We are getting a sudden rise in close-approach UFO sightings on the Unknowncountry.com
sightings report page. We will be publishing them on a regular basis as long as they continue.

Details of Encounter: Sept. 7, 2015 I woke up around 4 am. I am an avid sky watcher at night. 
On this night I looked out of my window and to the left I saw a UFO that was 
very close to my house, it was about 200 ft. up in the air above my 
neighborhood. It was the closest sighting I have ever seen in my life. This 
UFO was about five houses down from my house, very close to me. This object 
was huge I’d say about the size of two small huts put together and in height  read more

Another report of strange sounds comes from Manchester in the UK. These have been coming in since 2011, but, as always, the media has no awareness of their history. We do, however. The video attached, for example, comes from 2012. The poster theorizes that the sounds are from some sort of industrial process, and that’s possible. But they remain of unknown origin. So far, there has been no video or audio posted of the sounds that were heard on September 16, that are referred to in the linked story from the Manchester Guardian.

A question about these sounds: as they appear to have been heard only rarely prior to 2010, and now are heard repeatedly, what has changed?
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There have been a number of nighttime light type UFO sightings over Los Angeles in the past two weeks. The one pictured here was videoed from the deck at the Griffith Observatory. It’s hard to determine what this light is until the end, when it disappears and another one (or the same one) appears higher in the sky.

A second video from a different location of what appears to be the same object has also been recorded. To see it, click here.

The presence of two videos and the naturalness of the commentary in both cause us to grade this A, probable unknown.

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The object shown here is not any known form of drone. Additionally, the photographer says that it was quite large, although there is no way to compute the actual size without knowing how far it was from the camera. It is one of a growing number of strangely shaped UFOs that have been appearing worldwide and in space. The Huffington Post article sourced here describes a number of other cases.
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