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Fallen angels, an extinct race of giants, ETs–what were the Nephilim of the Bible, and what happened to them. OR, are they still around? The books of Genesis and Enoch tell us that beings called the Watchers descended to Earth, had sex with women and created a race of hybrid offspring called the Nephilim.

But what happened to them? Did they die out, were they killed off…or do they STILL EXIST? Scott Alan Roberts makes a compelling and unique case that informs us about what really happened, who the Nephilim might actually be, and whether or not they still exist–and also, what kind of influence they may have in the world today.

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  1. Overall an interesting take
    Overall an interesting take on Nephilim lore; one thing though, when the host and guest are remotely connected via ComRex hardware it can be a trifle confusing with differing audio levels. Whilst I understand that using a telephone is almost foolproof, (everyone has one), using MUMBLE Voip software via PC or your SmartPhone would give 100% studio quality sound, is lightning fast (far superior latency than Skype), allow multiple users per conference call and it’s free. You can also join MUMBLE servers from your iPhone or Android Phone. I rent a 10 slot MUMBLE server for £1.10 a month and have astonishingly clear studio quality voice comms 24/7, all via the internet, of course. Hand on heart, I would be surprised if the Unknown Country team weren’t impressed by trialing MUMBLE in some way. Unlike almost all other Voip software, MUMBLE also utilises SSL encryption, though whether that is necessary is open to debate. Oh, and no, I do not own shares in MUMBLE. Just my pennyworth, not slamming the current setup at all. Best…

  2. wouldn’t we be the Nephilim?
    wouldn’t we be the Nephilim?

  3. Thanks for another great
    Thanks for another great program. These are questions I have been pondering for years and have come to much the same conclusions. I haven’t come across too many “kindred spirits” where I live, so this was like a breath of fresh air. When my daughter was 4 years old, she came to me and said: “Mommie, I want to go home.” I asked her where home was and she took me outside and said: “You see those 3 stars up there? That’s where I’m from.” She was pointing to Orion’s Belt in the sky. That started my search that has led me here.

  4. Thanks for the update
    Thanks for the update Whitley… however, most of what your guest had to say tonight is old news at best… interesting but old.
    Please see the work of Dwardo Cardona : GOD STAR, FLAIR STAR, PRIMORDIAL STAR AND METAMORPHIC STAR, (read in that order) available at MIKAMAR PUBLISHING.COM distributor of the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE AND THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT material.
    This work is well researched and meticulously in presented.

    This work answers the ‘Catastrophe’ question in startling detail and blows away the standard cosmology of the Solar system.

    As to the Nephilim, there are myriad examples in ancient texts from around the world that all claim that “Those who from the sky fell to Earth” and I, for one, believe the basic idea that Humankind was genetically messed with.

    Thanks for looking into this man’s work… it WILL blow your mind.


  5. PLEASE!!! It would be SO
    PLEASE!!! It would be SO wonderful if the interviewERS would BE QUIET when the interviewEES are speaking! We want to hear them – not constant chatter from them INTERRUPTING!!! Isn’t this “Radio Host 101”? Sheesh!

  6. I love all the interviews
    I love all the interviews here on this site – and want to express my appreciation for your broad work and devotion to providing this information to people. However, I very respectfully agree with the previous comment about please letting the people being interviewed speak. I so often get frustrated during the interviews to hear the guest get interrupted over and over again. These would be such wonderful and enlightening opportunities to learn from their experiences . . . if only they were allowed to string some sentences together. One of the best interviewers to take a cue from, if you are open to suggestion, is Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio. He rarely interrupts and lets each person share their story.

    I gave up mainstream television because I didn’t care for information in “sound bites” and perhaps got spoiled with all the wonderful podcasts on various alternative subscription sites. However, listening to your wonderful and interesting guests can be very frustrating. It’s “sound bites” all over again.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work – and I hope you will consider re-interviewing some of your Contactees and various Experts and let them actually speak their stories.

  7. Is there any connection with
    Is there any connection with blood type and the Nephilim? I’ve read on various sites, none with an especially good reputation, that the rh negatives, lacking the rhesus monkey protein, are products of “ancient aliens.” Does anyone care to comment on this?

  8. @Piscean I’m still trying to
    @Piscean I’m still trying to figure out why Type O blood is a recessive gene, yet is the most common blood type in the world. I’ve seen various explanations, but none of them quite add up.

  9. I agree with prior comments
    I agree with prior comments about interruptions. The giggling and talking over guests in a number of programs hosted by guest hosts has been really annoying for me. But I would like to expressly except Whitley from such criticism. He is a true professional with his calm yet engaging interview style. The difference is striking if you listen to the public and subscriber portions of this week’s interview.

    If anything, I would like Whitley to spend some more time in the subscriber section with some guests who are willing and who have much more to say about the interview subjects. I can imagine, Whitley, you have books to write and a whole host of other responsibilities. But once you have interesting people on the line, it would be great not to have them cut off prematurely. That might also do a lot to sustain and build the subscriber section. What do you think?

  10. Cosmic Librarian, that’s
    Cosmic Librarian, that’s interesting. I’m type O +, I think. I could be rh negative, and I will know in a few days. But I think it’s likely I’m positive.
    My father is B+, mother A+, which means I got the recessive O from both of them. I think it’s recessive because it doesn’t have some type of antigens or something, even though it is the most common type. So, I’m a commoner.
    I’m still curious about the Nephilim and rh negative blood, though. Any takers?

  11. Also, type O could have been
    Also, type O could have been the original blood type of our species, with A and B coming later. That would help explain its recessive, yet common, nature.

  12. Just finished Scott Alan
    Just finished Scott Alan Roberts book “Rise and Fall of the Nephilim”. One word to describe it; fascinating. I was ready to read the follow-up, but, it will not be released until Feb. 2013. Now onto Whitley’s new ebook. Thanks Whitley for having Mr. Roberts on Dreamland, it was a very interesting show.

  13. Just finished Scott Alan
    Just finished Scott Alan Roberts book “Rise and Fall of the Nephilim”. One word to describe it; fascinating. I was ready to read the follow-up, but, it will not be released until Feb. 2013. Now onto Whitley’s new ebook. Thanks Whitley for having Mr. Roberts on Dreamland, it was a very interesting show.

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