Book Cover: Truth Proof 3: Bringing Down The Light

Truth Proof 3 is not only about my work as a researcher, it is about everyone who has shared their experiences with me - experiences that are often deeply personal and sometimes disturbing. I uncovered the latest of these amazing stories in 2018...and together they read like some disjointed 'carnival of the strange'. There were lights under the sea, mutilated animal carcasses, visits from men in black and even more intelligent lightforms seen over land and sea - and as yet, I knew very little about the body found in November 2017 or what kind of animal had been watching us in the darkness at Bempton Cliffs... All these things had been going on throughout the last few years; but such is the secrecy of the people involved, that no one would say a word. All I could do was gather information and watch the stories develop as events began to unfold. I knew that if I wanted to discover what was behind all this, I would be heading into a nameless 'outer nowhere', where exotic phenomena hovers on the fringes of our reality - but I had to find out for myself...

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