Well-known special effects artist and abductee Steve Neill has been diagnosed with an apparent implant in his right forearm. The object is to be removed by Dr. Roger Leir’s surgical team.

The object is circular, approximately 1/4 inch in diameter and about 1/16th of an inch thick. The forearm also displayed a fracture line at a 45 degree angle near the location of the implant. Despite this, Mr. Neill has no pain in the arm.This is similar to a painless fracture line found in the arm of abductee Jesse Long, who had an unknown object removed from his left shin in 1989, and the mysteriously fused vertebrae that are present in Whitley Strieber’s neck.
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I will be adding to this section frequently, as I delve deeper and deeper into the new document release.

I am not capable of evaluating textual authenticity, and do not advance any claim that I can prove anything about whether or not these texts are hoaxes or not, but if anything I know does shed light on that issue, I will certainly advance it. It is my primary intention to comment on the contents of the documents and not their authenticity. Nevertheless, whatever authentication work I can do, I certainly will.

I know that many of you are having trouble reading the documents as they appear on the Kairos website because of their formatting. Hopefully, that situation will soon be improved.
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The Confirmation special will run on Wednesday, February 17th, 1999 from 8 to 10 PM. It will feature as host Robert Davi of the NBC show Profilers. Whitley Strieber is co-producer with Mark Wolper of the Wolper Organization and appears in the special as well. Mr. Davi brings an open mind and a fascination with mysteries to his hosting duties. He will provide the community of interest that surrounds the UFO subject with exactly the kind of voice it needs: articulate, compassionate and clear-headed. Welcome aboard, Robert Davi!

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Documents have just been released that prove that the US recovered extraterrestrial vehicles and bodies during the Truman Administration. I am aware of the background of these documents, and feel strongly that they are authentic. Not only that, there are more to come, and there could be an official acknowledgement at some point. To read these documents as well as my latest insights into the abduction phenomenon, link to:

Whitley’s Kairos Statement

The Document Section

These documents are under study at high levels both in and outside of the UFO community, and their level of authentication appears to be very strong.
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