC. First is the tone set by Whitley. He makes no secret of his personal moderation. He lives it, in fact. Second is his mind. We forget very easily that he is an incredible genius. I mean, look at Communion, Superstorm, the Key, Afterlife and New World–these are works of genius. The only reason nobody says that or realizes it is that he’s almost totally ignored. Between 1985 and about 2000, the media did a relentless hatchet job on him and he just disappeared. Now this precious site is where you find him, and thank God Anne had the smarts to found it when she did!

    The third is the most important and most overlooked. It is his voice. The tones in a voice come from the soul, and his is filled with peace and gentleness and goodness. (Another reason extremists like to bully him, imo. They hear his beautiful self-mastery as weakness.) Listening to something like Afterlife or New World–the voice itself feeds your soul.

    End of rant, almost. Extremists, read the history of what you love, which is the two-headed nightmare of the far left and the far right and ask yourselves: what is the matter with me that I could think that such things are in any way good?

    I love UC, Whitley, and thank God for it and for you.

    1. Its always easy to never take a side. Illustrates your privilege.

      1. If two blind men argue over what the color green looks like, why would you choose a side when they are obviously lacking any real ability to perceive the color green, or any other color for that matter?
        Neither blind man knows the Truth. It is, however, the privilege of each blind man in this country to keep running their mouths though.

  19. I didn’t get a chance to finish listening so I sure hope this doesn’t come down before I do. Or ever, no matter what he supports that we would not. As it seems to me, separation happens when we identify what we consider unacceptable in the other and then push the totality of the other away because of it. Oneness happens when we allow ourselves to be enriched by what we find in the other that we resonate with, and let the rest fall away. If it is dark it will fall into darkness. Leave it there.

    1. As interesting as the topic is and as brilliant as the guest may be, the messenger matters. Someone who can’t accept election results and supports violently interfering with the transfer of leadership is every bit as bad as the anti-vaccers you oppose. I oppose them too. Love your site, but please vet your guests in the future.

  20. EPISODE #310 (face-book)

    Brooks Agnew, did I miss an apology on your face book page immediately following the deadly riot? If there is none then SHAME ON YOU, FOR ME IT RAISES A RED FLAG IN THAT YOU HAVE A SERIOUS FLAW IN YOUR CHARACTER. If no sense of remorse is posted there, then I would think, in regards to the the human psyche, you are a dangerous person. Did I understand correctly that you teach classes? If so, I cannot but question the ability you might have to infuse subliminal thoughts into the minds and consciousness of those students taking your classes? What about those lost lives and destruction during the riot?  

    “I Don’t Hold Grudges, I Remember Facts.”  A great quote.

    Thank you for your post.

    Another good post.

    Think about your decision. Your posts would certainly be missed.

    I am so grateful to be part of UNKNOWCOUNTRY. Lots of inquiring minds, each with their own special talents.

  21. I would by no means cancel my subscription–I’ve subscribed almost since the beginning–and I’ll listen to anyone once. But what Agnew was saying started sounding a sour note for me by halfway through; it didn’t feel right. And I can’t regard his extremist rightwing views as a mere eccentricity; they’re mean-spirited and a part of the whole package. I guess that means I’m less willing than some here to accept the other aspects of his message. If you take a bite of an egg and discover it’s bad, stop eating.

  22. Author

    You cannot imagine how hideous this whole experience is from my end. I hate the idea of having to dig down into each guest’s background before interviewing them, but I guess I have no choice. What a world!

    1. For heaven’s sake Whitley, of course you have choice. The instant you begin attempting to mollify the sort of adolescent intolerance and totalitarian impulse I’ve read in some of these comments — and which is metastasizing daily — you’ve ceded a portion of your personal freedom that these my-way-or-the-highway, cancel-culture haters will never give you back. Don’t let these harmful, thoroughly unAmerican citizens put your knickers in a twist. Agnew gave you a pretty damned interesting show. ‘Nuff said.

  23. Hi Whitley, Agnew was well spoken and personable during the interview. Afterwards, I checked him out on line. Oh my! I have no intention of cancelling my subscription but I do recommend an apology to your members and removing the interview. Just my opinion. I would be happy to help you in any way to keep something like this from happening again. I’m old but savvy and I’m retired and have the time. Thanks, Ted

  24. Author

    Thanks for your offer, Tassos, and your thoughts, everybody above.

    1. You can always count on me too, Whitley. 100%. I’m an attorney by trade so can always assist with vetting, or anything else you or this wonderful site need.

  25. Whitley, thanks for giving this the serious attention it deserves. I won’t be cancelling my subscription at this time, but trust that you will do some vetting of guests in the future.

  26. I enjoyed hearing Brooks Agnew without knowing any history about him. Reading some of the comments made me wonder about the wisdom of vetting every guest on the show unless the person’s history is relevant to the topic. Do we really want to be gate keepers of correctness that will match our belief system with others before we know what that person has to say? This group seems very capable of discernment and of being able to create an argument to defend their belief. I am grateful to have heard him.

    1. I agree fully that one’s background matters to the extent that it affects their science/facts. I too am grateful that Whitley seriously engaged us on this matter. One distasteful interview out of hundreds does not merit cancellation…my opinion

  27. Vetting – I am 76 years old and I don’t recall ever hearing the word used until just the last few years. I think maybe I didn’t notice waking up in a communist controlled government country. I used to live in the United States of America.

  28. I just listened to this. There’s no politics. The guy touches on abortion but Whitley quickly moves off the topic. The rest is really interesting.

    I have to say, I don’t think that guests should be vetted for anything except whether or not their ideas are worth listening to. I’ll bet if we combed through the backgrounds of all the guests, we’d find plenty of them hold political views we don’t share.

    So I’m saying this: Dreamland should continue to be like it is. If the guest has an interesting subject and it’s well done, the personal politics shouldn’t matter.

    I’ll admit that this is an unusual case. It’s not every day there’s an insurrection in Washington and a guest turns out to have been there. But a lot of Trump supporters were there, and they didn’t riot. Agnew didn’t riot. So basically all Agnew is is a Trump supporter and into the QAnon weirdness. I don’t care if a person is a Trump supporter if they’ve got good information, frankly. And the show was fascinating.

  29. I sensed something was not right with this guest. Could not finish listening.
    Still love unknown country for all the valuable information it has.
    Don’t beat yourself up Whitely, it happened the way it was supposed to.
    Sending love and hugs!

  30. Author

    Why would they believe that people are pedophile cannibals? I mean, shouldn’t that be a rather hard sell, given how extreme it is? But now I see on his FB page a coded message that he thinks that Biden is a pedophile. No proof at all of that, not even a hint of it. And the videos of him touching his grandkids–they’re totally normal. I’m a grandfather and I love to kiss and touch my grandkids, and so does any other normal grandparent. It has nothing to do with sex, but with joy.

    More and more, I am thinking that this cat is just too toxic.

    1. This is probably the most controversial Dreamland I can remember. There was that Pinchback fight a few years back, but that’s it.

    2. Whitley I’m sending you love and understanding. From a subscriber since the very, very early days.

  31. Author

    Thank you! It has been a pretty weird experience. I’ve learned a lot about things like Q anon that I did not know. I do not think that anyone who believes those things is entirely sane. That such a thing would get any traction at all is terrifying. And yet I know too much about conspiracies not to know that some are real. The problem with these weird claims is they make all conspiracy claims seem ridiculous. And maybe that is what Q anon is really about. An incredibly toxic false flag.

  32. If Nike, google & facebook and take down and stop doing business with nut jobs, then Dreamland can too. Do not help promote these traitors.

  33. Whitley,
    I was planning on listening today, roughly a week after the show was posted. Thank you for updating the description. I believe, after reading many passionate and thoughtful comments, that I will pass. It’s difficult for me to give anyone that chooses a negative polarity space in my head. I’ve been disheartened by the number of people in my own life (that have both head and heart space) that truly believe Qanon, even if they don’t recognize their beliefs as such. I’ve asked some of them what they’re planning After democracy. There’s always a lot of stammering and silence at that point….oh Blessed Silence. Thank you Whitley for all you do. You’ve created a wonderful community and I appreciate stepping out of the fray and into UC.

  34. I discovered the Late, Great, Wonderful Jim Marrs right here on Dreamland many years ago but in today’s so called “vetting” and cancel culture he would never have been allowed to be here. Jim was an absolutely brilliant mind and loving Soul. I miss him very much! Please consider the implications of the “thought process” going on here. Thanks

  35. Author

    Of course Jim would be allowed here! There’s no “cancel culture” here.

    Note that Brooks’s show HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED. So, NO CANCEL CULTURE. We have posted a warning that his personal opinions may offend some people, but we have no reason to remove a show that doesn’t reflect those opinions. We did this because his opinions are expressed very extensively on his Facebook page and some of our listeners found them offensive. As Dreamland isn’t a political show, we didn’t talk politics, but we DID talk about his theories, which are normal Dreamland source material.

  36. Maybe Whitley can use intent to get his full eyesight back. Got nothing to lose at this point.
    For those who might be interested, it’s obvious that there is a group of oligarchs who all know each other who own the big international Banks, the Federal Bank, Wall Street, the large Corporations, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) the Main Stream Media (MSM) and Silicone Valley with Google and YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc,
    So If a guy comes along who is also an oligarch but not a politician who manages to get into the White House but who doesn’t play by the rules set in Washington by that group, they want him out. Especially if he does not want to continue running the most profitable racket there is: waging wars. Because all those in the group have interests in the MIC. And because they control the MSM are able to manufacture consent from the masses that waging a war is necessary for humanitarian reasons. The members of the group have their consciences completely suppressed, but know most of the mass has theirs alive, so they use the MSM to show pictures of children, for example, who have been killed by such and such president of a certain country who they want to replace with a puppet of their choice who does their bidding instead of that of his fellow countrymen and women.
    They even use False Flag Operations for that, so their MSM can portray the opponent as a mass murderer. Obviously the masses agree that such an evil leader must go being told that the elections that brought him to power in his country were fraudulent- so now they consent with a new regime change war being waged in which thousands of soldiers on both sides and sometimes millions of innocent civilians are killed and maimed. But of course the MSM don’t show that. Instead they continue with the war propaganda lies to keep the public support while the group of oligarchs laugh all the way to the bank their colleagues own. who are also laughing.
    As part of False Flag operations Agent Provocateur are often used on a small scale. A group of people is paid to mix with a crowed of peaceful protesters, dressed up as protesters, to commit acts of violence, to make it look like the protestors are a bunch of dangerous violent criminals. The MSM are ready, cameras rolling, to show the masses the “live news” which indeed is really fake news, al cleverly fabricated.
    The MSM never even touch on the subject, keeping it a secret, but there is still an article in the Wiki on “Agent Provocateur” with info on where and when those agents have been used historically. Yet having been so successful it is still being used on occasions, like the gathering of those who want an investigation into the elections, something the other groups vehemently opposes not wanting the public to find out. Otherwise why would they oppose it if it would prove they won legitimately? Even the judges did not want to hear the over a 1000 witnesses under oath (affidavits) nor see the evidence, refusing to hear the cases on fabricated technicalities, while the MSM spread the idea that none of the judges found no evidence of fraud. Which is true because they refused to look at it, but that the MSM doesn’t mention.

    Anyone who discloses information on this fraud is being portrayed as a crazy lying conspiracy theorists nut case and an extreme right wing fascist. Someone who should be banned (cancelled) from all the well known platforms, so the public at large doesn’t find out what really is going on. This has been done with this man for that reason

    I’m not really interested in politics although I still know about these things. Or maybe precisely because of these things I’m not interested in who is president, for also Trump did much of the bidding of the mentioned most powerful group of oligarchs.. As George Carlin put it “It’s a big club and you aren’t in it.”
    I am very interested in what Brooks Agnew discovered and teaches though on our intent influencing what we and others experience. Very much so. So I’m glad Whitley interviewed him and my girlfriend told me about it.
    My intent is to see the Love of God in everyone, including those oligarchs and the politicians, no matter how cleverly disguised in evil appearances.
    That they may come to Who and How they really are as divine extensions of our perfectly loving Creator, thus working for the good of all instead of against it, including against their own real good, which is God.

  37. Whitley, I just finished listening to your talk with Brooks Agnew. Interesting as are all your shows. Keep your mind open. Resist the bullies and closed minds.

  38. I can’t say that I am shocked at some of the extreme reactions to the guest by some of the usual commentators on this site. It is with a wry amusement that I see all of the ‘love and light’ people here on this comments sections cry ‘fascism’ as they call for censorship of one man’s (rather engagingly articulated, IMO) ideas. To add insult to injury our host is excoriated by certain hysterical voices for his having the apparent audacity to host someone whose views deviate from theirs. Apparently they are the arbiter of what is ethical or who has integrity – and if the host does not share that then withdraw support. In other words, try to crush those who disagree.

    That is an interesting ultimatum to give on a site devoted to promoting a greater understanding about the universe we live in – and members/followers ostensibly intent on that goal.

    Long time guest John Hogue, recently got a similar reaction (from the same people, I might add) because all of a sudden he was presumably guilty of Wrongthink and leaning in the “wrong” direction politically (despite how arbitrarily that might have been decided). I am not even a fan of Hogue myself, but also wrote then against censoring his voice based on a frivolous and one sided political/ideological purity test.

    People seem to project certain characteristics onto others based on what they know (or think they know) about incidental factors like political affiliation. The talk about detecting “ego” and perhaps other dark undercurrents in the guest by some here seems like this kind of bias to me. There are other guests that I found to seem far more arrogant and self aggrandizing than Mr Agnew – I wouldn’t ever lobby to have them removed despite that lack of resonance.

    Whitley, I hope you do stay on the path of allowing as many people as possible to speak on this site without trying to “curate” them based on some kind of political slant. Even those that believe in QAnon and similar things I think are mostly operating out of concern for the world in some form according to their understanding. It may seem crazy to believe it (and i may agree myself) but what have “normal” people said about abductions, visionary experiences and UFO phenomenon? I am liable to believe in rather non-ordinary things myself as, one would assume, is everyone on this site – I may have opinions but who am i to judge?

    The universe is under no obligation to impart wisdom only to those people with whom one personally likes or whose politics one happens to agree with.

  39. i am happy you didn’t take it down. but i won’t be listening to this week’s show.

  40. Author

    What does this mean? That you’re not interested in this week’s show or that you’re not listening to it because there is some aspect of something that I’ve said or done that you’ve decided to cancel me over? My way or the highway is no way at all.

    1. You know, the pressure makes people lose sight of the big picture. I feel like we’re all traumatized and have ptsd from recent events. Whit I’m going to listen to it for the third time because there’s a lot to catch.
      Boo to the haters, it’s ridiculous.
      thanks for all-

  41. You know, pressure makes people lose sight of the big picture. I feel like we’re all traumatized and coping with ptsd from recent events. Whit I’m going to listen to it for the third time because there’s a lot to catch.
    Boo to the haters, it’s ridiculous.
    thanks for all-

  42. Way back in my college days, studying Jung, I learned of the Archetype of Hanging on the Cross. In this vision of human experience, I am hanging on a cross of one perspective pulling me in one direction and another pulling equally hard in the opposite direction. This is how our current political scene looks to me. I love seeing the diversity of perspectives in this comments section, pulling us in different ways, some extreme, some neutral, along the cross piece of the cross. Somewhere in Edward Whitmont’s “The Symbolic Quest”, he says that the resolution to the pain of being pulled apart comes when we accept that we are in this position, and just hang there, completely feeling the pain and confusion. At some point, something happens and we find we are no longer on the cross. Life has turned a corner and we are somewhere else, no longer being pulled apart. I have experienced this many times. Sometimes the resolution comes sooner, sometimes later, but it does come. As I feel the pain of what I read here, I wait for the coming resolution for our country and ourselves.

  43. I listened to about five minutes of the show as soon as it came out and was really interested in his book but something in me just shut the door. His mannerisms tweaked my intuition negatively, in a way I can’t quite articulate. But despite the views and beliefs of the interviewee, that have since been unearthed, the only vetting I think should be done, is on the interview once it has been completed. And even then, with extreme caution. Like Jeremy mentions on his penultimate Experience podcast, there is not necessarily a correlation between someone’s level of spiritual attainment and their personal proclivities. I would much rather hear interviews, already knowing a little about the background of the person concerned (‘good’ or ‘bad’) and make my own mind up about how that might affect my interest in the content being discussed… rather than the message being censored on my behalf, thank-you-very-much. So if anyone is to do any digging on prospective interviewees, in my view, that information should only be used to supliment the discussion, or initial discripion of the interview and should never be used as an excuse for suppression of the message. Personal discretion is always advisable but can only be done effectively when in possession of the facts. We are not children… we do not need protecting.

    What kind of world would we live in, if the only words that were heard or seen, were those that did not cause offense…and only by those whose personal or political views we agreed with?

  44. Dear Whitley:
    Keep being the beautiful Being you are. I am renewing my subscription in March.
    My love and respect,

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