Who Is Dave Gaubatz and Why is That So Important?

May 1, 2007
The question of whether or not Dave Gaubatz is a rogue agent or an honest and truthful man is among the most important that can at present be asked. If he is truthful, then the fate of the world may... continued

As the Administration Collapses, is Another Terror Attack Coming?

April 25, 2007
The announcement made today that the US Office of Special Council is investigating White House political activities is catastrophic for the Bush Administration and is widely believed on Capitol Hill to be the beginning of the end for George W.... continued

Are They Coming and If So, What Do We Do?

March 30, 2007
It is possible that the visitors are about to show up. I am not saying that this will happen, but only that this is a time when it could happen, and there are some indications that it may be about... continued

The Elephant is Stampeding in the Living Room

March 24, 2007
The past six months have been the most astonishing period of change in the whole history of the UFO phenomenon. Not since the early fifties have there been so many and such extensive sightings, and never with such a level... continued

2012 and the End of the Age

March 19, 2007
My new novel, 2012: the War for Souls, has just been bought by Warner Bros. for a movie, so I thought I?d write a little about why I wrote it and what I think about 2012. First, it?s a story... continued

Government by Contempt

March 16, 2007
A few days ago, the US 9th Circuit rejected the appeal of a woman who depends on medical marijuana. She sought a court order to prevent federal officers from arresting her for the use of this substance, even though its... continued

Resurrection and the Tomb of Jesus

March 6, 2007
Whether or not Jesus rose from the dead is arguably the most important question in the history of western civilization. It is also irrelevant and based on a misunderstanding of the process of resurrection, and should not be important at... continued

The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

February 28, 2007
I must admit that I have been deeply shocked by a story that appeared today on my website, to the effect that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC Building 7 23 minutes before it actually took place. Previously, the... continued

Superstorms, Aliens and the Bomb

January 19, 2007
As I write this, there is a phenomenal story on Unknowncountry.com that discusses the terrible weather presently sweeping the whole western world, literally from California to Poland. This is the closest we have ever come to a superstorm, and it... continued

Strange Days

January 11, 2007
I have been boggled by the number of high strangeness events being reported on my website recently. There are mysterious bird deaths and strange meteors all over the world, and a sudden odor of gas in the New York/New Jersey... continued