When the Stars Align is a wide-ranging collection of essays by noted writer and astrologer Ray Grasse, exploring such subjects as the Age of Aquarius, life-after-death, the Beatles, God, reincarnation, the soul, sex, the chakras, the Roswell Incident, sacred geometry, and more. We live in uncertain times, with profound changes convulsing virtually every aspect of our world. Grasse brings his unique insights to understanding these changes, and sheds new light on many previously familiar subjects.

The writer and poet D.H. Lawrence once said, “We have lost the cosmos.” Humanity has become largely disconnected from a sense that we live in a meaningful universe, rich in purpose, beauty, and soul. Written in a clear and engaging style, Ray’s unconventional perspectives are sure to stimulate your thinking in unexpected ways, and help us begin to restore that sense of meaning to our world.

"Ray Grasse is one of the hidden geniuses of contemporary spirituality" —Richard Smoley, author Inner Christianity and Introduction to the Occult.

“This book is unlike anything else you’ll read this year—maybe any year. A fascinating work.”
—Laurence Hillman, author Planets in Play and Archetypes at Work

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  1. I’m looking for a Kindle edition of this book, with the text-to-speech function enabled.

  2. Will definitely buy it immediately when it is released on Kindle, but I rarely buy a hard book today; and those tend to be very old histories that I have no expectation will ever be converted.

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