Spiritual Consciousness is nonfiction. It is a journey of one person from a young boy to adulthood, experiencing many aspects of life and life beyond death. It encompasses family, friends, happiness, and heartache. This book is not about thrills and spills of fiction. It is one persons life, with the usual daily routines intersected with his extracurricular experiences. It is these experiences that he encounters that are important. They are experiences that many people dont have, but if you do, then dont be fearful. Embrace them and learn. Many children have such experiences, and in some cases, their parents dont know how to handle it. They think their child is abnormal. They are not; they require guidance and understanding. This personal journey of Kevins shows the path he encountered. Kevins guide leads him elsewhereinto a different life. Do we really know the world in which we live? What is beyond? Kevins fascinating journey leads him within this world and into the next. There were many questions for him, and many are without answers. Kevin is undoubtedly in the present, but what about his past life, his future life, and his companions on his journey, a journey that he continues to explore? The unexplainable is explained. How do we know we are conscious? Some people never achieve knowing about consciousness. Some people find it hard to understand and believe. This book is for people who are curious, or perhaps they themselves have had an experience that they cannot explain and dont know where to turn. You are not alone.

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