This object was photographed on January 19 at 1:10 PM in Newton Abbot, Devon in the UK. We can find no evidence of the photo being doctored and it is not a computer graphic. Therefore, we are grading this A, Probably True. The object is observed at an angle though, which can mean that it was thrown from below. In this case, though, the distance appears such that this is not a likely scenario. The witness reports to Latest UFO SIghtings: "I could clearly see that the object was in fact a flying saucer and I could see a dome on the top of the saucer. The flying saucer turned back in the direction from where it had come from and then disappeared off into the distance and out of more

Since December, strange sounds have been recorded in the Middle East, Italy, the UK and the US. There is no consistent pattern in regard to the noises themselves, but the number of reports clustered together is unusual. No grading is offered because we have no way of evaluating these sounds.

Here is a compendium of recordings recently posted on YouTube:



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Two astrophotographers found this image on their dashcam while driving in Australia. Our experts are unsure about what it is, but the consensus seems to be that it’s not a fast moving insect. If it is not an unknown, then it must be a bird. We have not been able to find any type of nightbird that would fly at high speed in a straight line like this in Australia. But if any of our Australian readers know different, we would be interested to hear from you. Please comment below.
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This video doesn’t offer much visual information, but the witness description of what he was seeing is very precise: he was seeing a bright, diamond shaped object that appeared to be large. It was emitting a glow. He describes it as being above the water. There are no oil rigs in the area and it was not a light on a ship. He shone a flashlight at it without apparent response, but a moment later said "it’s putting on quite a show." Shortly thereafter another light appeared above it. So perhaps his flashlight was indeed noticed. He described the shape as like a "spin top," and observed one object descend slowly toward the water.
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