Book Cover: Warday

Five years after a "limited" nuclear war, two survivors journey across America. They — and you — will discover what is left of our way of life: the depth of the devastation — and the hopes of a new society desperately struggling to be born.

From Edward Kennedy to Playboy magazine, readers have praised Warday as an absorbing, suspenseful novel — and an important book for every American to read.

"A first-rate novel, as real as snapshots of tomorrow. And as scary." — New York Daily News

"Haunting … horrifying … engrossing … an all too believable look at what could be the future." — United Press International

"Disturbingly plausible … its vision of postnuclear chaos exceeds 'The Day After'." — Newsweek

"Imaginative … entertaining reading." — Boston Herald

"Frightening … controversial … a futuristic thriller." — Chicago Tribune


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