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Mind bending interview with Solari Reports publisher Catherine Austin Fitts. Catherine is at her most provocative and insightful in this terrific discussion with Whitley. They talk about everything from the trillions of dollars that the Pentagon keeps losing to the fact that money isn’t really money any more, to how artificial intelligence is going to affect our lives.

BUT THEN here comes one of the scariest, smartest and best informed takes on things like mind control and brain-entraining technology, the deep state, the breakaway civilization, the Space Force and even why the USAF stood down 4 times during 911!

 Boggling and amazing. Period.

Go to the Solari Report to get involved with the visionary work of Catherine Austin Fitts. 


To learn more about the missing money, go to Solari’s Missing Money page. Click here.

During the discussion of pulsed-beam weapons and fires, Whitley mentions a video taken from the Space Shuttle on Mission STS 48 in 1991. This video appears to show a pulse energy rising up from the ground that causes an unknown object to veer off course to avoid it. To watch, click here.

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  1. Thanks for a great show
    Thanks for a great show Whitley and Catherine. You have mentioned the WTC. I’ve come across some info that indicates that the WTC had to be dismantled by 2007 due to galvanic corrosion. Could this be true? Please examine this info:

  2. The WTC had an asbestos
    The WTC had an asbestos problem. What better way to get paid and demolish the buildings at the same time. These were very evil people. There is a special place in hell waiting for them.
    Catherine was great. She is probably the most “street wise” guest you have ever had. I love her.
    Whitley be careful. This show brought out info that the powers that be do not want exposed.

  3. Whitely I was very moved by
    Whitely I was very moved by your final question to Catherine. For your denouement to this interview to be a concern as to what a 35 year old couple with 2 kids should do to insure some freedom and sanity for their future was profound and touching. As one who lives full time in Central Mexico this has obvious overtones for not only the folks coming up from Honduras recently but all people displaced or disadvantaged by civilization’s structure in this era. Maybe a common bond can be realized by all cultures wherever on the planet by asking this simple question. It resonates so well with the Golden Rule.

  4. Readers will have to pick and
    Readers will have to pick and choose what feels right for them in this article. Does anyone know anything about the credibility of this author, Alex Putney?

    “The High Atmospheric Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is a network of land-based longwave antenna arrays strategically located in all regions of the world, used in conjunction with infrasound emissions from roaming Sea-based X-Band Radar Platforms. Several arrays focus their beams at the thermosphere to generate a plasma lens that reflects ULF waves down onto the target. Residents of the continental US are being victimized by secret attacks disguised as extreme weather phenomena. Tesla’s wireless tower designs have been covertly weaponized for ultra-low frequency infrasound emissions from hundreds of Nexrad Stations built in alignment with the Great Pyramid, responsible for a recent massive outbreak in the numbers and intensity of severe storm cells and tornadoes across vast swaths of the country.”

    “Such extremely immoral applications of Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions have transformed the creative potential of the human mind into a destructive terrorizing force that now holds all governments of the world at ransom. The most important inventions of Tesla’s later years were accomplished through direct consultation with the Source being channeled by Cayce in trance, over dozens of readings.”

    Something else to question or (factor in) regarding climate change. “Goodenough says magnetic pole relocation affects Earth in two ways:”

    • It alters the direction of the enormous current flow through the Earth, theoretically causing (((magnetic chaos))) in the Earth’s core, which in turn weakens the Earth’s magnetic shield that protects the planet from damaging solar particles;
    • It changes the direction of the interaction between the geophysical and the magnetic North Poles by moving the coldest area of the Arctic, thereby altering the climate. Each set of poles (North and South) interact to determine the temperature profile relative to their respective pole.

  5. Like all esoteric theories
    Like all esoteric theories and conspiracies… its like a Chinese buffet…. believe a little of that , none of that, some of that, pass on that until later.

  6. Maybe next time we can hear
    Maybe next time we can hear about the possible pending recession.. some applied knowledge….

    The brain entrainment and subliminal suggestions was SCARY!

  7. Belief is powerful, be
    Belief is powerful, be careful what you believe.

  8. I’d like to hear from someone
    I’d like to hear from someone knowledgeable is fire science. I’ve read that large fires can create winds and lightning. Speculation can be dangerous to facts.

  9. In fire science, not is.
    In fire science, not is. sorry.

  10. There is a glitch in the
    There is a glitch in the audio around 6:18, right when Catherine mentions who/what she suspects is causing the wildfires. It appears in the HQ download as well as the version on YouTube. Sounded like a fairly crucial bit of information. Was this a call quality problem in the live conversation or did something happen to the file when the audio was exported?

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