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This weekend, we present one of the most exciting and memorable stories in the history of the program. On October 18, 2012, amateur astronomer Allen Epling in Kentucky took video of a cylindrical object that was at an altitude of 50,000 to 100,000 feet. Almost at once the object was dismissed as a child’s toy balloon, a lie that raced around the media at breakneck speed. BUT, what nobody knew until this program, professional pilot and photographer Bill Richards saw and photographed the same or an identical object over upstate New York less that 48 hours later.

Here, Linda Moulton Howe interviews BOTH the astronomer and the pilot, who provide detailed descriptions of what must have been an enormous object that remained stationary in the sky for hours in both cases. The fact that it remained stationary at such a high altitude means that it was absolutely not a balloon, because it was in the path of the jet stream which flows at speeds of 100 to 400 miles an hour.

The photo reproduced here was taken by Bill Richards. The idea that this lighted object, at least hundreds of feet long, standing absolutely still in the jet stream and, as Richards reports, perpendicular to the earth, would be a child’s balloon is a silly mistake or an intentional lie.

See more of Bill’s photos and Allen Epling’s video and read the whole story on (The story will be available on Earthfiles late Friday, 11/02/12.)

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  1. I love Linda. You can tell
    I love Linda. You can tell she always does her homework meticulously – no loose ends, no unfounded speculations.

  2. I admire and respect Linda so
    I admire and respect Linda so much! She is such an asset to humanity and her work is literally changing our consciousness. Thank you for having her on.
    I strongly recommend also subscribing to her Earth Files website.

  3. I subscribe to Earthfiles and
    I subscribe to Earthfiles and it is worth every penny. Although most of Linda’s stories are free, the depth of investigation on her ‘X’ files is extraordinary. She truly ventures where most journalists dare not tread. If you have ever met her, you probably also know that she is one of the nicest people around and is a truly stellar human being.

    This sighting is truly unique, and as I noted in the ‘Out There’ section when the story first came out, that ‘thing’ looks an awful lot like a double terminated crystal. For those involved in metaphysics, crystals are known to magnify energy, and in the everyday world, they help watches to keep accurate time. Could ‘Time’ be involved with this object hanging in the sky for full 2 and half hours? Pure speculation on my part, but that is what comes to mind.

    I’m sure this story is not over, and the time and locale of the sighting gives me more to speculate about in that it occurred just days before Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard of the U.S.

  4. Whitley and Linda,
    What about

    Whitley and Linda,

    What about HAARP? This object was spotted in the crucial area of the country 2 weeks prior to landfall of Hurricane Sandy.

    I’m sure you’ve already considered this but, there’s a lot of talk on the internet about the possibility that the government steered the hurricane for maximum impact just before the election.

  5. Anita, I do not believe this
    Anita, I do not believe this is something the government created to divert a hurricane towards the Northeast. The government is not intelligent enough to create something that can withstand the winds of the jet stream and stay perfectly still for 2 hours and in two separate locations over the United States. For all we know (and probably is), it could have been something truly extraterrestrial studying a rare weather phenomenon and its socioeconomic effects on the local population prior to a crucial presidential election.

  6. The notion of two parallel
    The notion of two parallel rotating prismatic crystals makes as much sense as anything I’ve heard. The only feature lacking is frequency spreading (rainbows) as occur with normal prisms and spherical raindrops.

  7. I am not even going to
    I am not even going to pretend to understand much of this and only copied over bits and pieces but thought it interesting enough to post…..

    This is analogous to a right-circular, cylindrical helical coil of copper wire carrying an electric current. When the orbiting laser beam reaches the end of the last facet at the far end of the crystal, a final reflection at the appropriate angle redirects the beam so that it continues orbiting in the same sense or direction, but the helical path now progresses back to the starting end of the prism. At the starting end of the prism, a similar reflection once again redirects the beam back toward the far end, and so forth, ad infinitum…..Figure 3: Hypothetical diagram of the Great Crystal

    To maximize the flow of light energy, many high power source lasers of various colors could be placed in a circle around the prism and employed simultaneously. Using light sources of different colors or wavelengths would minimize interference problems where two or more beams happen to share a common area of a reflecting surface. Preferably, all of the lasers would be chosen to operate in the shortest wavelength ranges possible because the goal is to maximize the quantity of orbiting electromagnetic energy. (Recall that photon energy is proportional to the light frequency and inversely proportional to the wavelength, = h • ? = h • c/? , where h is Planck’s constant, c is the speed of light, ? is the frequency, and ? is the wavelength).
    Edgar Cayce’s source stated that in its earlier forms, the Atlantean technology was not used for the generation of gravitational fields, but for communications, between “infinity and the finite” and for communications “with those forces from the outside”, and that it was further developed later for more mundane purposes. A different, somewhat more exotic description was given by Phylos the Tibetan in a book that he dictated from the spirit plane and called A Dweller on Two Planets or the Dividing of the Way6 :

    The author, John Sutton, is a retired NASA research scientist who holds a Ph.D. degree in physics. At NASA, he designed instrumentation for rocket experiments and orbiting spacecraft. His most recent work involved the design of hypersensitive, infinite bandwidth antennae used for monitoring the Schumann earth-ionosphere cavity resonances and other related phenomena.

    1. I don’t know what the heck
      I don’t know what the heck Carollee is talking about but I LOVE that even though you don’t understand it yourself creative thinkers like you on here that are trying to make sense of all this, and hopefully someone with a physics background willl make sense of it.

  8. Can a hologram be ruled out?
    Can a hologram be ruled out?

  9. MoreFun, if you intend to
    MoreFun, if you intend to insult us with your pointless backhanded comments, try to use a better grammatical structure next time. If you can’t be polite…please do get lost. We don’t care for useless trolls here.

  10. I don’t see the insult. Let’s
    I don’t see the insult. Let’s move on.
    A background in optical physics would be helpful in understanding the object and its properties.

  11. What a surprise to see Bill
    What a surprise to see Bill Richards reporting this. I used to skydive at the Ranch (his dropzone in Gardiner, NY) and while he probably wouldn’t remember me, I remember him and his brother very well. He is one of the most down to earth people you could ever meet, and aviation is indeed his life. Even if he had no pictures to back it up, if he says he saw it, he saw it.

  12. Inexplicable.Seems to a form
    Inexplicable.Seems to a form of concentrated energy.Beyond that no one has any real answers.
    Surprising though is the attitude of the authorities to highly credible witnesses.

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