Happy Days Are Here Again–For Wall Street

September 10, 2008
Note: This journal entry was posted on September 15 and accidentally deleted. It is now being re-posted. Yes, indeed, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just been bailed out to the tune of hundreds of billion dollars of debt that... continued

Ominous New Climate Information

September 1, 2008
When Art Bell and I published "Superstorm" in 1999, we were criticized as being sensationalists who brought environmentalism a bad name, and hurt the movement. In 2004, when "the Day After Tomorrow", the film inspired by our book, was released,... continued

Russia and the West: A Danger Returns.

August 28, 2008
Over the past few weeks, I've read a great deal about Russia's new belligerence. Most of the articles have expressed a level of shock and bewilderment that surprises me. In my book "Critical Mass," which comes out this January, two... continued

Ominous Developments in the Caucasus

August 10, 2008
The recent troubles in the Georgia, with the Russians invading what is supposed to be a sovereign country, have very disturbing geopolitical implications. The reason is that, the day after the attack started, Iran announced that it would, essentially, ignore... continued

A New Chance

June 13, 2008
Last summer, the so called "drones" appeared. Linda Moulton Howe and I soon confirmed that the photographs were real, both by what photo analysis could done, and by numerous interviews with witnesses, many of whom were willing to go on... continued

Gas Prices Explode as the Dollar Falls–so Why is This Happening?

June 8, 2008
You're not going to see much, if anything about this in the dumbed-down U.S. media--not because they're trying to hide it, but because they can't understand. But there is a reason that the United States and the American Dollar are... continued

The Nye Incidents: the Scariest Story I Know

April 14, 2008
I have collaborated on a graphic novel about human mutilations called the Nye Incidents that is going to be out shortly. (If you want a copy, the best thing to do is to call your local comics shop and ask... continued

A New Surprise in the UFO Funhouse

March 2, 2008
The journal below was written when I still believed Michael Salla and Gilles Lorant. Lorant had claimed that he was a member of the prestigious French Institute of Higher Defense Studies, and had attended the meeting in that capacity. Salla's... continued

Let’s Do It!

February 21, 2008
This is really an extraordinary time to be involved in the close encounter experience. I cannot remember such a time in my life, and I think, probably, that there has never been such a time before. The reason is simple:... continued

What I Believe

February 19, 2008
I accidentally posted an unfinished journal entry called "Let's Do It" in this space last night. It was posted out of sequence and will be reposted shortly. What I intended to do, as 2008 gets rolling, is to post the... continued