Open Prayer

December 7, 2016
My wife is still with me and is changing my life very profoundly. Every so often, she will say something to me in my mind and heart. This material is extremely valuable to me. It has been life-changing and fundamentally enlightening. continued

Unknowncountry and the Election

November 18, 2016 is not a political website, but it does follow the lead of the visitors, and there are two areas in which the new administration appears to be at odds with them. The first is the environment. The second is human rights. I have had them in my life essentially all of my life, and, even ... continued

Disclosure and Election Tampering

November 2, 2016
FBI Director James Comey’s recent disclosure that more Hillary Clinton emails had been discovered on the computer of Anthony Weiner was a clear violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits political activity by Justice Department employees during election periods. As is generally the case close to an election, on March 10, the Deputy Attorney General sent all affected ... continued

Powerful, Beautiful New Teaching from Anne Strieber

October 22, 2016
Anne has been much with me in the time since she left her body behind, more than a year now. I have been careful to report on the many instances during which she made her presence known. Of course, as she herself would have been the first to counsel, accept nothing on faith. Keep the ... continued

An OBE With a Materialization

September 18, 2016
A New Level of Experience, Part 2

A New Level of Experience, Part 2

September 1, 2016
In my last journal entry, I described the first part of a major experience with my wife Anne. Since her death on August 11, 2015, there have been many such experiences, but none so powerful as this one, which took place on the anniversary of her death, August 11, 2016.  For details of the first ... continued

A New Level of Experience

August 15, 2016
I have been very hesitant to write about what has been happening in my life recently. I have left a partial record in the "Awakening" talks in our subscriber area, but have not described the depth, intimacy or the absolute sense of reality that accompany these experiences. The reason that I haven’t done it is ... continued

Donald Trump

July 30, 2016
Over the course of my life with the presence I collectively call “the visitors,” they have consistently demonstrated three concerns: 1, that our free will remain intact; 2, that we preserve our planet’s ability to keep us alive; and 3, that we not engage in nuclear war. If you read over my journals, you will find ... continued

The Danger of Being Right

June 17, 2016
In many ways, I’m sad about publishing this journal entry—sad not because I have been wrong about something, but because I have been so very right. And what have I been right about? Very simply, climate change. From the publication of Nature’s End in 1985 through the Key and Superstorm, I have been right. continued

The Disclosure Problem

April 30, 2016
Hillary Clinton is hedging her bets regarding UFO disclosure, saying that if there are national security issues involved, she won’t be able to proceed after she enters office. We know for certain that Jimmy Carter promised to tell all prior to entering office, then refused to do so. More recently, he has refused even answer ... continued