The Mystery of the Blue Book

January 22, 2013
Years ago, Betty Andreasson Luca was given a little blue book, which she put on a closet shelf. It later disappeared. Early last October, when I was suffering through a health crisis, I came into contact with a little blue... continued

The New UFO Wave and Contact

January 18, 2013
There's an old fashioned 'UFO flap' going on at present. I don't think that it's because of new methods of communication like YouTube and the tendency of the internet to amplify provocative claims. There isn't really any online hysteria about it,... continued

2013: A New World if We can Take It

January 4, 2013
It has now been 66 years since Kenneth Arnold's 1947 UFO sightings and the Roswell Incident, and we're still waiting. Or are we? I'm not. I'm engaged with the visitors and I have been since 1985. And I'm not alone.... continued

2012, Hidden Energies and the Power of the Season

December 20, 2012
I'm writing this on the Wednesday before the December 21, 2012 event. It has been disgracefully debased by all of the fake end-of-the-world hysteria spread by hucksters and nincompoops, but the real message of the event is still well worth... continued

December 21, 2012: What it Means and What it Doesn’t

December 19, 2012
I have never been a believer in the idea that December 21, 2012 will be a day of catastrophic change. First the most often-mentioned source of the destruction, this supposed planet Nibiru, doesn't appear to be there. It is claimed... continued

What if They Land?

December 9, 2012
UPDATE 12/18/12: Internet hucksters have been using this journal entry to claim that I think that there will be a UFO landing on December 21. This is absolutely not my intent. Sure,  it could happen, but I'm not predicting anything here.... continued

What the Confirmation of BIgfoot Means

November 26, 2012
Something very profound has happened. The existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed by a DNA study that appears to have been carried out at a high level of scientific competence. It isn't simply a matter of us having discovered a... continued

Superstorm Sandy and the Future

November 16, 2012
It is an odd and chilling feeling to see Hurricane Sandy called a superstorm. It's going to go down in history as Superstorm Sandy. I didn't coin the word 'superstorm' but the Coming Global Superstorm, certainly brought it into the... continued

The Why of Sandy and What Comes Next

October 28, 2012
The news media has been calling Hurricane Sandy a 'superstorm.' It is not that, not yet. It is not as intense as storms that will form later in the process of climate change. We have already passed the point of... continued

The Coming Election

October 24, 2012
Let me start by saying that I am not advocating either candidate. Unknowncountry is a website for people of every political persuasion, so we keep our political views to ourselves. However I want to discuss an issue which I feel... continued