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AS OF 12:45 PDT 08/23/13, DREAMLAND STREAM REPAIRED. Cattle mutilations are back with a frightening vengeance, and the strangeness is so high that it is literally off the charts. Animals dropped from a height, entire brains missing and these bizarre findings are just the beginning. Extensive veterinary testing is only deepening the mystery. No longer are ranchers and most law enforcement spreading absurd ‘coyote’ stories. The mutilations are now an admitted mystery, and so bizarre that many whose animals have been victimized will say openly that they believe in a high strangeness explanation for the problem.

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe has a frank and open discussion with a rancher whose animals have been victimized. He also reports that military helicopters have been present in the area and, incredibly, he has found images of some of his destroyed cattle on Google Earth!

This is among the strangest stories we have ever heard on Dreamland. BE WARNED: THIS REPORT CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS.

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  1. The material ejected from
    The material ejected from rancher Petersen’s second cow seems surprising.
    If it was dropped and it’s abdomen was already opened I wonder if this effect could be seen. The presumtion is the ejecta was caused by an overpressure in the cow’s gut due to ground impact.
    But, if abdominal cavity had been opened previously I think this would not occur.

    Check the shadows on Google Earth image. You should be able to determine from their length/angle the exact time of day it was taken!

  2. Why is this file, the first
    Why is this file, the first hour, not working?

  3. OK we’re good… sorry.
    OK we’re good… sorry.

  4. Thoughts on Whitley’s
    Thoughts on Whitley’s description of the fatigue he felt while investigating the circle in the feed pen .

    I suspect the alien technological device was still present when Whitley was there –maybe still in the circle. If it was Hyperdimensional, you could literally walk through it and not detect anything at all. However if it is operating it would continue unaffected by a person’s physical presence. Kind of like if you cast a shadow on your coffeemaker it will still function perfectly.

    Preaching again:) These events are STAGED,,, and I don’t mean faked. This advanced technology is obviously ‘alien’ in some fashion but WE are the targets, not the cows (why not pick deer?). Whitley is super-sensitive to this because he is such an open channel. I feel these beings (for lack of a better term) are draining some kind of energy from us.

    They will stage these episodes and then wait for people to come around. The more horrific the reaction, they better they like it!
    My hypothesis is that they obtain something from our strong emotional energies and they know how to trigger these emotions in humans. Then ‘they’ feed.

    Or possibly, it may be an artifact of humans’ own physic creative abilities, sort of like an aberrent condition in our ‘Collective Unconscious’.

  5. Great show, I enjoy most of
    Great show, I enjoy most of Linda’s work. Kudos Linda for not letting the intimidation tactics of 30 yrs ago stop you.

    Not sure if you actually chimed in, Whitley, on what you felt the whole gig was all about. You stated you had a def opinion, but did not really elaborate on it. I subscribe to hear your opinion, so indulge. I do not get tired of hearing you “talk too much” as you’ve stated in years past on a few occasions. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t value your insights.

    Great show.

    1. I thought the same, Shades.
      I thought the same, Shades. Whitley, I’d be very interested to hear you elaborate on your hypothesis.

  6. Are there links to the Google
    Are there links to the Google Earth photos? other photos? or do I have to subscribe to Linda’s site to view them?

  7. Great comments Phyllis and
    Great comments Phyllis and Shades. If someone (or something) is fiddling around with Google Earth it may be possible to trace this activity. We shouldn’t let this go by the wayside. The aerial photo taken virtually at the moment of the event cannot be just a coincidence. My ‘inner hacker’ tells me that the who/what/when/why and how this photo got uploaded to Google can be determined.

    Phyllis, I wonder what inspired rancher Petersen to look at Google Earth right at that moment he did …

    I also never have felt Whitley or Anne ‘talks too much’. Listening to the Striebers I have gained so much valuable insight into this meta-phenomenon I will be a subscriber for a long time to come!

    1. Hmmm… The photos on Google
      Hmmm… The photos on Google were apparently taken right at the time the mutilations were complete, but it wasn’t clear to me when rancher Petersen looked at Google. I often check sites on Google just to get familiar with the large view of an area that interests me. (Call me a nerd. I check out of latitudes and longitudes of crop circles and mutilations too. )

      The most interesting part is that SOMEBODY took photos right after the mutilations and posted them on Google, which takes some doing. The photos seal the deal for information that is very useful. The conflict between factions that are trying to help humans and those that are trying to destroy us comes to mind. These factions were featured on Linda Moulton Howe’s Coast to Coast interview and her website on August 29. Photos of the mutilated cattle did not have to be put up on Google, except to inform the public. Official photos could be kept private. My sense is that whoever took the photos and posted them on Google is attempting to inform us, and that’s a helpful thing to do.

      I don’t think the factions that are trying to help us are allowed to intervene on a large scale. In my own contacts I’ve learned that the challenges we face at present are the same as others who have already made it into the cosmos had to face. How we handle the next 70 years is the test of our mettle as a species, and many others have already faced their test. “All will be stronger for the enduring.” So, it’s like we are breaking free of the shell that has encased the species, or emerging from the cocoon.

      Those who are working for our survival send messages but will not directly step in because it would violate the necessary process we are in as a species.

      Perhaps rancher Petersen just had a hunch to look at Google, like an intuitive message. Maybe he just looks at Google a lot and possibly makes notes about latitudes and longitudes for the fun of it. One things that’s clear to me is that both factions — pro and con — watch each other and attempt to interfere with the agendas the other faction plots, but they do all this on “godly” terms. Their protocols are different in direct dealings with humans.

      I really, really wish more people would read a good translation of Homer’s “Iliad,” because it reveals in exquisite detail how the gods (Anunnaki) deal with each other even when they disagree and how their dealings with humans differ. The gods may disagree about humans, but, at the end of the day, the gods deal with each other differently than they do with humans. We humans need to get smarter about the gods, instead of expecting the gods to bash each other over humans.

      One of my favorite passages is when Zeus insists on controlling the battle and won’t let the other gods have their ways. So… Hera (his wife) seduces Zeus and Poseidon takes control for a needed change while Zeus snoozes after his love play with Hera. Hera and Poseidon both disagreed with Zeus, and conspired to get Zeus out of the action with seduction to distract him. But after Zeus had his nap they both knew they had to deal with him and acted accordingly.

      The factions that help us and those that want to destroy us have both met the challenge of entering cosmic culture. In the big picture of the many species who have entered cosmic culture, regardless of whether or not we like them, modern humans are a speck on a little planet on the edge of the Milky Way. I am confident that members of the human species will meet the challenges of entering cosmic culture, but a large portion of the species may not awaken in time to save themselves. This is a planet of choice.

  8. Now, we need help from
    Now, we need help from Fukishima , to climate change, to politics, we need IT and we need it now— . Don’t think they’re going to help us, they are not wired that way.. but if they do help us, it would help us!, but they don’t seem to be inclined,.. darn. It is something else.

  9. The thought occurs to
    The thought occurs to me………why doesn’t Linda take a psychic to the animal that has been mutilated to see what One would pick up.

  10. Oh, dear!
    Linda (& Whitley),

    Oh, dear!
    Linda (& Whitley), just did a Google Maps search for Haigler, KS. Doesn’t exist. There IS, however, a Haigler, NEBRASKA, which is about one hundred miles east of Sterling, CO. And in fairness, it is in the NE panhandle, and very close to the Kansas border.
    But! Little details like this go to establish credibility.
    I LOVE the Linda Moulton-Howe reports, and look forward to every entry. I’d love to meet her some day. But please mind the small things, as people can use these tiny infractions to nit-pick apart the whole story.
    And Suzan Hooper’s idea of sending in a psychic sounds like a good one!
    As always, THANKS for Dreamland!

    1. PS – Linda, I’m SO glad that
      PS – Linda, I’m SO glad that you stood up to that JERKwad with the gun who tried to intimidate you! (I’d LOVE to know just what transpired between you and him! Bet it was outstanding!)
      Just another example of how badly things have gotten out of hand, what with “official” lying, deception, misinformation, cover-ups and other shenanigans in the name of “defense”. We are in a very, very shameful period right now – and I for one can’t wait to have that enormous, greed-driven bubble burst right in their lying faces!
      The public DOES have the right to know – especially if it concerns our well-being.

  11. I’ll be late for werk again
    I’ll be late for werk again but Garfie prompted me to put another two cents in. It’s time for the visitors to ‘up their game’. Time is really running out and it has become imperative that these phenomenon move to the next level. I really feel that now is the moment that some kind of breakthrough be achieved on their part. . Thanks

  12. Cyan is right… how about
    Cyan is right… how about the visitors abduct and mutilate a few congresspersons and return them upside down in their chairs to the chambers? wow, that would wake up a few people! I’m joking, kind of, but really, they need to get real about the environment!

  13. Cyan is right… how about
    Cyan is right… how about the visitors abduct and mutilate a few congresspersons and return them upside down in their chairs to the chambers? wow, that would wake up a few people! I’m joking, kind of, but really, they need to get real about the environment!

  14. This explanation for
    This explanation for mutilations is the best I’ve heard yet. First, we found out that UFOs make appearances. Then we found out that UFOs are real and have military implications. Then we found out UFO pilots control powerful technology that can literally alter time, space and thought. Now, we discover that SPECIES are the going commodity in the galactic commodity. This must be the next big step. I just wrote a book about species and how the mind of the species and the high mind of the soul are different critters. The power of species for drifting the shape and direction of a planet is phenomenal. Many still think (if and when they think about it) that their God created humans like paper dolls on the sixth day before taking a well-earned rest. They have no concept of the role of species on a planet, or that dolphins are an intelligent species on a par with humans. The truth of species will change civilization.

  15. I’ve been pondering your
    I’ve been pondering your comment, Lisa. I wonder why these mutilations have the character they do. I think that if the aliens were positively amoral there WOULD be human mutilations; but those are unheard of. They must draw the line somewhere.

    Perhaps, human abductions are also carried out as part of the same terrorizing agenda?

    Whitley mentioned the fact, that in India where cows are venerated there are no mutilations reported. So, possibly the aliens are considering the reaction of the local people to their antics.

    It still bothers me the reason why they even bother to leave the carcass at the ‘scene-of-the-crime’ to be discovered. If they were merely conducting genetic experiments (or whatever), they would obviously have the ability to dispose of the remains undetected. Instead, the opposite is true. The remains are put on display for all to see.

    I have a feeling that the one thing they fear most is we humans would eventually become bored with them. If anything is consistent in these phenomena, this is what they desperately steer clear of.

    Can you imagine if suddenly everyone just said, “BO-OORING” the next time one of their craft landed by the side of a highway?

    The fear that it might come to that is what really terrorizes the aliens.

  16. Thank you for having Linda
    Thank you for having Linda back on again.

  17. Thanks for this excellent
    Thanks for this excellent interview Whitley and Linda. The comments are thought provoking. Yes, a genetic harvest sounds correct. I also agree with some listeners’ conclusions that the emotion of fear is used in some way by this phenomena, that emotions are the icing on the cake. My biggest concern is the value of souls to them. Is this the most precious commodity? Is it one of the reasons why we are met at death by one or more members of our soul group? – to guard the precious entity, the human soul, which is suddenly vulnerable outside the electromagnetic shell of the body, until it reaches a safer place where there may be greater protection in numbers?

  18. I think it was a significant
    I think it was a significant mutual insight that Whitley and Linda had that most of the cattle mutilations occur in the three most famously beef-consuming nations on earth–England, Argentina, and the USA. This led to the obverse insight that India’s sacred cows are not being touched. Mustn’t rile the natives.

  19. At last, some fresh
    At last, some fresh perspectives are coming forth about animal mutilations and by extension, UFOs, human abductions, and crop formations!

    The genetic codes of Earth may possibly be a commodity in the universe. Could these codes also be a form of currency? This makes a lot of sense, and explains so much, if true. It would also explain the various types of beings encountered by abductees, as well as the appearance of war between different factions over this planet. Think of how we treat commodities, like oil, on our planet. We form alliances and we go to war. We also play at the game of “If we can’t have it, then no one else can have it either”. (Remember the burning oil fields when Iraq and Kuwait sucked us in over 20 years ago?)

    Earth may be one of the great experiments in creation, a huge success story in terms of genetic diversity and beauty. It is not unusual for envy and greed to follow on the heels of success. Hey, these beings are like us—diverse in attitudes, some benevolent, and some eager for our downfall. They love us, they hate us, they envy us, they want to save us, and some just want to destroy us, but in a slow painful way that chips away at our souls. They are not treating us in any ways that we do not already treat ourselves. As above, so below.

    Since the topic of India came up, and how these beings may honor our own customs and beliefs in deciding how and where to mutilate animals, it also brings up how they might treat us if we changed ourselves and became improved human beings spiritually, and also changed our attitudes towards other beings and species to encompass greater compassion.

    I do believe that our destiny is in our own hands.

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