First, Whitley provides a 15 minute roundup report on coronavirus compiled from authoritative sources all over the world. How dangerous is the virus? If you get it, what should you expect? And how likely is it that you might get it? Are any drugs effective against it? Is there going to be a vaccine, and if so how soon? Above all, how do we react responsibly as a species, as nation states and as individuals? You will not find as calm, responsible and practical a report on the virus anywhere else. Period.

Then Anthony Peake offers some totally incredible new ideas of what close encounters mean, how they change us and, above all, where our visitors actually come from. Expect a bold explanation of the origin of the visitors from this innovative and courageous thinker!

The image to the right is the gnome Whitley mentions in the show. This image was taken by a trailcam near Pittsburgh and provided by Linda Moulton Howe.

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  1. A most enjoyable interview! He is a really interesting guy and I was astonished at his revelation (which I intuit to be correct) of the djinn being made of plasma, or at least as they were perceived in the Quoran.

    The sensible update on coronavirus information is also appreciated.

    I am wondering if more extensive notes / links to the shows can be provided? I would like to know more about the Miron guy and the Lucia 3 device, and the other shows Mr. Peake has done on Dreamland.

  2. So many interesting new terms, concepts and analogies! I need to write them all down. Hopefully they are in the book. 🙂

    1.) The concept of an egragore sounds like the same thing as a thoughtform.

    Could it be that over the long course of mankind’s history we created negative egragores out of our united, collective and fearful thoughtforms because we believed that they existed?

    And then they took-on a “life” of their own as the devils, demons and monsters of our religions and mythologies?

    2.) What about our collective positive thoughtforms? Might we also unwittingly have been the creators some of the revered beings of mythology and lore?

    3.) Is a similar but reverse kind of mechanism behind the government’s refusal to admit the existence of ETs?

    Because if the government were to acknowledge their existence, it might open the door too widely for them to enter our world, because we are giving them more life through our mental acknowledgment and permission.

    And that government denial — as well as general public and media ridicule and denial — are psychic protective mechanisms that hinder their more open entry into our world.

    (Something like the myth that the Native Americans could not see the approaching ships of Columbus, because ships were not part of their reality.)

    Could this be a possible reason for government denial imposed by those secretly in-the-know?

    4.) Very interesting to hear Anthony say that melatonin changes to metatonin in prolonged darkness — (interesting use of “meta”) — metatonin being something that acts in the body like DMT.

    Why then is the sun is so highly worshipped in some traditions?

    Perhaps the sun is more for popular public consumption (exoteric), rather than how darkness is for those rare individuals who are aspiring shamans (esoteric) who live in a dark cave for their first 18 years of life.

    Then the sun should induce the opposite effect of darkness. Yet there are people who claim spiritual energizing and mastery over physical eating by absorbing their sustenance directly from sunlight.

    And what about the hypnagogic light device? Is it like the shakti device (“God helmet”) of Michal Persinger? (He passed away in 2018, so he can’t be a guest on Dreamland — at least not in the conventional sense!)

    5.) Oh, dear. These are way too many questions! I shouldn’t ask any more.

    I don’t know that anyone will or CAN have a good answers anyway. It’s confusing to reconcile reality, isn’t it? 🙂

    P.S. — Whitley, yes, please make sure Anthony or somebody takes a video of your private Lucia (hypnagogic light device) session at Contact in the Desert! But please promise to come back!

    Anthony: “We are all carrying something totally illegal in our brains.” 😀 LOL Hahaha

    A mind-blowing interview, even in the free Dreamlanders’ version.

    1. the one salient thing i might add to your interesting post is; just because the natives couldn’t see the ships didn’t mean they were protected by not seeing them. the soldiers and sailors still came ashore.

      the thought forms of man\woman kind in the aether around the planet earth affect people whether they know about them or not. so too i would say do dis-carnate people who don’t leave the earth plane and rise higher. that can be both good and bad as well as depending on our thoughts cause attachments to all manner of entities.

      governments only care about securing their own power and dominance over others. anything that may liberate mankind from their steely grips is an enemy. if only they knew we now have the ability through science and technology to prove Malthus an imbecile and a fool. we don’t apply our knowledge to liberate all man kind because then a select few at the top couldn’t control and dominate the rest and live like parasites like they do now.
      see buck minister fullers book “critical path”. idealistic yes but i makes some damn good points.

  3. Thank you for the coronavirus update and references. This morning on CNN, the question of — whether or not people recovered from coronavirus now have immunity to that disease — was discussed:

    Dr. Celine Gounder, a professor of medicine and infectious diseases at NYU School of Medicine, spoke with CNN about the coronavirus and whether people can become immune to it.

    “Common cold coronaviruses, you don’t actually have immunity that lasts for very long, and so we don’t know the answer with this specific coronavirus. If you recover, are you immune, and if you are immune, how long does that last? And that’s actually going to be one of the challenges with designing a vaccine is how do you actually cause the immunity to last long enough to protect you,” Gounder said.

    Regarding the question about whether bats are the primary source of coronavirus, some medical researchers are now beginning to think that the disease actually surfaced in October 2019 in China … meaning fall, when bats are still active. (But that research is ongoing … time will tell.)

    CNN and other media have also begun to speak about some temporary disruptions to global supply chains. Suggestions: 1) If anyone uses prescription medications, get an extra refill or extra prescription filled soon, so that you have an extra supply on hand; don’t buy a vast quantity, because prescription medications have a limited shelf life. 2) Yesterday at a SoCal wholesale market, I bought some extra jars of a garlic black bean sauce which comes from Hong Kong. At a natural food store I will buy some extra jars of Nama Shoyu and Tamari sauce. These are all food items imported from East Asia. These are also items with a very long shelf life.

    Later today I will add my list of natural anti-viral substances to the Subscriber-Only Message Board on this website. That is my way of supporting UnknownCountry … it is an online treasure, so please become a subscriber.

  4. OK OK OK !! i get it about the contact in desert! I hope you get a kick back for advertising it but a waste of precious time in this interview! I WILL NOT ATTEND !!! go ahead censor and delete this now!

    1. Whitley, why is this stupid troll here every week? These people are garbage and they spread like cancer. Be warned.

      1. I noticed weeks ago that the letters for the word ‘troll’ are hidden right there in John’s name… Just a trick of the light and nothing more, I’m sure.

    2. In other words, you had nothing useful to add, but wanted everyone to know it.

  5. information is NOT lost if matter goes into a black hole likely because it NEVER makes it in! Come on Hawking took back his statement about this!

    1. I have just read an article that suggests for most black holes, entropy increases over their lifetime, so information contained within it would bleed away to nothing over time… however, for the special case of very old black holes that are connected to a wormhole, the entropy can be halted. Still, it’s all theory at the moment.

      Good luck throwing a playing card into one, then figuring out it’s suit and value from Hawking radiation.

  6. An incredible interview, full of concepts that will keep me thinking for days. Thank you, Whitley!

    I looked for the trail cam footage from Linda but couldn’t find it on the site. Where is it?

      1. Intriguing as always. A number of yrs ago I got into this topic area reading books by people like Hancock, Laslo, Strassman, Talbot etc. I was keen on trying ayahuasca when I went to Peru but chickened out as I’d heard some bad stories, people dying or becoming psychotic. I came to believe it was likely just a powerful hallucinogen and nothing more but now I’m starting to change my opinion about that again perhaps as well. This Lucia machine sounds interesting

        1. Having tried it myself, I’d have to say that it won’t work as an antheogen for everyone. Basically, for individuals that have stronger spiritual talents, it’s just a cool trip; however, it’s definitely a powerful aid for those who might require an enhancement for their own abilities.

          1. The coronavirus report is excellent! Thank you. Sorry, though, but I also feel that, based on the three stills, our little gnome friend is a tom turkey getting ready to display himself to a female. The placement and types of colors and the legs are dead giveaways. I sure wish it was a gnome. I still believe!

  7. ONLY WHAT IF???

    What if this COVID-19 virus was orchestrated? SOMETHING/someone knowing humankind better than we know ourselves? There are many ways to bring our species to its knees, fear being one of them. Perhaps this is a last ditch effort to make humankind realize it is one planet/one world and we MUST learn how to work together as one functioning unit……. AND to really care for each other.  A test of some sort OR a flexing of muscles to let us know we are NOT in charge of this planet. 

    As of Feb 26, 2020. “The outbreak has now spread to six of the world’s seven continents. It has not (YET) reached Antarctica.”  So Linda Moulton Howe what’s up with that?

  8. I think it is still worth keeping in mind though that in an eternal inflationary multiverse that’s infinite, the anthropic principal would be void. Because with an infinite number of universes, there would be universes where the conditions for life to exist are just right, it would just mean statistically most universes wouldn’t contain life

  9. This interview alone was so worth the year’s subscription. It was so dense with information that I will listen to it over and over again. Our Australian Aborigines eons ago named lights that have been seen by many in the outback as “Gin Gin”! Coincidence??

  10. The story of a people in ancient times of having to go through a desert to get to the promised land symbolizes that to come to full Self-realization one must go through a period of spiritual dryness after one has realized one’s divine nature at least to a certain extend, because we are all extensions of Source or God. That realization in the story began with answers given to the questions “Who am I?” and speaking of what one shall say to the people who want to know the Name of Source or God “and they shall say to me, What [is] his name? what shall say unto them?”

    (Someone’s name stands for that someone’s self-consciousness of identity. When we are asked to identify ourselves we say “I am [first and last human name].” So our human name stands for who we experience being in this world; our human identity. So does God’s Name stand for God’s experience in His divine reality, which is not of this world, yet in each one of us, as is God’s Kingdom and our true Identity.)

    So Who in truth is the one in us Who is to say to the seeming ruler of this world the ego “Let my people go”? (The “people” in this case being the divine spiritual extensions or children of Source or God that we are in truth beyond the human appearances.)

    “And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”
    ~Exodus 3:11-13

    But -again- for the actual realization of one’s and everyone’s true Identity -which is not of this world- a period of desert like dryness or lack of spiritual “juice” or happiness must be gone through, so one is freed from the erroneous perceptions of Who one and everyone seems to be in human appearance. That being ridden and freed of whatever seems to stand between us and the divine Self-realization in us has also been called “purgatory” because one is purged from all those seeming barriers that obstruct God’s Self-realization in us. And it is God who then undergoes that process in what might seem to be but our human appearance, but which is really God’s, as God is the One Who is thus giving Himself to us.

    For starters: we are not the physical bodies. Nor are we really doing what those bodies seem to do. Because this is a virtual reality, like a dreamworld, from which we may awaken to Who we really are and to What we are really doing beyond the appearances. It is really God awakening to Himself and His Life in us.

    It takes infinitely great courageous pure altruistic Charity to come into this world and experience being but a human doing but human things…

  11. When God is angry, He is only angry in His human appearance. At His own human appearance as each one of us, or as each one of us at His other human appearances.
    This is why God can even repent and feel bad about having been angry, but only while in human appearance.

    In this symbolic story the names have a spiritual meanings. The “city” is the “Jerusalem from above” as it has been called, symbolizing the spiritual community of saints or extensions -children- of God we are in truth. And “in the midst of thee” means “in your Center, your Essence, your true Being and Identity.” Thus He is speaking to Himself in human appearance.

    God in human appearance is remembering Who He really is in everyone, and why therefore He has no reason to be angry at the humans He but seems to be, making the decision not to let His human anger any longer to enter the consciousness of the spiritual community we all belong to beyond the appearances:

    “How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? [how] shall I deliver thee, Israel? how shall I make thee as Admah? [how] shall I set thee as Zeboim? mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together.
    I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger, I will not return to destroy Ephraim: for I [am] God, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city.”
    ~Hosea 11:8-9
    The esoteric meanings of the names can be seen here:
    The “wrath of God” wile He still believes He is but a human among other humans, and seeing how imperfect His humanity is, has also been called “Satan”:
    “And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.”
    ~1 Chronicles 21:1
    “And again the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel, and he [Satan] moved David against them to say, “Go, number Israel and Judah.”
    ~2 Samuel 24:1
    So for as long as we believe we are but humans, we will often experience anger towards ourselves and each other. Until we remember Who we really are, and that it is God remembering Who He really is in us. Be it still in this human appearance in which He is reading this now.

  12. Thank you Whitley for the update on the coronavirus. It’s a wait and see situation. Most important of all is a strong Healthy immune system to ward off all viral and bacterial infections. In addition, I loved Anthony Peake. I’m getting his book right now. I went by myself to Contact in the Desert in 2015, and although it was very interesting, I felt somewhat lonely. It’s funny because I was walking alone wishing that I’d meet someone I knew from my past when all of a sudden a lovely woman walks up to me from behind and starts to talk to me. Maybe I was giving off lonely vibes. While I didn’t know her from my past, she knew very well people I knew so we connected. I spent the rest of the conference with her. Magical things do happen at Contact at the Desert. However, that said I still feel insecure about going alone and daunted by all the the illustrious insiders and myself a mere nobody so to speak. Nevertheless, I hope to return one of these days to CITD. PS: I have a Ph.D from a prestigious university in the US so I’m no slouch.

  13. Thank you so much for your excellent report on the coronavirus. Very helpful!

  14. This guy would be a great candidate for a podcast associated with this site.
    My favorite paraphrased philosopher said, ” The Universe is but a passing thought of God. “

  15. so if the virus isnt killing that many people can someone explain why china is having so much trouble with it and having to basically shut its whole economy down? i don’t trust authoritative sources much anymore. the WHO basically let china downplay this thing all through December. their credibility is severely damaged by this world wide. and why does this virus have HIV dna in it? the Chinese published the genome for it. people have found this connection and then were silenced. discredited. as they do for ufo believers btw. same tactics.

    govts are behaving like they only care about the economy and not public health. the best reporting ive seen about this has been from chirs martenson of peak prosperity. very good reporting. very solid. personally im not sure what to believe as the authorities are selling us a bill of goods again and govts are lying as usual. either it will hit local or it wont. in the mean time im loading myself up with supplements to prevent the worst symptoms. with the way i hear this thing spreads masks and other things wont help much.

    guest was very interesting. seems like a-lot of researchers are coming to the same conclusions that the universe is made of information and consciousness. this is what the ancient Egyptian alchemists knew and used to great advantage. this is what the great sages of all ages say. i see our technology including this perspective more and more as time goes on. would be nice if children were taught this stuff early on as it seems critical for developing ones psi abilities.

    as someone who has been out of body several times i can say it is alot dictated by our own minds. thoughts manifest at once. i have met other beings and went to other consensus realities while out. its a big universe out there. cultivate your mind and awareness and when your out again you’ll be much better off. i cant go out whenever i want either. i have a feeling that some higher more advanced part of ourselves limits us to activities which wont get us into too much trouble. when we mature more doors will open to us. we have to prove we are worthy and will be responsible first though.

    thanks for another very enjoyable show….

    1. The CDC lost its credibility with me when they predicted that tens to hundreds of babies would be born with microcephaly if their mother was exposed to the zika virus and that was just in Puerto Rico. No babies were born with microcephaly as a result of the zika virus.

      We all know that the zika virus was introduced to cover Sumitomo/ Monsanto for having put a larvicide in the drinking water of hundreds of people in northern Brazil. When expectant mothers drank the water, their fetuses – which are just larva at an early stage of their development – came out deformed.

      You can’t sue a virus.

      1. You’re mistaken that no cases of microcephaly occurred in Puerto Rico following the Zika outbreak there, although there were fewer cases than expected. I’m also not sure why you’d condemn the CDC for a failed prediction.

        I’d also like to see your source for that particular Monsanto conspiracy, since a coverup of that magnitude doesn’t make good business sense–it’d cost far less to settle financially with any affected individuals (or pay the Brazilian government to make them go away) than it would to maintain such a broad-reaching facade.

    2. The WHO did not let China downplay the outbreak throughout December because the organization didn’t learn of the disease until December 31, like the rest of the world. The WHO was in the dark regarding this due to Chinese authorities’ suppression of the medical workers that tried to sound the alarm. There has been no apparent worldwide damage to the WHO’s credibility over this, and if I’m wrong, I’d like to see sources for this.

      And this was the real reason why China had such a problem with the outbreak so early in the game: they let the disease run rampant for more than a month before finally deciding that saving the country was more important than saving face.

      The idea that there is HIV DNA in the COVID-19 virus appears to be a misunderstanding regarding the discovery that SARS-CoV-2 has a “HIV-like mutation” in regards to its ability to bind to a host cell; this does not mean that the virus contains HIV DNA, but that a mutation it experienced is similar to one that HIV underwent at some point, resulting in a more effective spike protein that latches on to a human host cell more readily than its SARS predecessor.

    3. Agree with you, who can trust what info China disseminates? The virus likely was created in the lab for some nefarious reason.

  16. I am surprised that no one (that I know of) in public media has compared the actual Coronavirus situation to the movie CONTAGION starring Matt Damon a few years ago. In that movie, his wife goes to Hong Kong where a killer virus is “created” in a food market with live pigs and comes to the USA, killing many people. If you can find the movie, watch it. This wasn’t a horror movie, but a calm depiction of what could happen. And it does have a happy ending when a vaccine is finally created. When something horrible like a new virus is spread, I say to myself in semi-humor “Doctor McCoy (original Star Trek), where are you? Our world needs you!” In Star Trek, Doctor McCoy could whip up a new vaccine to a terrible disease all within the 1 hour program. We also need his portable MRI machine.

  17. Thanks, Whit, for your rational and informative fact sharing on the Corona virus. It was the most helpful I have heard to date.

  18. This was a fantastic show! I was particularly blown away when Anthony spoke of the two snakes and DNA—I had an experience several years ago (2004) during meditation.that was about the same thing!

    I had been shown, months before, that one of my totem/power animals was Snake. During my meditation journey later, I was told that Snake would no longer be with me as a guide, but would now be fully part of ‘me’. I then saw one snake become two, forming a caduceus. that morphed into DNA, and embedded itself into my body along my spine.

    Also, speaking of the brain and its perception of ‘reality’, I know that many here at Unknown Country are aware of my own past experiences, and of changes I have gone through physically in the last year due to a stroke last May. That also changed my reality in ways that I perceive in the physical. It’s a bummer, but also quite strange and interesting in observing that I have one side of my body (right) that FEELS like that of a stranger. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say that I have mistaken my own touch for that of someone else, only to discover that my own right hand has hit my face in the middle of the night! I have developed a sense of humor about it as time has progressed, but I still have to acknowledge that it is a level of weirdness that I never imagined previously. So, life continues to educate, and I continue to explore and be aware that there is so much MORE to everything, and Anthony Peake continues to be one of the best guests on Dreamland.

  19. Hi, it was great to hear your voice and listen to Anthony’s talk as well as your own. I will be at the “Contact in the Desert” in May and it will we wonderful to meet you at last, not to mention Tony. We have been friends , at a distance for years and it will be good to meet him in person as well. Thanks for the information on the Coronavirus and it is always a pleasure to hear Tony’s ideas and information. I will write more later but I just wanted to get started on the site and “make contact”. blessings , Myron Dyal

  20. Have you seen a vaccine for the common cold?
    Not to throw a wrench in everyone’s bubble but this virus comes from the same family as the common cold.

    1. Adding to what Whitley said, the SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease) isn’t from the same family as those that cause the common cold to begin with: SARS-CoV-2 is a coronavirus (family: Coronaviridae) while the various cold viruses are types of rhinoviruses (family: Picornaviridae)

      This means that while both might be viruses, they’re not only not of the same species, subgenus, genus, subfamily, family, suborder or family, but they’re classified under two different taxonomic orders altogether.

      This means that the common cold and SARS-CoV-2 viruses have as much in common as humans have with squirrels, honey badgers or kangaroos.

  21. Author

    The common cold is caused by over 200 different viruses, most notably rhinoviruses, of which there are at least 99 varieties. Because there are so many different vectors and little if any cross-protection between them, no vaccine is available. Hundreds of vaccines would be needed, and since these viruses mutate like flu viruses, new updates would be required.

    The new coronavirus is just one virus and a vaccine will be found for it. Like the flu, though, it is likely to mutate, requiring seasonal vaccine updates.

  22. I’m sure the visitors have an answer to viruses, otherwise they wouldn’t be traipsing around without spacesuits. Unless their bodies are spacesuits themselves.

    Perhaps a virus is a large, conscious net cast over humanity as a symptom of the global mood? I’m not hearing all the stories of protests and civil unrest that WERE spreading like a virus just weeks ago. Gilllets Jaunes, Hong Kong are the most notable examples.

    1. This world being a dreamlike virtual reality, it reflects what is happening in many of us, be it mostly on a subconscious level.
      There mere belief that we are these bodies doing human things is a psychic virus…
      Speaking of an outbrake of a deadly virus, symbolizing that be taking on the merely human experience and consciousness, in a spiritual sense we have all let ourselves be infected by it:
      “Outbreak (1995) Official Trailer – Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman Sci-Fi Movie HD”
      At the same time our true Identity is divine, and remembering that is God remembering it in us. That is the cure for the seeming separation from the Source of life, including ours. And the conscious reunion with our true Being. The resurrection.

  23. Thank you for your clear-headed Q&A about the epidemic/pandemic. One obvious fact I must have missed — “All the data is wrong.” This week in particular, for instance, all the media including proclaimed nearly stable total of infected victims at about 78,000, for 4 or 5 days in a row, including on Feb. 29. Now today, Mar. 1, the number is 87,000. 12% jump in a single day?! Somebody’s fibbin’ bigtime…lotsa somebodies, I’d say. Numbers aren’t truth. The real truth is simply this: “MEMENTO MORI.” Remember you are mortal, so deal with it!

    1. Author

      The numbers will continue to be all over the place because the virus can apparently be transmitted before a host has symptoms. This means that it is probably already in a pandemic state and my guess is that a pandemic will be declared soon. However, it is still a mild illness for most people, if the authorities are to be believed and so far there is no reason not to do that. I think that panic and paranoia are presently at least as dangerous as the virus itself, in that they are in the process of causing a worldwide economic meltdown that is, hopefully, overblown.

  24. I just made all my arrangements for Contact in the Desert! I am so looking forward to attending yours and Anthony’s workshops/lectures. What a line up! I couldn’t resist! I actually appreciated your plugs for the event as I eventually gave in to what will be the best for me. It is going to be a stellar event in so many ways!

  25. Fascinating interview.
    I did not find the Jeremy Narby (author of the Cosmic Serpent) interview on the Unknown Country website.
    Please help me !
    Thank you !

    1. Author

      Did I say somewhere that I’ve interviewed him? It’s not in our archive and I don’t recall doing it. I talk about his book in A New World, but I don’t recall saying that I interviewed him.

  26. Great interview, although I had trouble following some of his vernacular. I think he has great ideas. The speed mentioned for the gnome makes sense to me, high vibrational energy. Also why some see things others don’t.
    Wish I could do the conferences but would need info farther ahead of time. Big expense for me, with flights, room, fees, job, etc. Maybe next year…. great show and interesting about Dick’s book! Looked it up fascinating!

  27. Whitley, this was a great show. Much here makes it easier to understand “extra-ordinary” experiences – for those who haven’t had one. Though the word “understand isn’t really correct.

    I think that there are a lot of people who want to have these kinds of experiences. They seek them. You have made it clear that it “undoes one”. and there is a lot of work needed to create a new “ground beneath oneself.”

    What isn’t always understood is what you, Whitley, have always tried to make clear. There is a lot of time needed for the inner work” before being “ready” for an experience. The desire to have such an experience may actually be a strong force preventing such from happening. After the experience, one has to do a whole lot more inner work… because the depth and breadth of change one underwent, must be “processed” in the “usual reality” which takes “time.”

    To say that one lives with the “new reality” is accurate and the work of reworking the “mental / taught understanding” with the lived experiences is gift, challenge, and joy.

    The thing is, it doesn’t happen because one wants it… does it? It happens because you have been doing the “work” of your life without even knowing it or where it would lead.

    So the integration of the experiences with everything one has experienced before, is a lot of work. It is a lot of work and takes time to reconcile and make sense of the bigger reality. (Which may be only a tiny bit “bigger” but everything is affected by being. )

    People can read about the “mystics” and find they too, have such radical change happen… and like you, there is a great deal of “processing” that takes place afterwards. One thing seems universal…. experience changes everything! It isn’t for the faint of mind or heart.

    You and others give- through your work at all levels. Anne has been an extraordinary partner in so many ways. A blessing and gift because she provided you “grounding” and the support for you to grow and find your way “home” to your self. No greater gift – as her love was totally intertwined within you both. AND still is.

    I know that there are others who will disagree or add their own understandings. I have no problem with that. Each one journeys.

    You have spent yourself for others… and it is appreciated. And Anne, blessings to her… she was the “ground on which you were able to go forth and return. Both of you are such a gift to us. Thank you.

  28. In the above comments, CAROLLEE asks “what if this virus was orchestrated?”
    The answer to that question is in the 2011 Hollywood film Contagion, starring Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. In one of its movie scenes during a US government meeting, an official mentions thinking thru a scenario where the bird flu becomes weaponized … a medical doctor from the CDC replies, “The birds are doing that.”
    I recommend that 2011 Hollywood film, Contagion, for any of you who have questions about epidemics and have not yet seen it … there are no science mistakes in that movie.

  29. For any site visitors or members here who still question the severity of the COVID-19 global viral outbreak, hours ago the WHO updated its comparison of death statistics for flu and for COVID-19: Now that much more data has become available, WHO says that COVID-19 kills more than three times the people than does the annual flu:

  30. Post the entire video of the trail camera gnome!
    Call up LMH and get it posted!!! Or a you tube link.

    Influenza update was great!

  31. Keeping children in a dark cave would damage their vision. The lack of sunlight would Cause a vit. D deficiency that could cause multiple health problems. This is child abuse.

  32. About a month ago I had an interesting experience. I stepped outside to get some fresh air, looking out at the surf, I noticed a black area. It looked like a piece of the surf was “missing”. It was just blackness. First thought was what is that, then is something wrong with my eyes. When I moved my eyes the missing spot stayed in the surf. This was not a small spot like an eye floater, it was as large as a lifeguard tower. A piece of surf was just gone, replaced by blackness. Everything else around me was normal. I walked away, then turned back to look again and all was normal. I had one other instance like this before when a black misshapen void appeared in my living room. First thought was, what the hell. It then folded in on itself and all was normal. I am becoming more convinced that we live in a simulation everyday.

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