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Susan Martinez returns to Dreamland with her new book, Field Guide to the Spirit World: the Science of Angel Power, Disincarnate Entities and Demonic Possession.

Is modern psychology right in assuming that all mental problems stem from either brain disfunction or psychological trauma, or is the older idea that spirits might have something to do with the way we think and feel still worth considering? Dr. Martinez presents a compelling case that, when we abandoned belief in the soul, we might have denied ourselves access to an important reality without which we cannot understand ourselves and our world very well at all.

Listen as she and Whitley (who wrote a foreword for her book) discuss the various ways that spirit might affect us and what happens when we lose sight of that possibility.

(About three quarters of the way into the show, Whitley tells a side-splitting story about Anne and, of all things, Wisconsin Cheese Week. Prepare to laugh your head off!)

But for the most part this is a serious look at the possibility that, by denying the existence of spirits, we might be giving some of the dark ones just what they most want: freedom to enter our lives.

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