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                                  Graham Hancock discovered extremely strange ruins submerged off the coast of Japan. Now Avery Morrow has discovered who built them and how their amazing science worked. It seems that there are very old families in Japan who have preserved knowledge from the extremely distant past, the era of Yonaguni, Gobekli Tepe and the Sphinx.

One of the greatest of all mysteries is what our world was like before the upheaval that took place 10,000 years ago, when the last ice age ended in catastrophic flooding and damaging solar activity. Avery Morrow has discovered ancient manuscripts in Japan that shed light on how people lived and thought in those lost times.

A great and unusual adventure this week on Dreamland!

Avery Morrow’s website is Avery.Morrow.Name.

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  1. Why are ancient prophecies
    Why are ancient prophecies and many current “alien” contacts always about doom & apocalypse? It would certainly be refreshing to hear one about enlightenment! Are we in fact a “prison planet” where negative energy souls are endlessly recycled? I think there are many well meaning people, but the majority appear to have a “get over” attitude. I call it the junkie mentality.

  2. I’ve always wondered why so
    I’ve always wondered why so many different and various cultures around the planet had so many similar ideas and yet they seemed to be not connected geographically. The answer is I think at one time everything we needed to build, live, create and all the knowledge in the universe was embedded in the background energy field and we knew how to access it so living in harmony with our planet was so natural and we didn’t need to build huge sprawling cities to live well and of course libraries and computers and the internet to obtain information would be frivolous and unnecessary too and be considered lame compared to the ability to draw anything you needed from the background energy field of the universe.

  3. Government is the great
    Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. Who brought us “government”? Are we infected with alien minds who separated us from our ability to perceive the divine field, the sea of undifferentiated consciousness in which all knowledge resides?

    Roger Simond your post is well stated!

  4. Government, like politics is
    Government, like politics is the only way a civil society can be formed or even attempted with such a high population density as human kind has now. There is no example visible in nature or the universe around us of any ‘divine energy field’ that would provide for us. Animals kill or are killed to provide sustenance for other animals, and we are animals as well. We need to build and support ourselves and each other. Unfortunately there are too many of us currently but I am sure that will be taken care of in good time.

  5. Great show into the deep
    Great show into the deep mists of time. Haunting and humbling.

  6. Perhaps Daniel should look
    Perhaps Daniel should look into the way of the shaman.

  7. Well…both excellent shows,
    Well…both excellent shows, I would have liked him to provide just a tad more depth in the info, but Whitley did ask him once when he told him we are not just here to sell books!

    1. Thought he went in more depth
      Thought he went in more depth than most.

  8. I hope Anne’s microphone is
    I hope Anne’s microphone is working for her in the future. Love you Anne and Whitley!

  9. I have followed Whitley’s
    I have followed Whitley’s work from almost the day Communion was released. I, too, am befuddled why there has been a definite shift to “doom and gloom” over time, seemingly, in the way he interprets events and general strangeness that surrounds us.
    Whitley…….your thoughts.


  10. ‘Doom and gloom” indeed. That
    ‘Doom and gloom” indeed. That is even reflected in Spielberg’s films. We start out with ‘ET’ and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and progress to films like ‘War of Worlds’.

    These encounters are a reflection of ourselves, our own hopes and dreams, as well as our deepest, darkest fears. We get probably what we expect, and that in turn is based on everything else that is going on around us at that moment in time. WWII, atomic bomb, Cold War, the fall of the Soviet Union (and return of the Soviet Union?). It is once again the Era of the Monster. (Even Godzilla has gone from being a monster to a savior of mankind over the last 60 years or so.)

  11. 3/4 way through both segments
    3/4 way through both segments and enjoying very much. I like Whitley’s cautious, scientific approach to this guest. It almost exemplifies his approach to his personal path with the visitors through the country of the unknown. Fascinating!…….I suspect Mr.Strieber will dig deeply with this one in the future and God only knows what he will find.

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