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Crop circle expert Nancy Talbott was banned by Facebook after posting the first authenticated video of a light altering crops. Are we looking at the beginning of internet censorship of crop circle research, and possibly more? Nancy describes what she posted that got her banned. (Hint, it has nothing to do with violating FB rules of conduct…)

Then Linda Moulton Howe reports on the high strangeness involving the Ansty formation of August 11.

The BLT Research Team Inc.’s primary focus is crop circle research – the discovery, scientific documentation and evaluation of physical changes induced in plants, soils and other materials at crop circle sites by the energy (or energy system) responsible for creating them and to determine, if possible, from these data the specific nature and source of these energies. Secondly, our intent is to publish these research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and to disseminate this information to the general public through lectures, mainstream articles and the internet. They are pioneers in research into the means by which anomalous formations are created, and their methods are the primary means of authenticating crop formations.

The website of Nancy Talbott and the BLT Research Group is

Then Linda Moulton Howe explores the strangeness of the Ansty formation–which may be the first incidence of a crop formation that is both anomalous and a hoax at the same time! Or it could be EVEN STRANGER…

“Mothership Glass does have some specific and special technology in their functional glass art and when people ask, ‘How do you do this?’ —
a lot of times their answer is, ‘It’s the work of aliens.’ Or, ‘It’s lasers that can do this type of work.’ That’s what they’ve said in the past and now this crop circle formation shows up with such mystery behind it.”

– AllGlass representative “AtariVideo,” Dayton, Ohio

Linda Moulton Howe’s website is

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  1. Some years ago there was a
    Some years ago there was a British researcher interviewed on Dreamland whose name escapes me, but I remember he claimed that UK crop circles are the product of the efforts of certain occultists in Britain and that he personally knew some of them. I can’t help but think that this could be what’s going on with the extraordinary Ansty formation. I suspect that, rather than being the handiwork of the *owners* of Mothership Glass, the Ansty formation was created by one or more *customers* of that company, who took the emblem in question and psychically projected it onto that wheat field. The odd symbols that appear where English letters appear in the original emblem might be related to what many remote viewers etc. say regarding trying to retrieve textual information — that it is almost impossible. Perhaps this applies in trying to form letters by telekineses as well, and that the mysterious symbols in the Ansty formation are simply the result of psychic garbling of the orginal English letters in the Mothership Glass logo.

  2. Sounds as if Mothership glass
    Sounds as if Mothership glass have been using their products a little to much. But it’s working for them.

  3. There isn’t a moment that I
    There isn’t a moment that I regret becoming a member of this community. Listening to Awakening 19 freed me from a considerable weight of self doubt and concern about my own future. So many all around me seem to be prospering, going on fabulous holidays, lavish dinner parties etc, but here I am, living very quietly, driving a reliable, tidy but 15 yr old VW, living alone in a small English village, and cycling around on a 30 yr old beaten up bike. Somehow though, and I’m sure most of you all feel similarly, through being a member of UC, listening to Anne and Whitley, to Linda and William, plus so many interesting guests, life feels good.

    I accept now that it’s normal to worry about money and life’s progression because it seems to allow for more doors to open within our exquisite instinct; our larger sense of survival. Without some balanced pressure from both ego and spirit, I seriously doubt that I would be as calm and ‘happy’. I say happy, but really it is a form of calm understanding that things are just fine. Leave things be.

    Should I win the lottery tomorrow, it wouldn’t benefit me… I’d still choose to live alone, listening, reading and offering up understandings at times. New cars, big houses etc… it would smell of failure now, at this stage of life, to get sucked into those ‘things’.

    Gardens are full of cruelty. Like so many others, who remain so few, I want to at least try to see more of this garden. I may not come close to seeing much more but I sense a larger garden. At times, strange neighbours in this magic garden appear to speak to me, in my mind and, I’m glad to say, they appear both moral, wise and they understand the gentle value of a sense of humour.

    I still regard this as one of the purest songs to come out of the last 20 yrs, that sums up so much of the potential of this window of time we gaze out from:

    Our channels are open and we sit here, together, as distant friends and we know this work only too well:


    1. “England’s green and pleasant
      “England’s green and pleasant land” ~ William Blake

      “Yesterday, upon the stair,
      I met a man who wasn’t there.
      He wasn’t there again today,
      I wish, I wish he’d go away…” ~ William Hughes Mearns

  4. When I watched the video of
    When I watched the video of this crop circle, before this show, one of my first thoughts — because of the symbols — was about the self-activating software that Linda has so brilliantly reported on… those reports have stuck in my mind, bigtime. There is something being activated, regardless, of who and how this crop circle was constructed.

  5. Last Summer, for me, the sky
    Last Summer, for me, the sky opened. I thought that someone had hacked my mind. I heard cars slowly pulling up, in the dead of night, for months. I heard voices that spoke in almost mocking but sometimes supportive tones, in the dead of night, for months. I felt physical touch on my body, with no-one there, and flashes of light were commonplace.

    They described themselves as ‘gvmt agents’ but I never believed that.

    All through this, there was a sense of humour and also, a sense of automation.. that, perhaps, I was interacting with artificial intelligence. Even now, I am not sure what went on, but I know that I remained rational and fair throughout. They tested me. I resisted blaming my neighbours for these intrusions.

    I accept that the Universe we live in is indeed moral. I salute our home.

    Listening to the Communion letters shows, I hear the same details over and over again and I lived that too. It seemed so ordinary at the time and I never thought to mention it to anyone.

    Here we all are. I gave up digging too deep. I accept all this as it is.


  6. The softer the parallel, the
    The softer the parallel, the quieter the intrusion.

    Mix with new friends. Relax, just get on with it.

  7. Whitley, thank you for this
    Whitley, thank you for this interview with Nancy Talbott and Linda Moulton Howe; there is sooo much new information here for me. I am looking forward to Nancy Talbott returning for the fall interview and any new twists and turns in the Ansty crop formation. Also, I highly recommend Linda’s interview: IT IS AMAZING!

    Part 1: Glowing Yellow UFO Linked to One of Strangest Airliner
    Crashes in U. S. History. Click for report with mp3 audio.

    —Part 2: Some FBI Docs About Unidentified Light,
    But Much Still Sealed 74 Years Later. Click for report with mp3 audio.

  8. I’ve looked at the video
    I’ve looked at the video mentioned on the show several times in HD on a large screen (see, and IMO it’s likely a fake. For 4 reasons:

    1) while this appears to be a brilliant light descending low over the crops, there is absolutely zero light cast on the crop itself (to create more brightness or shadow);

    2) there’s a point where the light’s apparent shape changes, in a way that’s consistent with a change in focus, however the overall scene does not change focus;

    3) the downward path of the light does not closely track the motion of the camera (try holding a sheet of paper up to the screen along the path of the light); in other words, as the camera shakes left-right-left, the light doesn’t seem to match the motion;

    4) despite claims, there is no apparent effect on the crop visible while the light is present; anything he walks over to must have already been there, IMO.

    This is all not mentioning the fact that he JUST HAPPENED TO point his camera at that time in that direction. And wouldn’t the person have instinctively tried to follow the light upward as it ascended? I don’t know who this person / these people are, but based on them presenting this as supposedly credible evidence I can’t say I’d trust them with anything else.

    EDIT ADDENDUM: I just wanted to add to this, lest I appear overly-skeptical, that I have personally seen mysterious balls of white light descend straight down from the sky to the ground on at least 2 occasions (both at night) back around 1990. So it’s not that I think it can’t happen, but I do think this video is a fake.

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